UPDATE! Maximus Edge Result & Trading Guide

Hey Readers, welcome to our first Update article on Maximus Edge Result, a trending trading Signal Software!

Maximus Edge Autobot

If you have been following our initial review on the Maximus Edge Signal Software, we shared what the outlook and opinion of this tool from trading community and our review team.

Well, the time is NOW! We will be sharing how NOT to use Maximus Edge Autobot and METHODS on how you can gain best chance to score In the Money! Note that this article is written based on our own testing session and observation. During our test, we develop some guideline based on some initial lost and fortunately, with it we end up profiting presently.

Long story short, Maximus Edge Result and profit is good after noticing the way to use the signal effectively and minimizing losses. We’ll be covering an in-depth description on what signals Maximus Edge Autobot gives and how to use it BELOW!

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Who Can Use This Signal Software?

Maximus Edge Autobot is not available to traders from US, Canada and several countries due to local regulations on online trading. If you are directed to some other random website besides the Maximus Edge Official Website, that means it is not available to your geo-location. For alternative trading signal software, please email binaryoptions.sentinel@gmail.com and tell us which country you are based in!

What Signals We’ll Get?

Maximus Edge is a Manual Trading Signal Software, meaning it provides trading signals with a direction (Call or Put), Expiry and Asset Class. So, meaning us as users will need to execute the trades ourselves. On that front, it is different as compared to an auto-trader like the Option Robot. So Why should you use Maximus Edge comparing to an auto trader?

It really depends on what type of traders you are, medium-term traders (15 minutes expiry & above) vs short-term trader (less than 15 minutes expiry). Maximus Edge provides signals ranging from 1-minute signals up to several days signal (3 days expiry). However, our test results revealed that expiry as low as 1 minute is not effective on Maximus Edge Autobot! Our win rate on 1-minute trade is very low, and the reason to why Maximus Edge Result sucks at 1-minute trade.

Although Maximus Edge’s 1-minute signal or 5-minute signal is generally correct, in terms of direction, we often get BAD ENTRY PRICE. It is understandable why because by the time we look at the signal and click trade, the prices have already moved. It matters very much in short expiry as opposed to medium/long term trading, because of price fluctuation within 5 minutes too volatile and narrow!

Medium Term & Long Term Expiry (30 minutes and above) works better for Maximus Edge Result and personally, I prefer it to be longer expiry. And the reason is that trend drives the prices towards a favored direction and it ultimately gives us a higher probability of winning. Hence, if you are a fan of medium/long term trading, Maximus Edge Result is a better choice compared to Option Robot. (Note: Option Robot doesn’t do medium/long term trades anymore).

Don’t Stop Reading, More INFO below!

(Note: Option Robot doesn’t do medium/long term trades anymore. Also, the Expiry Time Shown on Maximus Edge AutoBot will be following your Computer’s Time Zone. Whereas, your broker’s platform will be in GMT+0 time zone. So don’t be surprised to see the difference in between the trade histories.)

Sentinel’s Test Maximus Edge Result!

We started off with a $500 test with $25 on each trade to test its’ performance. Right now we are standing over $1000 after optimizing and improving our win streak! Plus, we are still trading at the moment while writing this performance test. I’ve got to say this is still looking good as wins are coming in while referring to Maximus Edge’s signal.

Hence, we’re happy to add Maximus Edge Autobot to our list of performing signal software.

When to Use Maximus Edge Autobot?

Based on our results, we have higher accuracy in between 9AM18PM GMT +0, Monday to Friday. In addition to that, we avoid Major News announcements that indicate high volatility potential. Typically we refer to investing.com economic calendar for three bulls (maximum volatility) and do not trade 30 minutes before/after the announcement. It is important to consider before executing your trades because price movement has heavy fluctuations within your expiry.

We’ll have a better chance of winning our trades when there is a trend driving the price. Very often major news announcements cause prices to move unpredictably and work against technical analysis. Maximus Edge Autobot runs on a mathematical algorithm and technical indicator, hence such situation doesn’t work well with this software.

Expiry Time not Available on Broker (prompting other broker deposit)

There is some signal recommendation that would indicate unavailable expiry time when you try executing long-term trades. It may also recommend another sign up to another broker to enable easy trading. However, you do not need to do that! Instead, just open a new window/tab on your browser and access your trading account via your broker’s website! For example, we are linked with Greenfields Capital, so we just have to visit greenfielscapital.com.

If you have trouble looking for the website, look at the Brokers section in the Maximus Edge Autobot’s trading platform. Then click ‘Deposit’ which will redirect you to the broker’s website.

Default Trade Size is $25?

The default trade size is at $25, which is minimum trade size for most trading brokers at the moment. However, if you are connected to a broker like Greenfields Capital, the minimum trade size is $5 per trade. Check the minimum trade size on the broker’s website during the deposit process.

If you’d like to try changing a broker, just re-register with another email by clicking the button below! If you ended up with the same broker, chances are that that is the only broker available for your geo-location!

Hope this article helps! Happy Trading & Trade SAFE!

P/S: If you need any help, please feel free to use the CHAT BOX on the lower right-hand corner! I shall reply as soon as I Can!


  • Execute Medium Term Signals (15 minutes expiry and above) & not the 1 min expiry
  • Trade 30 minutes before/after major news announcement (high volatile news at economic calendar)
  • If Expiry Time is not Available on Your Broker, Trade the nearest hour on expiry. E.g Recommended Expiry @ 1500, you can do 1400 expiry or closer.
  • Manage your risk by trading the minimum 5% of your trading account first. However, if you are starting with $250 minimum deposit and have a minimum $25 trade, then it is better to only take 1-2 trade per day with the $25 per trade.

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