Way To Freedom Review – SCAM Trading Algorithm Report!

Way To Freedom Scam Review

Is Way to Freedom a SCAM or LEGIT Trading System?

Way to Freedom at way2freedom.biz features a new trading algorithm that potentially makes us a millionaire! Or CAN IT truly make you $5,432 daily? Look, we’re totally cool with marketing showing features some interesting taglines and stuff. But there is a huge difference when the trading system itself is actually a low-quality one. Furthermore, we have reason to believe that Way to Freedom is fraudulent due to several scam aspects.

Online trading has been our review team’s passion as we trade the markets daily. However, it is rather obvious to us that many scam artists took advantage to develop low-quality solutions. But at the same time, representing it as a “Get Rich Quick Scam”. Similar to the Way To Freedom Scam, unrealistic profit potential of $5,000 daily and making you a millionaire is a strong sign of fraud. Unfortunately for actual Way to Freedom Trading Software users, they found out the hard way that it is only eating up their account.

Please read our Way to Freedom Review before you invest as we share the deceiving factors in this offer.

Why is Way to Freedom a SCAM?

We already took a look at their platform with a small account to verify their trading performance. To be honest, their FAQ was a little confusing particularly on the part about Not being a Robot but an App. According to the Waytofreedom member’s software, it is an automated market analysis tool. Just to clarify what it really is, Way To Freedom Software is a trading signal software. Very much like the one we tested, Maximus Edge Software. Unfortunately, their results are very different though.

Thus, the main reason to expose this scam is that Way to Freedom users don’t actually make $5,000 daily. Nor that anyone actually made millions by trading with this solution. The reality of many scam system is the tendency to use over promising profit potential that never comes true. This is very obvious in many of the scams we exposed in our Blacklist! Most of them claim thousands of daily profits and never delivers. In the real trading situation, there are no guaranteed profits but a long-term percentage growth is possible. (Check out our Review of Trading Software to see what’s possible).

Hence, Way To Freedom is promising something very unrealistic in the real world that is impossible. This type of Be a millionaire fraud commonly tries to fool viewers to believe their false promises to lure investment. That’s the only reason why they would lie about their trading performance just to attract new users. Truthfully, our testing session with this software was so bad that our account was never profitable on any day. Thus, we had to trade manually on our own strategy to break-even and withdraw the funds. We also found many complaints about Way to Freedom Scam in many trading blogs as well.

WaytoFreedom Fake Details

Another factor that adds to their cunning nature is the presenter himself. Notice that he didn’t introduce himself and tells stories about his bank working experience. But if we were to consider his story logically, it doesn’t make any sense. According to him, way to freedom software has a 90% success rate in trading because it has direct communication with a stock exchange. Hence it gets to download data from a stock exchange in real time and it features graph before the internet does.

This can’t be true because although stock exchange may get a faster connection than us retail traders, we practically can get data in real time as well. Besides, no one day trades based on newspapers data since it is not real time. Furthermore, the 90% success rate is a pure lie since it already has a very bad reputation within the trading world. At the end of the day, there’s no reason for us to believe the presenter that doesn’t introduce himself that gives false promises. It is very likely he is an actor like many other scams we wrote on previously.

Guess what? We also found fake testimonials that support Way To Freedom trading lies. For instance, the Way To Freedom best weekly traders getting income on weekends are fake. Pam Parker and Brian Cox are not real people. Their picture is actually stolen from other website and attached to random names. Brain Cox picture is actually Peter Merholz, a Co-founder of Adaptive Path. Poor guy should definitely complain and get his picture removed.

Lastly, this is a Forex trading platform and any Forex Trader would know there is no trading on weekends. So getting profits during the weekends is really odd since exchanges or brokers typically closes on weekends. This proves that Way To Freedom has no genuine proof of success plus selling us lies.

Way To Freedom Result Members

Way To Freedom Scam Conclusion

No trader should actually invest in Way To Freedom Scam. The evidence above should be proof that it will be a bad trading tool for your trading journey. Although online trading is not an evil place, scams like this only bring negative effect to innocent traders. Like in any good opportunity, scammers will try to fool viewers with their own lousy product like Way To Freedom.

If you are interested in seeking a genuine trading solution, you can check out the ones we tested and proven to be profitable. Our demonstration video in our review will give some tips that may help on your trading journey.

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