Wealth Crew Trading Software Review! Terrible Scam!

Is Wealth Crew a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading System?

Wonder whether it is worth investing into Wealth Crew by Nathan Schmidt at wealthcrew.co? WARNING! If you are completely new to binary options trading, please take some time in reading this review. Our research exposes concerning details about the Wealth Crew Software along with its cunning intention in misleading viewers. While binary traders could benefit from a good auto trader, most do not have the best interest to earn profits. More importantly, Wealth Crew System inhibits countless scam tactics common to all the previously known frauds listed in our Blacklist. Read Below for more information!

Wealth Crew by Nathan Schmidt proclaims themselves as an establishment with highly experienced traders providing an exaggerated 91% win accuracy. The unknown and bogus Nathan continues to guarantee viewers that this software is set to make thousands of dollars every week for its members. Interestingly, he claims that this software has indeed generated positive endorsements as well as credibility with large user base. As enticing as it sounds and how Nathan attempts to represent a legitimate service, it hides common money stealing attributes! Nevertheless, our investigative report shall reveal the truth about Wealth Crew binary trading software!

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Nathan Schmidt’s Wealth Crew Scam Success?

Preliminary attempts to verify Wealth Crew’s truth ends up creating suspicion instead. Nathan Schmidt’s credibility as a trading professional and Wealth Crew being an establishment with over thousand of rich members does not seem to add up. Especially when a software which has thousands of users (or so he claims) to not have a single record online that is verifiable. Strangely enough, Nathan’s professional trading credibility and Wealth Crew as an establishment providing automated trading signals seems to be completely bogus.

Think about it, how could a software that is ‘well-endorsed’ and supported by CEO of Meryll Lycnh, Goldman Sachs, and George Soros himself not have any proof of actual existence? The reason for this is simply because they are falsely claimed by Nathan. The overly magnified endorsements and untruthfulness in Wealth Crew misleads viewers into believing their unreal trading software. Take the “As Seen in Wall Street Journal” for example, there’s clearly no article or quotes regarding Wealth Crew ever by WSJ.

Our investigation on Nathan himself shows no actual contribution to binary trading or another form of trading. This is rather common in scams that use voice narrators such as Nathan to assert non-existing trading expertise and offer fake promises.

Deceitful Aspects

The lying doesn’t stop there! Schmidt’s attempt to legitimize Wealth Crew by stating their integration of this forex trading software with the large financial institution and $4,500 weekly profits are yet another false declarations. Obviously, there is no actual relationship between Nathan or the Wealth Crew software with any corporation as well as the large trader database. Likewise, there is no single evidence that could save this phony software from their lying allegation.

As a matter of evidence to this shady Wealth Crew Software, these scam-artist adapts fake Social Media Feed with a non-existing Nathan profile and bogus Facebook members. Not to mention the self-made quotes by famous financial leaders like George Soros are yet another pathetic lies. Also, the trade history attaches for Wealth Crew clearly is not legit because it includes the strange weekend trades. This doesn’t make sense because trading market closes on the weekend and there shouldn’t be any activities during these time.

Wealth Crew Fake Testimonial Result

Wealth Crew Software Conclusion

Referring to the evidence above, we can wrap up this review with the conclusion of Wealth Crew App is a SCAM Auto Trading Software. Its association with large financial firms and reference by famous financial industry leaders are completely made up. Also, forged trading history and fake social media feed clearly proves that this is not an authentic trading application. Above all, actual Wealth Crew trading performance & results turn out to be extremely poor. Thus, prompting many negative reviews and feedback flooding the internet from users and review blogs alike.

It is advisable to NOT invest with Wealth Crew and choose a proven reliable trading system!

Preferred Trading Software?

Thank you for spending some time in understanding our Wealth Crew Scam Review! We hope that it could save you some money and prevent unnecessary losses, especially to fraudulent software. In spite of the emergence of scams, binary options traders are still able to generate profits through recommended software and basic trading knowledge. Many traders have indeed expressed satisfaction with trading apps in our Trusted Binary Trading Software which you may use as a reference to your search!

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