Zero Loss Formula is a SCAM Review! Dangerous Zero Loss Holdings!

Is Zero Loss Formula a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Software?

Traders Warning: Zero Loss Formula is a Major Fraud! Should you have an interest in depositing with Zero Loss Formula, please read our Zero Loss Formula Review before investing! Although Peter Morgan promises a perfect “no loss” trading software, the truth is far from it. Despite the fact that binary options trading does all traders to rip profits, it’s only possible with the right tool and knowledge. Our experience in binary trading exposes us with both great automated trading software as well as phony ones. Unfortunately, scammers are rather hardworking in producing their lies more often than genuine apps. Thus, do read our scam review while we expose vital information about this trading app!

Zero Loss Formula by Zero Loss Holdings vouch that they have not seen a single losing trade since 2012. Peter Morgan, the alleged CEO and founder of this company claims to have made the previous 50 beta testers millionaires with a rather misleading demonstration. Furthermore, it demonstrates a $8,000 profits in 4 hours from a minimum deposit of $250. He further explains that traders can expect an average $200 to $800 profits per trade from a $250 initial investment. As much as this sounds super lucrative, it’s nothing more than a delusional fantasy! Additionally, there is many misleading lies and fabricated story which we debunked in this offer! Read MORE BELOW!

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Who is Peter Morgan and Zero Loss Holdings?

Firstly, the most concerning fact about Zero Loss Formula is it’s association with previous Hedge Formula Group SCAM! This is rather obvious in connecting the all familiar Peter Morgan with George Dalio! Both these characters has the same exact person depicting it! In fact, scammers commonly reuse their actors and reproduce their poor performing app with yet another name. This is definitely true in the case of Zero Loss Formula. Especially when there is no verifiable business entity of Zero Loss Holdings similar to Hedge Formula Group. Both the alleged CEO and company are essentially fake claiming unreal profit potential (100% Win).

Clearly, Peter Morgan is a fictitious and untrustworthy character which we should not place our trust into!

Peter Morgan Zero Loss Holdings Scam

The Attractive 100% Winning Trades?

In all honesty, there is no REAL trading method/software or even traders that could achieve a Zero Loss level in any form of trading. It simply is not possible with the ever changing volatility in the market! In contrast to proper technical analysis which could help trader achieve a profitable level, a 100% win is not achievable especially how Peter asserts it to be. Not a single loss since 2012 is definitely something that is far fetched. More importantly, most scam software which has an unbelievable win rate doesn’t perform at that level at all.

The negative feedback of traders losing their entire funds within the first day by using Zero Loss Formula is no surprise. Like many hoax we’ve Blacklist, these poor performing app simply promises the impossible without any true intention of profiting for traders! Moreover, the claim of having an average profit from $200 to $800 per trade with a $250 minimum deposit is utter madness. Binary options trading provides a payout of a 70% to 80% of your trade amount. So, in order to get a $200 profit per trade from a $250 deposit is to risk your entire fund on the first trade. Which is not recommended and not a good way to manage your money! Anything higher than $200 profit is complete BS as binary options just doesn’t work that way.

At any rate, we’re currently unsure whether Zero Loss Formula knows exactly what they are talking about or they are just misleading inexperienced traders.

Fake Testimonials and Unverified Trading Results!

Another typical scam software’s traits aside from the over-promising and misleading profit potentials are the fake testimonials and results. While the demonstration video itself has a very suspicious return of over $8,000 profit within 4 hours, the video testimonial are fake too. Similar to Peter Morgan, the video testimony are also using paid actors. We’ve identified few script reading actors in this offer paired with the use of random pictures online.

Also, notice that Peter mentioned that Zero Loss Formula generates profits 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Or the “live profits” generated by happy users in the website? These claims and proof continues to run and generate profits even on weekends! The only discrepancy within these allegation is that trading markets does not run 7 days a week! In reality, we also have a recommended trading hours where the market is volatile enough for us to get the right trade too. The market definitely closes on weekends and these should not be any trading activity on weekends in binary options!

Strangely enough, these “live profits” widget continues to display live profits on weekends and clearly, these are fake plugins showing phony profits!

Fake Testimonial Results Zero Loss Formula Scam

Zero Loss Formula Conclusion

Referring to the evidence above, we can safely conclude that Zero Loss Formula is a SCAM Trading Software! Peter Morgan is just another bogus character representing a terrible performing trading software along with unrealistic profits potential. Innocent victims have found out the hard way about their BS 100% Win and Zero Loss resulting into a highly negative reputation! Other common scam tactics such as the meaning countdown timer and fake testimonials further affirms that Zero Loss Holdings Hoax! Stay Away from Zero Loss Formula Software!

Safer Alternative to Auto Trading!

Thank you for taking the time to read our Zero Loss Formula Scam Review! We certainly hope that this article could share some truth and enable better investment decision on your end. As a binary options trader, we’ve definitely learnt from experience on how to begin profiting from this trading instrument the hard way! Additionally, our journey has already exposed us to over 100 fraudulent software which we have compiled into our Blacklist! That should serve as a great reference to which trading app which newbie traders should avoid!

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