Tradenet Review – SCAM or Genuine Educational Service Provider?

Tradenet Scam Review

Is Tradenet a SCAM or Good Trading Education Provider?

Tradenet, is it an educational path that rookie traders should go through or not? Well, we’ll be addressing that question on the perspective of their services, legitimacy of the company and what can traders get. Honestly, we have been busting scams so often and today would be one of the day to introduce a good trading solution.

Allow me to clarify what is Tradenet, because it seems that some of my readers got confused with what they do. Mainly due to some other blogs that writes misguided review on Tradernet Educational content. Some even says that it is a Trading Software for Binary Options and Forex when it is clearly not! The truth is, Tradenet is a Day Trading Academy. Whereby it’s students will gain access to daily webinars, live trading room and educational content. Remember this, Tradenet trades not only specifically on US Stocks, but also Forex.

Furthermore, the ADDED advantage that students get is to be able to trade a REVENUE SHARE funded account as well! Hence, in a way, students only pay for the education and also gets a chance to earn profits from trading a LIVE account.

(Note: The live account is much larger, hence with the profit sharing you can gain good profits. Also traders will gain full control of whether to trade the account or not)

Only Available for traders from: United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Chile, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Mexico, Oman, Panama, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, El Salvador, Uruguay, South Africa

Alternative Educational Service for traders listed above: Binary Institute

What’s the Deal??

In short, you stand to gain Daily access to TRADE Room (professional traders hosting a video session), webinars, educational materials, and PROFIT SHARING. Trading Account The video sessions host will demonstrate their entry, stops, and why they trade it that way.  Hence, it will definitely benefit people that is having a hard time reading trading study materials all over the place without having a trading system. Take this opportunity to learn by watching and executing trades!

Who is suitable to use their services? Basically, any intermediate skill level to rookie level traders can benefit from their educational materials and LIVE Video Sessions. IN ANY CASE, they provide a 14 days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with no questions asked as long as you haven’t trade the live account. Pretty generous and confident I would say unlike other scams that just steal from people.

Exact prices for the various courses are in the “What Value do You Get?” segment below!

Next, we’ll be touching on who Tradenet is as a company and also the founder of this awesome trading service.

Tradenet Intro Program

Who is TradeNet?

Tradenet was founded back in 2004 by Meir Barak, a professional trader and author of a book named “The Market Whisperer”. He basically functions as the company chairman, chief trader and also a mentor. Obviously he has a number of analyst and mentors assisting him in this cause as well. Totally understandable in an educational and mentoring services. The official company name is Tradenet Global UK Ltd.

The people behind Tradenet Team are real people with actual educational content and mentors. It is not a scam actors whereby many fraudulent trading systems apply to promote their product. Tradenet is 100% authentic in what they are offering!

What Value Do You get?

Tradenet’s Education and Trading Packages that includes one-on-one mentoring, 2 week demo program and access to Live Trading Room focusing on day trading which Meir Barak and his analyst participates. The Live Trading Room makes live market calls after some pre-market analysis before the market openings on a normal trading day.

So Here is how it’s going to go down if you sign up! You will be completing an educational courses and trade a demo account. Thereafter, you will be given access to a FUNDED Account. Keep in mind that you will be given access to the account without paying any additional deposit. Plus, you stand to make up to 85% of the profits you make from trading the live account. Additionally to that, there is a Maximum Loss imposed in the live account where the live account will be closed immediately after you lose 5% of the account. (Trading Room Access still continues as per package duration)

It may sound small, but trust me, it is big enough for you to make a profit. Because the funded account is typically MUCH larger than the education course price. What happens if you Lose and close the live account?? Well, you do not need to pay the amount you lose! So the risk is basically on Tradenet. Check out BELOW for the list of packages. The more you pay for the educational course, the longer you gain access to Live Trading Room, Educational Courses AND the LARGER the funded account is going to be.

(Note: For any reason you would like to stop the program within 14 days, you will get a full money back guarantee)

Tradenet Courses

What is it like in the Trading Room?

The live and interactive trading room is one of the most exciting feature many traders would look for. Otherwise, people wouldn’t be interested in trading with Tradenet if it isn’t for this educational and live market calls available for viewers. Typically, the room opens slightly before the US market opens at 9:30a.m New York time on weekdays. Usually your host will be Meir Barak himself, otherwise it would be one of his professional analyst.

Topics of discussions includes pre-market analysis to put into context of what is likely the opening situation going to be. Such as the initial look at major market indices for market direction. Then, Meir or the analyst will call their list of stocks which they feel the best trades for the day. Members can also join in by text messaging through the room’s interactive capability.

Market calls will include exact entry points, stop losses as well as the target price. If you are not sure what these is, it is basically when you enter or exit the trade based on whether the trade favors or move against your trade.

Also, every respective asset class has their own schedule. Hence, the analyst for Forex will have their own pre-market live sessions! All Schedules will be in the website once you sign up.

Tradenet Review Conclusion

There is some kind of learning curve especially if you are a complete newbie in trading. But, gaining access to these live market calls will give good insight while you familiarize with basic trading terminology. Thus, Tradenet obviously provide a genuine educational service for people having an interest in being a day trader.

Ultimately, our review team believes that it can guide you towards being profitable whether you are trading Stocks, Forex or binary options because it covers fundamental trading analysis!

Benefits of Joining Tradenet:

  • Structured Education Materials for Newbies & Intermediate Traders
  • LIVE Trading Room which is the best feature of this program gives demonstrations of professionals market calls
  • Free Funded Account to Trade with Revenue Share
  • 14 Days Money Back Guarantee* (T&C Applied)

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