Traders Revenge Binary Trading Scam Review!

Traders Revenge Auto Binary Trading System Scam Review

Is Traders Revenge System a SCAM or LEGIT Binary Trading Software?

WARNING: Traders Revenge System is a two-faced and dishonest fraud! Wondering whether Traders Revenge at by Ryan Jackson could profit you $6,500 per week? Certainly, we’ll agree with Ryan’s view on the profit-making potential and high scam occurrences in binary options. As highlighted by Ryan, binary options is indeed a great way to earn some extra cash! But, is Traders Revenge truly honest about helping scam victims? The fact that we’ve discovered a countless contradicting truth about Traders Revenge makes this software a dangerous one. Please do go though our Traders Revenge Scam Review before you invest into this trading system!

Traders Revenge System is an auto binary options trading system founded by Ryan himself and ‘friend’ Vladimir. This seemingly righteous social movement cites that it is capable of making $13,500 per month, Guaranteed! This trading app is said to have ‘cracked’ the code and algorithm which has helped over 127 people in the past 6 months. Also, this offer stipulates profits generation as much as high as $170,000 and winning 100% of the trade. As much as Ryan sounds like he’s trying to help or make a good statement, our investigation exposes concerning details in his story! Read BELOW!

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Who is Ryan Jackson and Friend (Vladimir)?

It certainly didn’t take long for us to find out Ryan’s true identity simply because he has been active in the binary options scene. However, he is a familiar face and a well-known actor who provided assistance to many trading hoaxes in their testimonials. Only this time, he has ‘upgraded’ his position as Ryan Jackson, the founder of Traders Revenge! Obviously, our skepticism was sky high upon seeing him in the presentation video and only to find that he named himself as Ryan. You can identify him as Gkabre from as an actor offering acting service. On top of that, he’s known as many other names in other scams as well!

What about his so-called partner, Vladimir? Well, the Russian hacker’s picture is actually stolen from a blogger named John Razmus, the CTO Internet Marketing Bar, Inc. Thus, it’s not surprising to learn that Traders Revenge is employing other typical lies even though this supposedly be a ‘revenge’ to scammers!

Ryan Jackson Traders Revenge Scam Review

Earning $13,500 per month Guaranteed and 100% Winning Trades?

The Traders Revenge scam-artist stepped up their game to include an unworkable expectation to its viewers! This deal prides itself by profits statements of $13,500 per month GUARANTEED paired with an impossible 100% win rate. Our exposure to various scam trading systems has historically proven that trading apps proclaiming guaranteed profits and zero loss are FAKE.

There’s a simple reason for it, though. Any form of trading will never be able to produce a ‘guaranteed’ earnings and also win every trades! It applies to even the best traders or trading algorithm in the world! All experienced traders would vouch for this simple truth. This impractical promises often misleads inexperienced traders to place their trust to Traders Revenge. Guess Ryan’s (not his real name) true intention is also to scam traders with yet another lie!

Actor Ryan Calls out to Fellow Actors for Testimonials?

Not to mention the testimonials in Traders Revenge Software are phony too! We noticed that the characters who claimed to be one of the 127 rich users are also actors offering their service similar to Ryan! Due to this reason alone, there are no other honest sources that could save Traders Revenge Scam’s negative reputation. Any attempt to search for the happy traders which profited $60,000 to $170,000 within 6 months failed miserably!

Aside from that, a simple internet search could also confirm Trader Revenge’s poor performance in losing money instead of the promised profits! On top of that, was only recently active since April 2016. Which obviously contradicts the 6 months period of profits earn by Ryan’s previous 127 users! In reality, there is no actual previous users and the last 100 spots is also another scam tactic creating a false sense of urgency to sign-up!

Traders Revenge’s Conclusion

Judging from the alarming details above, we wind up this review with a conclusion that Traders Revenge is a SCAM! The false social movement or call to take ‘GET BACK’ at the scammers are simply make-believe statements without a true intention of helping others! It’s rather obvious that all details in this offer including Ryan Jackson himself are false and unreal! Aspects from profit expectation, 100% win, and testimonials are deceptive details hoping to lure newbie traders! Do Not Register or Deposit with Traders Revenge!

Better Investment Decision!

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2 comments on “Traders Revenge Binary Trading Scam Review!

Tristan Lee

I’m really disappointed to find out these little tricks and lies. Thanks for preventing me in depositing my funds with Traders Revenge, I was honestly quite sold about this. Btw, what would your recommendation be for a good trading software

Binary Options Sentinel

Hi Tristan,

You’re most welcome. Check out Neo2 Software as they have been very consistent in terms of their performance for both manual/auto trading.


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