Trading Everest SCAM – Honest Review on Jason Gaines Money Multiplier!

Is Trading Everest a SCAM or Good Auto Trade Software Make Money?

Trading Everest by Jason Gaines probably introduced itself to your inbox through some random email! And IT IS VIRAL! But can this be a legit deal or what the heck is this? Trading Everest Software claims to be a Money Multiplier Software capable to turning your initial $200 deposit to $40,000 in a week. Well, on a nutshell, it does sound like a jackpot, but you know what they say, too good to be true deals often are scams. Binary Options Sentinel have been reviewing auto trading systems for a long time and busted over 200 poor performing software. Obviously, most tend to promise unrealistic profit potential while some can actually earn money. So, please read our Trading Everest Review to find out is Trading Everest a fraud?

Trading Everest Website:

To cut to the chase, Trading Everest Software has been generating negative feedback and responses since it came up! We already have complaints about the app losing consistently without any real potential of making money. It’s no surprise since we also identified several red flags and typical scam elements within the offer similar to other hoaxes. Pledges of turning $200 into a 5 figure income within a week is certainly a huge shocker whereby even real traders would find that amusingly fake. Although we have are able to earn $100 per day or 10% to 20% account growth per day with Recommended Software, this deal misleads viewers and steals money!

What is Trading Everest?

If you are entirely new to binary trading, this industry came up as a simplified form of trading as compared to conventional Forex, or CFD. By which traders only need to choose between an Up Trade or Down Trade (Call or Put Option). Hence, granting a typical return on investment between 70% to 90% gain depending on time and brokers! How do we win? Well, the trade only needs to be higher or lower than your strike price (price when you enter the trade). So as long as the price is higher/lower even by 1 micro pip, traders will earn a profit! Seems simple right?

Yes, but the problem within the industry currently is having a lot of newbie traders trusting into scam software like this Money Multiplier Software. Many of which don’t actually earn money and we have tested some software which didn’t end up with profits too. To be honest, only a few rare findings like those listed in our Best Software are capable of earning profits as tested!

Unfortunately, Trading Everest will not be in our list of recommended app but instead our Blacklist as we have mentioned. Although it provides automated trading and manual trading signals, its’ performance is nowhere near the best software or what it claims to be. Trading Everest ended up draining their account instead of earning even $100 for its users too (many says so!). Worst, we pinpointed fake details within the offer which we’re exposing below!

Is Jason Gaines for Real?

Unfortunately, he’s not real but just a fictitious character selling false promises of getting rich quick! If you were to watch the entire video presentation, it is very weird that he as a Top Performing Trading in Wall Street needed his partner Chris to Select best trades. All these talks about Trade Peak Potential (TPP) Formula contributing to money multiplying abilities are false too. Simply because Jason Gaines is merely a voice narrator hiding behind the scene. No verifiable professional track record can verify his BS. Genuine trading software or services would have presented their ideas showing their face and identity!

Obviously, Trade Everest trading algorithm doesn’t work and loses money because the founder himself is a bogus individual!

Real Trading Everest Software Performance History?

Additionally, Trading Everest Software trade history found in the members’ area seemingly shows impressive trading performance. Unfortunately, we can’t trust this table because it is not from the broker trading page itself. Nevertheless, the aspect that busted Trading Everest Scam is that it actually shows trade activities during bank holidays! For those that is unfamiliar, trading activities don’t happen during major bank holidays, say for example New Year’s Day (2nd Jan 2017). The banks and exchanges aren’t available to take any trade order so asset prices wouldn’t move!

Hence, we can clearly deduce that Trading Everest’s trade history is a hoax as well!

Trading Everest Trade History

Trading Everest Review Verdict!

Judging by the details above and actual value that Trading Everest Software provides, we can conclude that this is a SCAM! We advise our readers to stay away from Trading Everest Money Multiplier Software due to their bogus, fake details and false promises! Making $40,000 from $200 within the first week is definitely not possible with this software. Users will be way better off using a legit software to earn consistent growth to their initial investment!

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