Virtual Income Inc. Scam Review! SCAM or LEGIT $10k Daily?

Virtual Income Inc. is a Scam Review!

Virtual Income is a scam review covers on the suspicious aspects on why this binary options auto trading system is a SCAM! This is a newly launched (March 2016) auto trader that comes across as a “powerful money making machine” ever made. Virtual Income is said to be able to generate thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars of income in a single day. Of course we do believe that such claims are too good to be true and for a good reason! Because it is simply unrealistic to expect such a performance from an auto trading system and also the claim of having guaranteed profits daily. In all honesty, the video presentation is focusing on claiming how “awesome” this auto trading system is but without solid verifiable proof! Moreover, the presenter appears to not know exactly what he is talking about, like from the unrealistic claims of guaranteed profits to the so-called proof/reasons to why this system is awesome. Should we look closely into what the presenter said, we are able to notice that what he is saying does not add up to what he’s claiming!

The summary of the video presentation is as follows: Virtual Income Inc. is a company that is about to get their IPO very soon and they are offering Virtual Income auto trader to the public for prove of success. The presenter claims that he needs to show proof in order to benefit the IPO of the company. He also mentioned that this auto trading system is a blazing fast program that trades in stocks and other assets and almost never loses! The engineer and trading specialist at Virtual Income have created the platform that successfully automates billions of bytes of data at ultra-high speed. It enables analyzing of market data and instantly identify potential trade on behalf of the users. Thus, they are certain that the users can earn an average daily profit of $2,500 from a deposit of $250 within 30 days. Lastly, this opportunity to get Virtual Income free, the power money making machine, is a limited offer only.

.Claims from Virtual Income Inc. that does not MAKE SENSE

The presenter has mentioned numerous claims that is rather misleading and untrue. For instant, he had mentioned that Virtual Income is an automatic system that invest in stocks, Forex, commodities and other assets. It is misleading because binary options trading does not involve physical buying or selling of any assets! In fact, the presenter did not even mentioned the phrase “binary options” except for the unverifiable testimonials from “experienced traders”. This simply shows that the presenter does not know what is he talking about. All he says in the presentation video is how much money Virtual Income makes for it’s users and what it does as an auto trader. He probably don’t even know what is binary options is?

Another misleading statement that the presenter made is that all the successes which Virtual Income has with it’s users are reviewed and confirmed by certified auditors. Obviously there is no indication in the web page that the results were verified, and if it is verified, by who? The presenter’s nature of just stating the potential profits and also made profits in the video is very untrustworthy because it is unrealistic and also unverifiable. Based on a research, Virtual Income’s website was created in January 2016 but updated on March 2016. Which means that the website was only recently live and updated. How is it possible that Virtual Income claims that it has been generating profits for users since October 2015? It simply does not make sense. Apart from that, the “Feedback from Current Members” are most likely fake too. For example the feedback from Lucy Gais, where she mentioned that she joined end of December 2015. This definite can’t be true because the website-based platform is not even available for use yet. Snapshots of account balance from Sarah Woolf, Ricky Clark, and Connor Lewisham is highly suspicious because it indicates a different received date which are earlier than the date on the snapshot. Additionally, the amount is too huge for an account for a system that went live on the same month. Unless of course they did deposit that huge amount into their account. We believe that the claims of potential profits and generated profits are simply fabricated and fake!

Fake Testimonial Virtual Income Scam Review

Fake Testimonials! shows that the website was created in January 2016

Virtual Income Inc. is also a bogus and fabricated company that does not exist. Our reason for that is because we are unable to verify the existence of Virtual Income Inc. It is very odd for a company that is about to go for IPO to be unverifiable. There are no records of this company in any company registration database. I guess the buzz in Wall Street which the presenter claims is also a fabricated story! There is not going to be any IPO for this fake company!

Besides that, the narrator claimed that Virtual Income Inc needed more proof of success in order to guarantee success for their IPO! First of all, why would they bother collecting this “limited number of free membership” when they already claim to have over 12,000 users! He also claimed that some users have already become millionaires and their life changed! Obviously that reason does not make sense, and we also believe that the number of current users are also fake! Should there truly be that massive amount of users, we would have been able to verify them over the internet by now. But the only source of information about Virtual Income Inc is from

Everything that was said by the presenter from Virtual Income can’t be trusted because it’s story does not make sense. The profits generated can’t actually be verified and the way the presenter describe this system is just as an “automatic investment tool” to get rich. But there is truly no strong evidence provided by Virtual Income that it could actually deliver. The IPO story and massive amount of users that they have are also unbelievable. We are very doubtful of their background story and do not think that an auto trader can generate you $10,000 per day – GUARANTEED!

Virtual Income Auto Trading Platform

Should we attempt to compare Virtual Income’s scam trading platform to our current trusted auto trader, the Copy Buffett Software. We can see that Virtual Income auto trading software only offers auto trading function. They do not have the manual signals feature as many other auto trader have. Apart from that, Virtual Income only allows it’s users to control the trade value and of course turning the auto trader on/off. So the degree of control as a user is much lesser as compared to Copy Buffett Software. Copy Buffett users are able to choose the signal strength so that traders can have more control over the trade risks when using the auto trading function. It is always better if traders can choose the signal strength to follow so that they can control the risk associated with the trades and for better money management!

Lack of Setting Virtual Income Scam Review

Unlike Copy Buffett Software, this only has control Investment Size and On/Off Auto Trading.

Virtual Income’s Conclusion

We conclude that Virtual Income is a scam auto binary options trading system! We are highly skeptical about their claims of making the unrealistic $10,000 per day, the presentation was not that convincing because the presenter has stated claims that seems very illogical. Please stay away from Virtual Income and do not invest your money into this scam software. Please refer below to our trusted binary options auto trading system below for safer alternative.

Verdict: Virtual Income is a SCAM!

Binary Options industry is indeed flooding with many scams especially related to auto trading systems! However, there are reliable system that can in fact generate profits for you which we are also interested in. So, do not be discouraged by scams that you find online but rather do more research before investing your money! Please do SUBSCRIBE to our FREE daily scam and binary options trusted system newsletters to keep yourself updated!


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