Zulander Hack Scam Review! 242 Days of Consecutive Profits?

Zulander Hack is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Zulander Hack before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Zulander Hack is a scam binary options auto trading system that was released in 7th February 2016. This binary options scam is hands down one of the most carefully staged scam this year. The webpage includes a very highly convincing actor that takes the character as Michael Wright, the alleged founder of Zulander Hack. We bet that this guy has vast experience in selling and presenting new offers but unfortunately for us, the product he is promoted is just another scam program. Even one of his opening statements earlier in the video where he said with full enthusiasm but he is blatantly lying. He mentioned that this is not related to binary options trading! We have no idea why would he choose to say that, when Zulander Hack is indeed one of the scam binary options auto trading system available in the market right now. Please continue to read our review for further details.

Zulander Hack’s Website and Scam Offer

Zulander Hack is a SCAM! Binary Options SCAM!

Fake Landing Page to attract emails for other scams! Zulander Hack Scam!

The landing page for Zulander Hack is cleverly designed to give the impression that the viewers has landed on a “secret opportunity”. The main landing page will just mentioned “Sorry – You are too late, Zulander Hack is sold out, but we are giving away our secret, private system completely free”, which then invites the viewer to share their email address with them. The main purpose for this landing page is to draw Subscribers where the scammers may use the viewer’s email for another scam offer in the near future. There will be no follow-up email with regards to Zulander Hack sent to the viewers after that. Well, at this stage, viewers would probably feel like as if they have missed the opportunity to check out Zulander Hack and it must have been a legit opportunity. Rest assured readers, Zulander Hack is still available and do not fall for a fake announcement on the main page. What the scammers will do is that they will send an “email invitation” to make it seem more legit! In actual fact, the proper landing page for Zulander Hack is always available to public! Just add a “/invitation” behind the main webpage address. We hope that this would expose some true light to our readers on what the scammers’ intentions are and to not actually believe this system just because they made it seemed like a special opportunity.

We shall now talk about Michael Wright, the alleged owner for Zulander Hack, which we admit that he is indeed a skilled actor but may not know exactly what he is talking about. There are very little information that we can learn about Michael such as where he came from or what exactly he did before Zulander. All we can learn from this video is that he claimed that it took over 846,321 hours and $674,321 to develop Zulander Hack. That is pretty much all there is too learn about Zulander Hack, and the rest of the information are just explanation on what exactly a binary option auto trading software does. First of all, 846,321 hours is equivalent to 96 years and we certainly hope that he is not implying that it took 96 years of development. Very questionable claim by our five star actor Michael Wright.

Michael then attempts to portray a “street demonstration” to random people in order to prove that Zulander Hack’s capabilities. We admit that it is a creative way to market their scam product, but nevertheless we still believe that it is staged. He claims that Zulander Hack is capable of turning $1 to $532,491 in a month and it has a 242 consecutive profiting days in the early part of the presentation. This claim is definitely over-exaggerating because turning $1 to half a million dollar is completely unrealistic. Apart from that, the binary options broker that syncs with the system does not allow $1 trades anyway. Having a 242 consecutive profiting days is also too good to be true because there will definitely be few days which are not profiting in the real world of trading! The street demonstration where Michael approached two person to offer them to challenge this software and should he lose, he will give them $1,000 on the spot. Which the couple came back to him after 5 minutes, that they have grown their account to $2320 from an unknown initial deposit with 8 trades! Since the initial deposit is unknown, it is pretty hard to comment on this. Nevertheless, should it be an initial deposit of $250, it will be highly unlikely that the demonstration is real. Because within 5 minutes, the software seems to have taken 8 trades and all the trades within minutes seems to be profiting. We would like to advise that trading in 60 seconds expiry time is one of the riskiest trade to take besides 30 seconds trade! Because the trend is very volatile and more unpredictable in that time frame! Please do not expect the algorithm to be able to perform well in 60 seconds trades consistently throughout. It only takes a few bad days to lose significant part of your funds if you let this scam “auto-pilot” software take the trades for you. Apart from that, it is 8 trades in 5 minutes, we can only expect it will execute large numbers of trades which increase the unpredictability.

Zulander Hack’s Fake Testimonials

Viewers will be able to spot the “Newest Beta Tester Results” where we can find several testimonials attached claiming that they have earn hundred of thousands of dollars within a month. The website also changes it’s currency based on where your location is. These testimonials are fake and it is generated by attaching stock photos along with a fabricated character! A simple google image search would be able to find many results over the internet.

Zulander Hack’s Limited Time Offer (Only 20 spots available)

We can also spot the obvious fake counter at the side of the webpage which is meaningless. As the counter will simply refresh to a larger number the next time we visit the webpage anyway. This would probably invalidate the claimed “20 Free licenses” offered to your respective country. We strongly believe this is simply a tactic to make viewers to sign-up immediately. As we always encourage our viewers to do some research first before investing to any binary options services/brokers! We are confident that no matter when you access the website, it will always be available for you as long as the website is still active. The only reason for the site to stop operating is that this Zulander Hack scam did not quite work out for the scammers. The same applied to the claimed excuse that Zulander Hack is a patent-pending software which is going to be released public for $100,000 in 6th June 2016. This is not going to happen, especially to a scammer that blatantly declare that this offer has nothing to do with binary options trading, but in reality it is 100% binary options related.

Zulander Hack’s Conclusion

We can safely conclude that Zulander Hack is a scam that employs superb actors that mentioned exaggerating claims! We hope that viewers do not buy their over-promising claims of profits such as earning half a million dollars in one month. Their fake testimonials just shows that this auto trading software is marketed based on false claims and their offer can not be trusted. Kudos to their efforts in producing an entertaining sales presentation, but it is just too good to be true. Do not invest your money into Zulander Hack! Do take a look at our list of Binary Options Auto Trading System and Blacklist for list of scams! It would further expose you to more information regarding binary options trading industry!

Verdict: Zulander Hack is a SCAM!

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