Turbine XO Review! ClickTrade LTD Software’s SCAM Trading EXPOSED!

Turbine XO Scam Review Auto Binary Trading Software

Is Turbine XO a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Software?

Turbine XO by Andrew Fisher proposes the “Most Advanced Trading Software” which comes with inaccurate and deceiving details! Be warned traders! Our Turbine XO Software Scam Review aims at the actuality of under performing auto trader. While we have a few profitable software, most auto trading software like Turbine XO poses a threat to your money. Declaration of making $5,000 per day and 94% winning rate seems to be a little far-fetched and unrealistic. Because Turbine XO Software was reported to lose significant amount of initial investment within short period of time. Please read our review as we share the deception behind this fraudulent software before you invest!

SCAM Website: turbinexo.com

Based on the narrative, Turbine XO developed by ClickTrade Ltd  and Andrew Fisher (CEO) is operating on the illusive “Wall Street Market Trader Algorithm” (WSMT). He also claims this software has 1,000 users all who made $5,000 average profits per day. Unfortunately there is little verifiable proof of success or testimonials that is reliable to save Turbine XO scam from being blacklisted by us. For simple reason that our research shows that many of these information are falsified and negative feedback by traders. Even the Wall Street Market Trader Algorithm is highly nonsensical!

Why Turbine XO is a SCAM & Provides Poor Performance?

Andrew explains about the underlying algorithm as the Wall Street Secret to success trading recipe. His logic is that Wall Street simply knows when the market will go up or down. However, complaints and “lose money” performances by Turbine XO only shows it is untrustworthy. In fact, Andrew Fisher himself is a suspicious character himself while claiming to be the CEO of Turbine XO and ClickTrade Ltd! Even more dangerous, we find that ClickTrade Ltd is named after the Click Trade App Scam we blacklisted previously! Plus, there is no actual company operating as an investment firm under Andrew Fisher’s leadership at all. We also found a Click Trade LTD Facebook Page that promotes all the dangerous SCAMS!

ClickTrade LTD Scam

Looking into the demonstration on Turbine XO Software performance, we found discrepancies in the trade executed! Unlike our honest testing of auto trading software, deposited and tested, Andrew Fisher fabricated his demonstration. If we examine the his 19 wins 1 loss trade history, we noticed that the strike rate and expiry rates does not tally with the actual asset price. For example, the USD/JPY trade which has a strike rate of 1.82544 and expiry rate of 1.82555 CALL trade. It doesn’t make sense that USD/JPY would have such an exchange rate because it ranges around 104.7. That’s like 100 times larger than the indicated price in Andrew’s trade history! Similar applies to the AUD/CHF which ranges about 0.7 in the real world! Thus, his demonstration is clearly falsified = attempting to deceive inexperienced traders!

Turbine XO Fake Trade History

Turbine XO Review: Other SCAM Proof!

Besides fake account balance snapshots included in the web page, promises of bogus trading community upon registration is phony too. Turbine XO scam victim has informed us that there is no actual trading community where traders could learn from. Not to mention, there is no 1,000 happy users using Turbine XO too. All the testimonials found in the web page are actually random names paired with stolen pictures online. You could actually find the pictures from a stock photo provider like freestockphotos.biz.

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Besides that, the use of paid actors to support their unrealistic trading profits. These lying actors provides their cheap script reading services at Fiverr.com $5! It’s pretty common to identify faces from that marketplace to appear in trading related scams too. Most of our Blacklisted auto trader uses their services to read inaccurate information about binary trading!

Turbine XO Software Conclusion!

Our verdict on Turbine XO Software is hands down a SCAM! Please do not invest with Turbine XO Software Scam. This fraud employs countless scam tactics to support unrealistic $5,000 per day profits and winning rate. Especially not on a minimum deposit of $250! The bogus Andrew Fisher supplies counterfeit trade histories and paid actors to deceive new traders to deposit. Talks about profiting 240% to 360% per trade is absolutely BS. Binary Options Payout is typically 70% to 80% profits per trade! Reality of Turbine XO Software justifies that it’s an UNRELIABLE trading service that loses more money! Thus, we shall be place Turbine XO Software into our Blacklist to warn other traders!

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Binary Options Newbie Need Help?

Despite having high volume of phony software attempting to steal money, earning profits from binary trading is possible! All you need is a reliable trading tool that could help increase the chances of winning! It also helps if you have basic knowledge in trading such as chart reading or knowing when to trade as well. Should this be your first time hearing about binary options & interested to make some money through this platform, do READ our DEMO account article first. Alternatively, we also can hook you up with trading community with actual experienced traders for education purposes. These community offers live Webinars so new traders can watch LIVE TRADES! (Say Hello to find out more through comments or email to find out more)

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