Zero Risk Trading Scam Review! Free $500 from Bradley Robbins?

Zero Risk Trading is a SCAM Review!

Welcome to our Zero Risk Trading Scam Review as you have probably come across invites to this automated trading system. You are probably doing your own research on whether this automated trading system is indeed a Zero Risk deal. Unfortunately, we at Binary Options Sentinel have blacklisted this system and for a very good reason! The truth is, Zero Risk Trading is just another binary options scam automated trading system that is cunning in disguising their offer with a $500 free money. Please continue reading our review to further understand why we have blacklisted this automated trading system.

The narrator, Brad Robbins, claims that Zero Risk Trading system is an automated binary options trading system that has a 81.3% winning rate that had made him over $600,000 over 3 months. Although the win rate of 81.3% is somewhat a realistic number, but the earning potential of $600,000 over 3 months is not. Especially from a $250 initial deposit, gaining over half a million dollars in over 3 months is highly unlikely and very scam-like. The concept of his “Zero Risk” is mainly because he is offering you a $500 which he claims to come from his pocket and he mentioned that you will be trading using this $500. Thus, trading by using his money is what he meant by “zero risk” for you. And having a 50-50 deal with him over the next few months where he promises a $200,000 profits for you. The TRUTH is, it is not going to be that way!

Why Zero Risk Trading is NOT exactly Zero Risk for You?

First and foremost, the $500 which Brad claims to come from his pocket is not going to exactly come from his pocket! It is actually a form of binary options broker bonuses! His presentation video is designed to lure users to ask for cash bonuses from broker and the dangerous part of this deal is that it will impose additional terms to your withdrawal! So the initial $250 which you deposited to create an account will not be able to come back to you until you reach a certain trading volume! That is what Brad “failed” to mention or perhaps deliberately NOT mentioned in the video! Binary options brokers’ bonuses are designed to encourage traders to trade more before they are able to withdraw their funds and it is usually (initial deposit + bonus) x 30. Brad’s lied about being able to withdraw your $250 at anytime! Zero Risk Trading is definitely a scam system that only aims to get you to deposit initial funds and accept cash bonuses!

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Apart from that, Zero Risk Trading is only recently created based on a simple research where the domain was created on March 2016. The domain was also updated on March 25th which is only very recently and based the screenshot of his accounts, it is impossible that Brad had actually used this system to earn his money! We noticed that all his account balance screenshots are dated 24th March 2016! This means that Brad could not have possibly used Zero Risk Trading to earn his money because the domain was not up and running! Besides that, Brad’s proof for this system is only a screenshot of his account balance and there are no video demonstration or screenshot of Zero Risk Trading’s platform! So we can deduce that his account balance was a fake screenshot and there is no direct proof that Zero Risk Trading is an effective automated trading system!

Fake Trade Result Zero Risk Trading Scam Review

Account Balance that has are fake! was only recently created!

Other SCAM-like Aspects in Zero Risk Trading!

Zero Risk Trading’s webpage ( is crawling with many typical scam-like tactics where other automated binary options system scams employs. The first thing we can notice is the “this membership spot expires in 1 minute” that encourages viewers to input their email as soon as possible. This is usually a red-flag that prompts us that this system is not trustworthy and only aims to get people to register quickly. This type of scam tactics almost never really matter because the webpage will still be around no matter when you visit that webpage.

There are also fake endorsement badges such as the McAfee, VeriSign, GeoTrust and SSL protection that are placed below the sign-up form. These badges are placed clearly does not apply to Zero Risk trading because they are not clickable and therefore not verifiable. Should the badges truly applies to this scam, the related company would definitely put a link that allows viewers to verify it. So, Zero Risk Trading is applying yet another cheap scam tactic to appear that they are full secured when they are in fact not! The webpage is clearly not SSL protected because their address does not have a SSL certification there and they only have a “http://” instead of a “https://”.

Last but not least, the alleged founder of Zero Risk Trading, Brad Robbins, is just a ghost character that does not exist. In reality we only have a voice narrator that could be a paid voice actor reading a script. Plus, the picture used to represent Brad is just another random picture that can be found in many other website over the internet! This just shows how untrustworthy Zero Risk Trading with their bogus founder, fake endorsements and cunning offer!

Do Not Fall for Binary Options Broker Bonuses Offer like Zero Risk Trading!

Obviously Zero Risk Trading is a scam system that forces it’s users to accept broker bonuses and forces users to trap their own $250 initial deposit with it. Brad clearly lied about being able to withdraw your $250 after depositing especially he claims that the $500 is coming from his own pocket! Please do not fall for this LIE!

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Zero Risk Trading’s Conclusion

We can safely conclude that Zero Risk Trading is a cunning scam binary options auto trading system! The scam artist clearly lied about the withdrawals term and giving $500 from their own pocket! It is definitely not going to end up that way when it is actually a form of binary options broker’s bonuses and you will not be able to withdraw your funds easily upon accepting bonuses. Apart from that, the webpage also employs various other scam-like tactics like fake counters, unverifiable trading results and bogus founder, Brad Robbins! Stay away from Zero Risk Trading and invest into our recommended automated trading system below!

Verdict: Zero Risk Trading is a SCAM!

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