Your Legacy Club Scam Review! No Loss Guaranteed?

Your Legacy Club Auto Binary Signal Scam Review

Your Legacy Club is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Your Legacy Club before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Is Your Legacy Club a scam binary options auto trading system? Yes, it definitely is! This binary options system uses it’s “upper-class” and “super rich” outlook to attract viewers into believe that the character is truly offering something valuable. However, it will definitely be a disappointing venture for those who have already invested in this Your Legacy Club. As presented in the video, we have a character named Bill O’Doherty portraying himself as a very established person with over 40 years of trading experience along with intentions of giving back to the people! However, the offer that he is proposing lacks the supporting evidence to actually reassure that his system would actually work. There are also several scam-like aspects as well. Please read our review as we explain the reason to our skepticism.

Your Legacy Club’s Suspicious Offer

While Bill tries to appear genuine and honest about his intentions to help regular people to be a millionaire with his rock solid “No Loss” guarantee, we are highly skeptical of what his intentions truly are. After which he had explain that he is willing to the trader’s safety net by investing in Your Legacy Club’s trader. He claims to invest the exact amount as the initial fund deposited upon registering for this system. As quoted by him, he wants to “mask it as insured” with every penny the traders could lose. Now, this is a TOTAL LIE! Experienced traders in binary options would advise you that it is actually a deposit bonus that every binary options brokers offers! It is a complete false claims that tries to entice viewers to accept the bonus offer from the brokers that is masked as a kinda gesture by Bill. We assure you that it is not the case! Accepting Deposit Bonus will impose additional terms to your withdrawals where you will not be able to withdraw your fund until you reach a certain trading volume. Usually the require trading volume required is Bonus Amount x 30, which is a relatively huge amount! We highly discourage traders to take up bonuses especially if you are relatively new in binary options.

Bill also mentioned that by partnering with him, he is going to transform you $300 to $10,000 with little effort or $600 to $20,000. Plus, he also mentioned that you will be “contractually guaranteed every dollar you could possibly lose will be fully insured”. That of course is referring to the shady bonus that is offered by the brokers, not by Bill himself! His claims about returning his initial “safety net” amounting to your initial deposit upon reaching $10,000 is also a fraud. Although we do not mind that it is just a fake, but we should definitely be concerned when we are not confident that this system can actually make $10,000 for us. Hence, it will be a total disaster if the system can’t perform as claimed where you attempt to minimize loss by withdrawing your cash but you are unable to. Purely because by accepting binary options broker’s deposit bonus, you can’t withdraw your funds until you reach the required trading volume. So it is almost as if kissing your money good bye!

Another interesting part about the presentation video is that Bill did not share any demonstration of how the system works or what makes it so special. The only selling point that he uses to convince viewers that his system is good are the scam-like claims of being extremely successful in his field (but unverifiable) and that he guarantees profits by insuring your losses (which is actually bonuses equivalent to your deposit). At this point, we are doubting that this system can actually “Guarantees profits” because good credential and safety net against losses isn’t going to actually generate profits!

Your Legacy Club’s Shady Background

The alleged Bill O’Doherty, the founder of Your Legacy Club does appear as a sincere senior that claims to provide solutions to making money online. However, we have reason to believe that he is merely an actor paid to promote this scam binary options system. Despite being unable to identify his true identity, we are also unable to find sources to verify his claimed achievements. Especially in one of the pictures showing him as guest author, there should be at least evidence of his author biography. As expected of a scam system, we are unable to verify anything related to Bill O’Doherty’s books and 40 years career in trading.

Fake Endorsements and Success Stories Bill O'Doherty Your Legacy Club Scam

Your Legacy Club’s Conclusion

We conclude that Your Legacy Club is a scam binary options auto trading system that traders should stay away from. While the alleged founder, Bill, tries to appear successful and established, his offer is definitely a scam! There is no such thing as guaranteed profits in binary options and all he did in the video was “acting rich” and claiming that turning $300 to $10,000 is possible with this system. Unfortunately there is no further explanation or demonstration on the actual system, we are very skeptical and believe that it is just false claims. The most unethical claim of this system is that Bill mentioned that he will “invest in your success” when it is just truly a trap to accept bonuses from brokers! Again, please avoid accept bonuses especially while testing the binary options auto trading system or other new broker.

Verdict: Your Legacy Club is a SCAM!

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2 comments on “Your Legacy Club Scam Review! No Loss Guaranteed?


Thank you for posting this review. Your Legacy Club is only going to leave one real legacy and that is not a good one. I am happy to see Copy Buffett is your top recommendation as an alternative. I generated $200 yesterday with this app. Thank you for bringing that to the spotlight as well


Your Legacy Club is a nasty scam guys! I lost my entire deposit with these horrible people. I have now signed up for the Copy Buffett software and am doing much better.


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