TrianaSoft Scam Review – SCAM or LEGIT “Butterfly Effect”

TrianaSoft Auto Binary Signal Scam Review

TrianaSoft Scam Review! Is this a SCAM or Legit binary options auto trader?

Here is our honest opinion on TrianaSoft Scam Review, the latest scam binary options auto trading system which was recently launched in early March 2016. This system is founded by the alleged CEO, Michael Wedmore and it’s design is lead by David Campbell, the alleged Head of R&D for TrianaSoft. To be very honest, with the two mentioned characters, the presentation video seems very honest and convincing but of course we need to consider their offer/proposal before we actually give our hearts to this system!

TrianaSoft Auto Binary Signal Scam Review
TrianaSoft Scam Review

David Campbell started off the presentation by introducing the concept behind TrianaSoft and attempt to shed some light on why it is special. He goes on by explaining that “The Butterfly Effect” is the main concept of how this auto trader works. Which means that this auto trader scans through every possible world events including political situations, weather, supply demand, etc as they are the possible factor to drive market prices. Hence, it is said that it is capable of scanning through billions of bytes of data and thus make a trading decision for you to make you rich! Well, that is the gist of the story! Despite their honest/genuine outlook, we strongly believe that this system has a very likely to be just another scam. This is because we have identify a few suspicious scam-like aspects in their presentation and webpage.

Can “The Butterfly Effect” Truly be TrianaSoft’s concept and Does it Work?

“The smallest, seemingly insignificant disturbance on one end of a scenario can have tremendous impact elsewhere” is how David Campbell describe the Butter Effect. He also said that is exactly the case, he and his team proven in their simulations for TrianaSoft trading program.He goes on by mentioning that the biggest factor to price change is the traders sentiment, aside from news, weather reports, etc. Following which, he quickly closes the subject by saying that by using TrianaSoft, we do not need to worry about all these little “butterfly flaps”. Now, as fancy as it sounds, we are certainly not confident about the algorithm in our world today is capable to analyse such data to come up with a decision especially for binary options trading. All the mentioned data are technically a form of fundamental driving forces for market prices. We believe it is tough to quantify and analyze the data collected to produce sound decisions in trading. Unlike technical analysis where patterns can be identified and known to be able to work in the trading world, but to ask an algorithm to analyze so diverse fundamental factors may be a little too unreal. As such, we are a not buying the idea that TrianaSoft is capable to actually perform it’s claimed abilities.

TrianaSoft as a Scam Company, Michael Wedmore, David Campbell

Our next concerning factor is the existence of TrainaSoft as a company, which we have failed to source for verifiable source to support it’s legitimacy. As shown in the presentation video, since it has a large venue as a company and “legal” R&D team, we should expect that there is some sort of evidence to at least indicate it’s existence. On the other hand, this is also a very common scam tactic where scammers fabricated a story to back up it’s scam claims. Also, for a company that has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to create an auto trading platform should have it’s own unique look. But based on the video presentation, we notice that the trading platform’s skeleton is commonly used in other auto trader as well. Of course most of the scam auto trading system uses it. Hence, we can’t help but to feel skeptical about TrianaSoft’s story and claimed capabilities. Apart from that, we also failed to source for information about the alleged founder, David Campbell, and the alleged Head of R&D, Michael Wedmore. They are most likely paid actors to represent TrianaSoft Scam!

TrianaSoft also claimed to have been collecting beta tester which have already earned massive profits by using this software. However, the interesting part is that the website,, is only recently created in early March 2016. The auto trading platform is also entirely web-based, hence, the possibility of this system existing before it’s creation date is impossible. On top of that, David claims to offer TrianaSoft for free right now to make sure that the system is perfect before selling it huge investment firms and charging $10,000 per month subscription. Why would David need more “testers” to make sure it works and why would huge investment firms want to buy from David when TrianaSoft is not even a legitimate company? This does not make any sense. His reason for offering this free for a short time just because he claims that too many of this auto trader users would affect the market price. That is a total lie, because binary options trading does not involve buying of any assets, hence there is no influence on the market prices regardless of how many people use an auto trader. It only affects binary options brokers!

TrianaSoft’s Other Suspicious/Scam-like Aspects!

We can safely say that aside from the well-made presentation and genuine sounding script, there is nothing that can actually show that it is legit. There are no actual demonstration of the software shared aside from the sneak peek of what the platform looks like. The claim of having 92% accuracy can’t be verified aside from the “results” that is being shared in the webpage. Unfortunately, the results from the “Recent Members” also can’t be trusted. It is simply a fabricated testimonials and slapped with photos which can be found in the internet. Moreover, how can the recent members earn so much profits when have only recently been created on 7th March 2016. Absolutely fake! The unverified 92% accuracy which was supposed to be backed up by the profits of recent members can’t be trusted at all. Hence, this is claim of 92% accuracy and actually getting massive profits is totally not trustworthy!

TrianaSoft Fake Testimonials Scam Review
TrianaSoft Scam Review: Fake Testimonials!
TrianaSoft Fake Testimonials Scam Review
TrianaSoft Scam Review: Stock Photos and Random Photos Used!

TrianaSoft Scam Review’s Conclusion

We hereby declare that TrianaSoft is a SCAM binary options auto trading system that fabricated fake testimonials, unverifiable claim of accuracy, bogus founder/CEO and nonsensical strategy/concept behind the algorithm! Please stay away from TrianaSoft and do not invest into this trading tool! Binary Options trading can indeed be profitable but only with the right trading tools to help you! Please have take a look at our trusted Binary Options Auto Trader BELOW! It has generated profits and great performance which is proven by many industry reviewers as well!

Verdict: TrianaSoft is a SCAM!

Trusted Binary Options Signals/Auto Trading System!

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What ridiculous acting!! Guess they were acting for an oscar or something!! Thank you for a very great review. Will subscribe and ensure that I get all your future posts. You keep the industry clean.

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Thank you for subscribing Nina. Glad that you find this review helpful! 🙂


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