Is TradeFusion a SCAM Auto Binary Options Signal Service?

Is TradeFusion a SCAM? SCAM or LEGIT Review!

Please read our review on TradeFusion before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Trade Fusion is a new binary options auto trading signals service that was released in January 2016. The be entirely honest, the first impression of the website is pretty good. The landing page is very clean and simple which probably give the impression that TradeFusion may be a sincere auto trading software. The system is claimed to be able to have a 92.3% success rate and is able to make a monthly profit of $7,000 to $15,000. While we may be skeptical about the accuracy rate, the claimed monthly profit is most certainly achievable which we do appreciate that they are being realistic on that front. However, there are several claims that may indicate that it is a possible scam as well. As such, we are unable to give a conclusive decision yet, but for the sake of the traders in the community, we would layout our findings. We advise to not invest into TradeFusion as of yet unless there are evidence that it could indeed perform well in the market. Please continue reading our review for details of the possible scams-like aspects.

TradeFusion’s Sales Presentation

The narrator, Timothy Marcus, claims to be the CEO of TradeFusion and the producer of CNBC Futures Now Segment. He claims that TradeFusion is the “biggest financial revolution since the internet” because this system is uniquely different from many other auto trading systems out there. Based on their explaination, TradeFusion is synced with their office in Manhattan where they have trading experts working there to provide accurate signals. Apart from that, their algorithm is able to take into account of “key events” in the global markets which means that the system is able to take fundamental analysis into their consideration. “Key Events” such as the Euro crisis are events that influences the market trend especially major decisions by an influential party that would drive market prices.  This is also the reason why TradeFusion claims to be able to hit a 92.3% success rate.

In addition to the above, Tradefusion claims that the system is already in used in Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Barclay’s Capital and many other large financial institutions. There was also mentioned of popular news provider such as Business Insider, Forbes and CNBC written an article on TradeFusion. I guess the reason to mentioned CNBC is because since Timothy is the producer of CNBC Futures that covers many financial news.

TradeFusion is being offered through the website on a 90 days free trial basis. While the retail price for TradeFusion is said to be $499 per month on a subscription basis, the lucky 500 viewers will be able to use TradeFusion for free during the 90 days trial period. Those lucky viewers will be able to keep their profits should the traders decides to cease using TradeFusion.

TradeFusion’s Scam-Like Aspects

Based on our investigation, we have identified a few suspicious claims from TradeFusion that is not true. First of all, Timothy Marcus, the alleged CEO and producer of CNBC Futures is most likely a fabricated character. The can be proved by searching through CNBC’s database for the name of Timothy Marcus and we are unable to find anyone that goes by that name there. Next, coverage on TradeFusion in Business Insider, Forbes and CNBC are also nowhere to be found in their database. We have come across many scam websites that employs fake news article to support their claims! It just that TradeFusion did not attach any news article to support their claim besides being verbally mentioned in the video. We are positive that TradeFusion was not mentioned in any of the major news publisher. That will be scam-aspect number 1.

We have also came across various reviews by other binary options scam review sites, such as Binary Options Spot and Binary Options Gorilla. They have stated that the pictures used to represent the TradeFusion team are taken from stock photos provider. Should we take a look at the review posted by those reviewers, we realize that the current pictures used to represent Timothy Marcus, Bill Mayhew, and Hong Gyu Lee is already different. We believe that this developer has swapped the pictures out since those pictures are easily searched through the web.

Since that there is a discrepancy in the face that portrays Timothy Marcus, the alleged CEO of TradeFusion itself, it is highly like that this person does not actually exist at all. With a fabricated character representing such a “high end product” as claimed in the video, we are not confident with this auto trading system at all. Fabricated leader, fake claims of having news coverage in various places that is nowhere to be found and changes of pictures in team members sections just discourages us from believing that this auto trading software is sincere.

Lastly, the video presentation mentioned that we can choose to sync with binary options brokers that we choose. Moreover, TradeFusion supports multiple brokers trading which is one of a special feature added into this program. However, we are actually NOT ALLOWED to choose which our first binary options broker we prefer. Instead, upon completing the registration form, we are directed to CiTrade’s deposit form. CiTrade has a negative reputation of withdrawals problem as mentioned in ForexPeaceArmy forums. The number of negative complaints regarding withdrawals for CiTrade just makes it risky to even deposit funds to them. We certainly do not want withdrawals problem since it simply means that we are kissing our money goodbye.

TradeFusion’s Conclusion

The first impression for TradeFusion is indeed quite impressive and seems like a sincere service provider. However, impression quickly change with scam-like aspects that we mentioned above, the fabricated characters including the CEO himself, Timothy Marcus, non-existence of news article in Business Insider, Forbes, CNBC, and syncing with binary options brokers that has negative reputation. We strongly advise viewers to not invest into TradeFusion until we can actually confirm that this program is actually performing in terms of ITM%.

Verdict: Inconclusive (Most likely a SCAM!)

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