Wells Investments Ltd Scam Review! High Frequency Trading?

Wells Investments Ltd is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Wells Investments Ltd before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Wells Investments Ltd’s “Automated Asset Manager” (AAM) is claimed to be the reason for the company’s success and it is claimed to be one of the largest firm on Wall Street! According to the alleged founder, Nicholas Wells, this company had have been running for 4-5 years with $5.2 billion worth of asset managed by them. He has also introduced this software as the HFT (High Frequency Trading) uniquely programmed algorithm. However, after a short investigation on Wells Investments Ltd, we find a few disturbing facts that is too good to be true! Here we will reveal that Wells Investments Ltd’s AAM is just another scam binary options auto trader designed to drain your money away!

Wells Investments Ltd Automated Asset Manager False HFT Claims

Based on the video presentation, this system is said to be based on high frequency trading algorithm whereby the server generates about 950,000 trading signals per day. It is highly unlikely that the system is going to generate 1,000s of trading signals. While the presentation video attempts to sell this scam system as a unique auto trading system, the trading platform that Wells uses has the same skeleton as of Citidel and Tauribot. There is nothing unique about Wells’s auto trading platform! It is unheard of in the binary options industry that an auto trader will be able to generate that massive amount of signals per day, it is impossible. Apart from that, high frequency trading algorithm may not be suited for binary options anyway!  It is a common strategy that uses proprietary trading strategies to move in and out of positions in a matter of seconds used by hedge funds and large investment firms. Unfortunately, binary options trading is not like the trading where Wall Street firms are heavily involved with. Binary options traders have no choice but to abide by the fixed expiry and once you’re in the position, there’s no way out!

Who is Nicholas Wells and Wells Investments Ltd?

All we have is a voice narrator that represents himself as Nicholas Wells and because of that, we feel that the presentation is a little insincere. We are not able to even put a face to the name and unable to confirm that he is indeed the owner for Wells Investments Ltd. While the video presentation has indeed threw us quite a lot of facts and achievement about Wells Investment Ltd, we feel that the statements made are very suspicious.

Wells Investment Ltd, whom supposedly to be launching IPO soon, has a headcount of 284 employees, while managing billions of dollars of asset, should have a company registered at least. As expected of a scam system, we are unable to find Wells Investment Ltd’s formal registration records in the US database. It is not possible to run a company that is about to be IPO soon, managing billions of dollars and having employees of that size without registering! We suspect that Wells Investment Ltd is just a fabricated name to represent a scam system!

Nicholas Wells, claims that he is a successful swap trader in Wall Street that earned millions of dollars is nowhere to be seen on the net. There is no sign of this character on social media, or any trading websites that acknowledges his experience or even a Linkedin account. The only place where his name appears is in relation to Wells Investments Ltd scam!

Meaningless “Limited Spots Only” Offer!

Like many typical binary options auto trader scams, Wells Investments Ltd also included a “25 spots only” available for the sake of their claimed demonstration prior to the IPO launch. As mentioned above, we believe there is not going to  be any IPO happening because Wells Investments Ltd is not legit. The typical limited spots available and the timer on registration page are to create an unnecessary sense of urgency for viewers to register as soon as possible which we highly discourage our viewers to do so. The offer will still be around as long as it does not shut down due to massive negative reviews online!

Wells Investment Ltd’s Conclusion

We conclude that Wells Investment Ltd Automated Asset Manager is a SCAM binary options auto trading system! The reasons of false/unverifiable claims about Wells Investment Ltd and it’s achievement, unrealistic HFT strategies being applied in binary options and unverifiable Nicholas Wells are enough to raise suspicion on this system. Apart from that HFT, is definitely not suitable to be applied in binary options because binary options does not allow buying out of position which would benefit trader anyway. Should you have any experience with this system, please feel free to provide your feedback below!

Verdict: Wells Investment Ltd is a SCAM!


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