Zeus 2 Review! Trading SCAM by Matthew Harrison Loses Money!

Zeus 2 Scam Review Auto Binary Trading Software

Is Zeus 2 Software a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading System?

Zeus 2 by Matthew Harrison, CEO of Zeus Investment or Zeus 2 Trading LLC promotes his “Zero Loss Trading Software” aggressively. The Zeus 2 Software offer at zeus2.co pledges a “Never lose a cent”, $5,500 per day and dreams of being a millionaire in 181 days. Careful traders! We have seen various scam software offering similar ‘perks’ or should be say empty promises without real success! Binary trading community has raised concerned over the actual losing money results by Zeus 2 prompting us to spread our warning. Please read our Zeus 2 Scam Review before investing into this trading system.

Investigated website: http://zeus2.co

In the real world, Zeus 2 trading software only offer below satisfactory trading results as bad as losing all investment! The assertion by Matthew Harrison to make new users millionaire is nothing but false dreams. Besides that, inexperienced traders have been fooled by several manipulated information about the Zeus 2. Thus, creating confusion about what is true about binary trading while affirming to guarantee $5,500 per day. In this review, we will touch on Zeus Investment and Zeus 2 Trading LLC’s truth and other scam elements below!

Matthew Harrison & Zeus Investment Fraud Story!

Falsity are noticeable in our research on Zeus 2 especially on the founder himself and company! Unlike genuine trading services, Matthew and Zeus Trading LLC was very dishonest in their introduction. Firstly, Matthew Harrison is a completely bogus character with a highly fantasized background. He definitely lied about his famous background story about being Mr. Midas back in Wall Street. Also, he is nowhere to be found in Forbes, CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg or other business news. We’re talking about a guy with a net worth of over $300 million and he’s totally unknown.

Not surprisingly, Zeus Investment or Zeus Trading LLC and even MotoSentinel is a non-existing company or business entity as well. Our research on their claimed trading bare metal trading infrastructure comes out short. Due to ghost company or nonexistence nature, there are no verifiable proof to about this trading company. Clearly an odd scenario to have a company worth of $600 million and not to have any information in business registries.

Additionally, the phony CEO indicates an inexperienced trading information within the presentation. For one, his proof of providing his fake members $5,500 profits daily carries a HUGE LIE! According to Matthew, he claims that Zeus 2 users can make money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also indicated in the false trade history, trading on weekends are basically impossible! Due to the market closing hours, traders are unable to trade on weekends. Especially in binary options trading, trading weekend is impossible as brokers closes their trading functionality too. Hence, this proves that Matthew and his happy users are simply fabricated stories with false trading information!

Zeus 2 Scam Profit Review

Zeus Insured Outcome (ZIO) & Zeus Counter Trade HOAX!

SCAM ALERT!!! Usually we find workable trading methods or strategy in a legit auto trading system’s algorithm. However, Zeus 2 Software’s algorithm is not a workable method! Once we examine the Zeus Insured Outcome or Zeus Counter Trade parameters, it exposes the disastrous recipe to losing money. Frankly, we hear these counter trades deceit in many scam software similar to Zeus 2 Software. In reality, the Zeus Insured Outcome’s counter trade will not work in binary options.

Although it may be applicable in conventional trading, it will fail terribly in binary trading. Simply because of the difference in expiry time and 0.001% parameter change lie executes vastly different trades. Such a small risk change would trigger every single second prompting a counter trade every now and then. Also, binary traders are likely to take different expiry/ entry rate if performing a counter trade. Hence, there is no guarantee of break-even or 100% protection against loss! This is the common deception we found in many of our blacklisted software!

Furthermore, there is no such thing as a 100% guaranteed winning software aka “never lose a cent” aka never lose a trade. These are all the allegations made by Matthew Harrison aiming to mislead new traders. Upon observing the proofs attempting to validate Zeus 2’s empty promises. we made alarming discoveries! The “Live Third Party Verified Results” is blatantly made up with dishonest trade results. Notice that the losses indicates profits and profits aren’t 80% of invested amount? Undoubtedly a failed scam attempting showing 7 losing trades and 1 win trade. (Maybe they were honest after all? LOL)

Fake Results Zeus 2 Software

Zeus 2 Conclusion

Given these points, we can safely conclude that Zeus 2 is a SCAM! The presentation doesn’t seem to include any honest information regarding trading binary options. But rather sly tricks and fabricated lies to misguide viewers into buying their impossible win rates. Matthew Harrison and Zues Trading LLC are phony identities with no actual trading knowledge. As we can see from their poor trading results and complaints from the industry, you should definitely stay away from Zeus 2 Software.

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Better Binary Trading Solutions?

We certainly hope that our Zeus 2 Scam Review provides you with vital information and truth on binary trading. Despite the existence of phony scam like this, we were fortunate enough to identify GENUINE and PROFITABLE auto trader. We have been actively testing several software with real deposit.

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4 comments on “Zeus 2 Review! Trading SCAM by Matthew Harrison Loses Money!


Holy crap, totally didn’t understand what this is all about until I read this. Great review btw

Ben J

Hey, I saw your results on Code Fibo, how much is the minimum and is when to turn on the auto trading function?

Binary Options Sentinel

Hi Ben,

Minimum trade size is $25 per trade and minimum deposit is $250.
Generally speaking, we turn off the auto trading function during high volatility event like major news announcements. If you have specific questions, please feel free to ask.

Adam G

Nice job Sentinel! Are you going to share some trading tips soon?


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