WikiTrader Review! Is a SCAM?

WikiTrader Scam Review Auto Binary Trading

WikiTrader Trading Software Scam Review! Is Kelly Wallace Good?

WikiTrader is a new trading app represented by Kelly Wallace at! At first look, we would be a little unsure about Reed Wallace’s Artificial Intelligence software. Fear of scam software comes naturally as we investigate countless trading fraud disguises as a “be a millionaire in a month” offer. Thus, our skeptism caused us to look into WikiTrader’s offer thoroughly and seek it’s actual performance. Please read our WikiTrader Scam Review prior to investing for essential information about this trading tool.

Investigated Scam Website:

On a nutshell, WikiTrader Software is essentially an auto trading system that executes trades on behalf of its’ users. While we exposes tonnes of fraudulent software, it’s noticeable that most will lose entire investment in a day or two. Fortunately, despite WikiTrader Software’s is young and new as compared to others, it is reported that it performs very well! We hear of positive respond and feedback about WikiTrader auto trading function providing accurate trades! Hence, we have positive feeling about this system & shall be running test on this software immediately!

Latest Test Results!

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WikiTrader Registration & Cost!

Interested users must only fund a new trading account with a minimum $250 to use the software. We’re guessing this is a good offer since its automated trading is performing well.

Scam Features in WikiTrader?

As mentioned above, trading community has given WikiTrader Software a rather positive outlook although it was only recently launched. Also upon deeper investigation, we fail to identify typical scam tactics which we usually find in fraudulent software (false endorsements, unrealistic profits, nonsense trade histories). Which definitely is a good sign when we deal with auto traders.

How to use WikiTrader App?

Kelly and Reed Wallace set off creating a trading software that utilizes Artificial Intelligence in identifying profitable trades. We can understand that the concept behind WikiTrader Software may sound very complicated, but it is rather logical/achievable. Instead of mentioning something that is practical impossible such as utilization of Quantum Speed BS we see in other scam, WikiTrader algorithm concept seems legit. For that, it could be the very reason that traders are achieving good results on auto trading functions!

How do you use WikiTrader Software? Well, you can use it both as an auto trader or manual trading signals provider. Obviously since auto trading is where people put the least effort, this definitely is traders favorite feature. You can set the software to trade automatically at optimal trading hours to earn profits. Rest assured that Wiki Trader offers the basic settings or preference to manage risk exposure. The settings available are Investment Size, Number of Trades, and Asset Type.

  • Investment Size: The trade volume for each executions ($25 minimum)
  • Number of Trades: The number of trades executed at any time (1, 3, 5, 7)
  • Asset Type: Type of asset traded (Auto, Currencies, Commodities, Indices, Stocks)

WikiTrader User Interface

How Much Can You Earn? $8,600 per month?

With the easy to use settings above, users stand to earn a significant profits per day. To be frank, $8,600 per month is not impossible. However, please be warned that profits made from binary trading is dependent on your initial investment. In order to give you a realistic expectation, 10% – 30% account growth or $100 – $200 per day can be a achievable  goal. Unlike obvious frauds like earning $10,000 per day which is a huge no no, users shares consistent win rates and $50 – $150 per day so far.

Most certainly, we can’t expect this to be 100% wins all the time and if we ever hear that, it’s most likely a scam. There will be days where the financial markets behaves out of the ordinary especially with huge fundamental news. Whereby many speculative trading happens or large movements by big players, auto trader’s technical analysis may be less effective. So, we will generally avoid these days or hours to minimize risk.

So is WikiTrader a SCAM?

Update 25th Nov 2016: Prelimenary Testing of WikiTrader Software shows good results! WikiTrader is NOT a SCAM!

Judging for the good feedback and positive outlook within the trading community, we have a good feeling about this software. Despite that, we will only put WikiTrader into our Recommended Software after we’re confirm it’s performance with our testing session. If there are any readers that has already used this software, please feel free to share your experience in the comments below! We shall share our own test results soon enough and please SUBSCRIBE to our blog to receive immediate update!

Verdict: Early Testing Gave us Great Results! Users gave positive responses and we’re excited to earn some profits too! 🙂

Visit WikiTrader Official Registration Page by CLICKING the BUTTON BELOW!

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4 comments on “WikiTrader Review! Is a SCAM?

Andrew Smith

Just Sharing my Results since I benefited from your articles. Already up by $100 and I just started yesterday. WikiTrader provides pretty descent results! 🙂

Binary Options Sentinel

Thanks for sharing Andrew. 😀


Hi, same good results for me too. 4/5 In the money, very happy to see account growing as compared to the old scams I fell for.


Hello, i started with the software at 30/11/2016, and already profited $200.


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