Tratika Review – SCAM Trading Software Explained!

Tratika Scam Review

Is Tratika a SCAM or Legit Trading Software?

Tratika trading software is a new app that gains our attention via our subscribers seeking for a new social trading system. However, its’ claim of being first of its’ kind enabling social trading possible for many users is quick built skepticism. We noticed that Tratika trading platform has a very similar look to an old system we reviewed previously, United Trading Network. While the United Trading Network have been gaining popularity for many users recently and also earned us handsome profits, could Tratika be the same? That’s what we’re going to answer in this Tratika Review, please read this article before investing!

Tratika Official Website:

Can two software with the same look provide similar performance? Well, in our experience reviewing over 200 services, we can say that it’s not necessarily that way. Because the underlying algorithm or traders involved may be different. On a more concerning note, we discovered several scam systems that sabotage reliable trading system by using the same outlook to fool viewers. Above all, Tratika system seems to be a low-quality formula that loses money consistently instead of providing good signals.

Hence, if you are indeed seeking for good services to provide good trading signals with reliable and proven accuracy, do check out our United Trading Network Review. #Demonstration video & Trade history INCLUDED! Else, read below for more details about Tratika Scam.

Why is Tratika a SCAM?

Firstly, Tratika Software’s performance definitely gave the trading community some reason to be raging about. Neither the medium term and long term signals seem to be giving a good accuracy to actually profit in the market. This being said, the social trading & semi-automatic trades are below satisfactory standard. If you were to quickly search the internet, there are more negative complaints and good news about Tratika scam.

As we have also highlighted, Tratika is a scam product attempting to copy the outlook from a truly reliable software. Imagine that new services that do not have a proper presentation or even a person in charged of it. Investigation reveals that Tratika trading software is a new website coming online in early March 2017, barely 2 weeks ago. Thus, we can strongly deduce that scammers have indeed copied UTN’s trading platform to look credible but without a proper introduction. Hence, a typical scam red flag we commonly see in recent frauds too. Bogus CEO/founder with little information on its’ background definitely smell of hoax as these scammers typically would not associate any face/person with low-quality stuff. So they can get away with it!

Misguided Details??

The most concerning are the details available on the website itself, Statements like Automatic Stop Loss, Education Center and Dedicated Support aren’t real at all. The saying of automatic stop loss is simply inapplicable in binary trading at all, because as traders we simply purchase an option with a fixed payout and trade size. Thus, the risk and reward are known beforehand unlike CFD/Forex or stock trading where stop losses are different. So, this misleading interpretation is a major cause of confusion for many viewers. It seems to be a deliberate mistake use to trick people and deceive traders about Tratika’s actual capabilities.

Or they could literally have zero expertise in actual trading! Which could explain the low-quality Tratika performance that is a pure disappointment.

Tratika Software Trading

Tratika Review Verdict!

Judging from our investigative findings, we conclude that Tratika is a SCAM! There is neither a legit founder or individuals we can associate this offer with, but rather unknown mysterious scammer. More importantly, its’ algorithm is not as it claims to be. For example, the rush options, Basers, and Investo trading algorithm aren’t effective on its auto trading mode. Many users claim to achieve at best 40% accuracy in this current market.

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