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Is Traders Matrix a SCAM or Good Binary Trading System?

Traders Matrix, a trading solution by Robert Michaels and Chris Amado may have found its’ way to your inbox giving free 3-month access. Caution readers! It is one trading system that is NOT worth your investment due to Traders Matrix scam elements. Else, Trader Matrix produces low success rate and it’s definitely a verified scam on both automated as well as manual trading. Additionally, our research shows significant deceiving information that proves to be dishonest within the offer.

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On a nutshell, Traders Matrix Software is not a brand trustworthy with its fake attempt to represent trade signals provider from genuine traders. Although in the real world, expert traders use algorithm to trade especially in large hedge funds exploiting algorithmic stocks trading. Both are viable techniques to earn profits in binary trading. However, Traders Matrix software employs suspicious deceiving tricks to fool viewers with inaccurate information. If you are a new trader and seeking for a good solution trade binary options, Traders Matrix Scam is not a good choice.

Why is Traders Matrix a SCAM?

Firstly, this service supposes to involve copying or following trades by professional binary options traders in both live or demo mode. But in reality, there is no demo mode once we sign up with our email address. A more alarming detail are that this solution pairs with one shady broker, Option Bit. In the past, we received many emails of complaints regarding that broker attempting to suck money out of the client. These two factors is already a huge red flag when it comes to auto/manual trading software. You just don’t say there is a demo mode but don’t actually have it!

Let alone that Traders Matrix claims to be fully transparent where viewers can view past results in the non-existing member’s area! Clearly, this has to be a huge joke because there is no members’ area once we registered our email. It basically redirects us to a trading platform with no past performance and traders to copy from. As such, obvious contradiction definitely is Traders Matrix’s business approach. Definitely, it is not a good sign!

Additionally, we attempt to investigate both the founders of Traders Matrix Robert Michaels and Chris Amado. The two that has no verifiable proof of Forex and commodities expertise along with a strange quotes of ‘BOM’. We have no idea what BOM is which could mean binary options matrix? Nevertheless, our research shows no social profiles or any article that could endorse their experience apart from being associated with Traders Matrix Scam.

Traders Matrix Results Scam

No Demo?

As we mentioned, the first thing you will see is a prompt for a deposit when we expect to be able to test this software with a Demo mode. But we have no access to a demo mode and there will never be a demo account ready when traders deposit into the account! On top of that, our study in an attempt to search for real testimonies about Traders Matrix’s claim of immediate guarantees and 3rd party verification is unfruitful. Instead of finding a single success story from traders, we only came up with negative feedback on its sub-level accuracy.

Honestly, many users were already pissed off when they find out no actual demo account was given after deposit. Imagine the frustration when there is no genuine reliability with Traders Matrix software. A quick observation comparing to a well-established brand, Option Robot (Free Demo Upon Registration), can demonstrate what a good brand and a wannabe.

Traders Matrix Review Verdict!

Undoubtedly Traders Matrix has a number of suspicious aspects on their website and pairing with actual complaints makes it difficult for traders to entrust our money to them. The clear contradiction between having a demo, bogus founders and unclear mentioning of BOM are very suspicious indeed. All these are typical misleading traits observable in many of our Blacklisted systems we review in the past. As such, we advise against depositing with Traders Matrix App and invest elsewhere.

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How Can You Trade With Safest Options?

In general, there are two different approaches to binary trading and truth be told, success is possible with trading! Basically, you can either trade automatically or manually on your own. Hence, traders can either do one of them or both simultaneously. Depending on your own schedule and interest, most individuals may favor auto trading due to other commitments. As such, we recommended two different trading services catering to both ends!

3 Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

  1. Recommended Auto Trading Software! (Demo Available & US Friendly)
  2. Manual Trading Signal Software – Bit Bubble Tech! – Non US
  3. Free Demo Trading Account! (Non-US/Canada Broker)(US/Canada Friendly Broker)

Do REGISTER for all THREE so you can have a good look around to consider the best solution for yourself! Note: Some services may not be available for US Traders, hence please do contact us at for further recommendations!

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