Wall Street Focus Group Review – Is Cobra5 Software a SCAM?

Wall Street Focus Group Cobra5 Scam Review

Can Wall Street Focus Group Cobra5 be a Good Trading Software?

Wall Street Focus Group by David Lombardi and Jimmy Russo endorses the Cobra5 Software Scam! Warning Traders! We witnessed a heavy influx of complaints from trading community stating scam alerts on Cobra5. On the first impression, Wall Street Focus Group may have a genuine outlook in terms of profits potential and accuracy rate. We definitely agree that the numbers mentioned in the presentation are achievable which is the 86% winning accuracy plus $386 to $791 per day. Of course with a deposit of $2,000 and above. Despite that, in depth study reveals the misconception created and actual lousy performance. Our Wall Street Focus Group Cobra5 Scam Review shall share the scam elements found below!

Official Scam Wall Street Focus Group Website: wallstreetfocusgroup.com

Upon completely their rather lengthy presentation video, we notice that there is no demonstration or the software itself. The Wall Street Focus Group Scam didn’t even share the Cobra5 software interface as well. Although David promotes a free 90 days trial, it seems that binary traders have lost their money within days even before the trials ends. So this is a scam that only markets a genuine trading movement without a legit trading software to back their words!

Who is David Lombardi and Wall Street Focus Group Scam?

The gesture of having a focus group is indeed a great initiative, only if the product is good, though. We pinpointed certain shady elements that go along with the sub-level performance in revenue. For instance, David Lombardi is an actor claiming to be a Project Manager for several large projects. Projects like Netflix Award winning film, House of Cards, Pokemon Go, and Snickers Bar didn’t employ him! In fact, there’re no verifiable proof online or credits towards David himself. Lombardi is like a ghost that doesn’t exist!

With a bogus presenter for Cobra5 Scam, naturally, the whole Wall Street Focus Group is also a sham! Supposedly an interested participant joined the beta testing program, the software doesn’t perform. Feedback from scam victims reports at best a 50% accuracy with this scam software too. Clearly, this focus group is not responsible for that situation simply because of it non-existent. Similarly to David Russo the Nasdaq lead analyst for Cobra5 who doesn’t disclose any trading platform related information.

Cobra5 Review?

Notice the demonstration video doesn’t reveal an auto trading platform at all? Well, that’s because it is a broker page trading platform rather than Cobra5 Software itself. We’re not sure why didn’t they include the actual software, probably because it doesn’t work. A simple portrayal of trades in Wall Street Focus Group Scam can be done even without the software itself. So the lack of transparency brings down the trustworthiness of Cobra5 Software.

Neither did the 2nd video shared a real usage of Cobra5 Scam. Instead, these seemingly genuine testimonials are highly likely actors reading scripts. Note that there is no showing of account balance or actual statements too. Should this be a real deal, they could at least attach some evidence of success. More importantly, we strongly believe that the focus group nor Cobra5 has actually existed prior to Sept 2016. Which contradicts the so-called successful stories attributed to earning 5 figure income in the previous 90 days focus group.

Logically, if Wall Street Focus Group have had genuine success, these scammers could have shared real trade executions or history instead of employing actors. But oh well, they are scammers, right? Trading communities have already seen various alerts around the net sharing fraud alerts to fellow traders! Also, should we actually see or hear positive results, we would have tested the Cobra5! Unfortunately, the reality is Wall Street Focus Group is just another fraud.

Fake David Lombardi and Trade Demonstration Cobra5

Wall Street Focus Group Cobra 5 Verdict!

Based on the concerning warning brought forward by victims, we declare Cobra5 is a SCAM! It also makes sense that this scam doesn’t have any quality trading platform demonstration or proof to back up their claims. Clearly, because they aren’t capable of doing so. Besides that, the bogus David Lombardi and Jimmy Russo pushed acting into another level. While attempting to be a huge project manager of House of Cards, we definitely doubt there is any ounce of truth in it! You will be better off with a performing Auto Trading Software instead of Cobra5 Scam!

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Easy to Use Proven Successful Trading Software?

Interested in earning money online via a legit auto trading app? Beware as most available out there are designed by scammers like this one! It’s an unfortunate phenomenon when scam-designers chose to disguise money sucking tricks on a legit trading platform. Many newbie traders have earned extra income via binary trading despite the scam activities. Reason being is to avoid the fraudulent software and only trade with a RELIABLE auto trader definitely boost chances of success!

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