Traders Formula Review – SCAM Strikes Back & Loses Money!

Traders Formula Scam Review

Is Traders Formula a SCAM or Good Trading Software?

Traders Formula by Craig Phillips sparks your interest in making a million dollars within a few short weeks? That’s with a low investment of $250 into their trading platform that does everything. But can this be true? Before you invest, please read and understand this Traders Formula Review as it enlightens you with truth.

According to Craig, Traders Formula is the world’s first ‘No Loss’ Auto Trading Software and has never lost a single trade in 2 years. Besides that, he claims to be able to make $800 to $4,000 even for beginner traders by using it. And capable of making all the Traders Formula Software users millions after a few short weeks! Sounds pretty crazy right? Unfortunately, my experience and research in this industry would say otherwise!

As a person that is interested in making some extra cash online via trading, I must warn you about this Get Rich Quick SCAM! It’s rather clear that Traders Formula promises unrealistic profits potential unheard of in the trading world. There is no such thing as a ‘No Loss’ Trading Software EVER! To make things worst, Traders Formula is reported to lose client’s money within 2 days! Hence, please check out the evidence below to why this is a ‘be a millionaire’ fraud!

Note: In my experience, growing $250 to $4,000 in a day is impractical trading growth! Trading can be a great platform for you to grow your investment and earn percentage returns. But definitely not 10 times in a day! When I was a newbie trader, I was capable of earning $100 per day ($25 per trade minimum) with the right tools. I aim for a 10% – 30% account growth per day, which is possible with the Tested & Proven Software and trading methods!

Traders Formula Scam Review Findings!

One thing you need to understand about making money in trading is losses happens and is inevitable. But, the key to success in trading is to manage these losses and focuses more on winning consistency. So, if anyone ever tries to tell you to invest into a no loss trading software, run for your life. It is very likely it is a SCAM trying to steal your money. This also applies to trading solutions like an auto trading software!

The reason why I strongly believe Traders Formula is a SCAM because it is actually a relaunch of an old scam, Amissio Formula Scam! I blacklisted that fraud to warn traders about because of its’ below 40% winning accuracy. Which is not enough to earn profits online in the markets for anyone. You may also notice the Amissio brand in Traders Formula’s presentation too. Because the scammer was so lazy and reuse the entire video to fool more viewers!

So, all the evidence I expose in my old review about the truth of Amissio Holdings, Craig Phillips, and his description are all fake. In summary, the company is a none existing company that cheats viewers. Craig is also a fake CEO of Amissio Holdings that appeared in yet another scam named the Orion Code Scam. These details alone shows the dishonest presentations among bad trading solutions I warn my readers about!

Orion Code Software Scam Review Auto Binary Trading

Traders Formula Results & Endorsement?

Let’s say we forgive the false marketing gimmick above and gave a benefit of a doubt, we can ignore other important factors. Traders Formula has been gaining negative reputation due to their lousy performance. I received complaints from victims that invested $250 into Traders Formula and lost it all within a day. Thus, it performs as bad as all the scams Craig is involved in.

We can’t see any actual demonstration on their trading platforms because the scammers will only reveal Traders Formula poor performance. Instead, Traders Formula Scam decides to trick us with fake trading results, false endorsements and also ridiculous claims. Craig’s declaration of Traders Formula making money 24 hours 7 days a week shows his actual experience. Any traders would have known that markets close on the weekends and trading during weekends is not possible!

The trading history within the presentation also shares the nonsense of trading during a weekend. Hence, showing falsehood and unlikeliness of Traders Formula ever achieving good results. Additionally, Traders Formula is not featured on CNN, NBC News, Fox Business or CBS News. These are fake credentials that never happened and will never ever become a reality.

Please Stay Away from the Traders Formula and only invest into a Tested & Proven Trading Software. Newbies can start small with a $250 investment and use trustworthy trading methods and solution to earn extra income from home!

Traders Formula Results

How Can You Earn Extra Money Through Online Trading? (Newbie Friendly)

Regardless of which trading platform you choose to trade, Binary or Forex trading, you can opt to trade Manually or Auto Trading. Depending on how much time you can spare per day into managing these investments, both are a valid approach to earning some money online!

Auto Trading – This approach is suitable for people that have a busy schedule with work or other commitments. It enables you to have trade executions automatically with a trading algorithm! However, please avoid investing into scams that are in the Blacklist! Alternatively, only choose software that is tested & proven to be profitable as shown at the Trusted Trading Software Page. Registration Link Below!

Manual Trading – In contrast to auto trading, this simply means that you trade it yourself. I recommend this approach if you have some spare time to pick up a new skill in life in trading. Binary Trading is much more simple to learn because Forex/Stocks Trading requires the trader to decide to Take Profits and Stop Loss. When to get in and get out! But, in Binary Trading, you will win a fixed profits as long it is higher or lower by 1 micro pip! You can also refer to trading signals/recommendations from a good Manual Trading Signal Software while learning so you can profit at the same time! Registration Link Below.

Free Demo Account – Want to play around with a free Demo account? You can test new strategies or trading method in a Demo account first before risking your money! In fact, it is highly recommended to do so especially when you are new! Most demo account in the industry requires a deposit to have access to a demo account. I’ve attached a link for Free Demo Account Below for US/Canada residents and Non-US/Canada!

Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

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  2. Recommended Auto Trading Software! (Check Review HERE)

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