Zen Trader SCAM Review! Top 5 Fraudulent Reasons to Avoid!

Zen Trader Scam Review Auto Binary Trading

Is Zen Trader a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Software?

Zen Trader is a miserable performing auto trading software spreading scam elements to innocent traders! Be careful with this auto trader offered at thezentrader.co as Mr. Zen promises $1,500 daily unrealistic profits. Not only that, Zen also declares $600,000 to $700,000 profits by the end of 4 months! But, our review team have seen countless phony software discloses false expectation followed by poor performance. The reality about Zen Trader’s seems to be extremely lousy in terms of actual trading performance. We also received negative feedback already this scam is very new! Please continue reading our Zen Trader Review as we share scam elements found from our investigation!

Scam Official Website: http://thezentrader.co

The Zen Trader Software by Mr. Zen essentially promotes the impossible, especially on the $600,000 from $250 in 4 months. Although binary trading can be a profitable venture for a lot of traders, trading software that advocates unrealistic profits are mostly fake. As binary traders, consistent account growth of 10% to 30% of account would be a good goal! Instead of earning $1,500 from $250 on the first day, which is proven to be impossible even for Zen Trader! Moreover, we discovered many misleading deceitful details in the offer which tries to support this false belief! Many scam victims, unfortunately, had bought into this fantasy but only to find disappointment at the end too!

Zen Trader Distrustful Offer!

Based on the presentation, the bogus Mr. Zen offers an opportunity to earn over half a million within a short 5 months. All for the price of 7% commission after the first 4 months. As much as he expresses his hate towards scams, Zen Trader does inherit several scam aspects too. Zen Trader is obviously a software that represents a “Get Rich Quick” Scheme that is impractical for binary trading. Many of this too good to be true scams has similar behavior often should be avoided!

We heard that instead of making $1,500 per day, Zen Trader seems to lose the entire investment within the first 2 days of trading. This doesn’t come as a shock to us because such profit capabilities like growing $250 5 times in 24 hours are unreal. You might be able to get it done by risking your entire funds on a few trades, however, this is just bad gambling! To ensure long-term consistency traders, should on risk a fixed amount of account balance and trade safely to protect your winnings.

Additionally, Zen Trader’s 93% winning rate clearly contradicts its actual performance when there are high amount of complaints. Even details  such as the 7% commission, Mr. Zen’s trading company, and Mr. Zen himself is completely bogus. The FAQ differ about the cost of this software indicating that it’s totally free as opposed to the 7% charge. This bogus founder and CEO is simply an unknown character with voice narrators with no real evidence or track record. In fact, there is no social media or any source to support Zen Trader’s 1,000 successful traders! Our research reveals that this scam is entirely new and did not exist before September 2016! (Reference to Who.is research)

Fake Success Stories!

Another common scam tactics we commonly identify is forged success stories. To illustrate this example, notice the testimony from George Fitz, Freelance Web-Designer, is fake. The picture depicts a man that originates from a stock photo provider where websites may purchase it. Likewise, the other 3 testimonials in thezentrader.co turn out dishonest too. Unfortunately, scammer didn’t stop here! They also include false video success stories with actors commonly seen in many of our blacklisted trading software!

Many of these actors provide their script reading services from Fiverr.com for $5. Not to mention that it is a rather strong indication of scam software whenever we stumbled upon these familiar faces! Funny thing is that one of the success stories from the girl actually makes no sense. She had apparently signed up on Friday night and left Zen Trader to run over the weekend. As a result, she found her account to have grown to $6,000 over the weekend. For this reason, we knew that Zen Trader had to be trolling us with the fake testimonial. Simply because market closes during weekends and there’s no way she could have made that much that day!

Fake Testimonial Actor Zen Trader Scam

Zen Trader Verdict!

In conclusion, we have to classify Zen Trader as a despicable SCAM! This offer is a good example of a scam system with bogus founders, unknown trading methodology/algorithm that employs scam tactics to deceive traders! Unlike genuine services that provide description about trading methods, this offer simply focuses on getting filthy rich with no actual trading success. Also, by providing counterfeit proof of success, the Zen Trader is hands down a fraud that aims to steal money! Stay Away from Zen Trader!

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Safer Binary Trading Solutions!

Greetings! We certainly hope that our Zen Trader Scam Review serves as an important warning and useful article! Presently, we are dealing with quite a large amount of lousy trading app disguising as the perfect solution! As such, do refer to our Blacklist as a guide to choosing a good software.

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