Trade X Profit Scam Review! Why is it a Fraud Trading Software?

Trade X Profit Auto Binary Trading Scam Review

Is Trade X Profit a Scam or Legit Auto Binary Trading App?

Welcome to our Trade X Profit Scam Review! Have you been redirected to for a binary options automated trading system? Although it is entirely possible to make money through binary options, however not all trading systems are trustworthy. Should this be the first time you’ve come across such an offer, it’s essential to understand this review before investing. Binary Options Sentinel have inspected over hundred of auto trader! Honestly, there are only a few that would truly generate profits for you. Hence, do check out our Blacklist for the list of shrewd auto trading systems while doing your research! We can be contacted at Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or at for any advice related to binary options too. In the meantime, please read our review as we share our logic to why you should not invest in Trade X Profit below.

TradeXProfit is narrated by an unknown character who claims that users will profit as much as $200,000 a month. Apart from that, he also added that we can expect to earn $6,000 a day with a $10 dollar trades! The narrator continues to rationalize his offer by bringing in the stories of rich brokers from wall street and the Top 1% investor earning tons of money. Hence, this auto trader is said to adapt similar techniques from this rich sharks by “leveraging” system they used. Based on the narrative,  TradeXProfit is supposedly the exact same system the greedy banks used and it is called “binary options”. There is also a “video demonstration” showing how TradeXProfit does it’s thing too. Based on the video presentation alone, we’ve identified several incorrect facts that’s highly misleading! As much as the so-called potential profits seem lucrative, however, it is senseless.

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Trade X Profit Fraud Evidence! Nonsensical Profits!

Our experiences with fraudulent auto trading system revealed certain observable patterns. One of the most common aspects of the phony trading app is that it includes highly unrealistic “potential profits”. So unrealistic that it’s actually IMPOSSIBLE even for the best trading algorithm or traders! Trade X Profit mentioned that it’s going to generate you $6,000/day based on the 10 dollar trades. That’s completely absurd and there is an obvious mathematical error there too. The FAQ states that a 10 dollar trades will generate you a profit of $80 profits from each trade! Obviously, that could be possible in “leveraging” conventional online trading.

HOWEVER, there’s no such concept in binary options trading! Binary trading offers you a profit of 70% to 80% profits from your trade! Hence, should you perform a $10 trade, you will profit a $7-$8 per trade! Obviously, flawed and misleading information is Trade X Profit Software’s concept! Surely, banks and trading firms don’t and will never use Trade X Profit system as claimed in the presentation video to earn millions!

Helped Many Traders to Get Rich?

Let’s explore the statement of the narrator’s remark of helping 4,000 active users previously to profit hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s definitely a false credential as we discover Trade X Profit has not existed before June 2016. Hence, it’s groundless to declare having such a huge happy user base! Apart from that, the fabricated testimonials from users attached to the registration page don’t help with saving Trade X Profit’s deceitful nature. We discover pictures from stock pictures provider or random websites depicts fake Trade X Profit users. It’s rather obvious that these formulated tricks aim to entice users without zero genuine intention.

Fake Testimonials Trade X Profit Scam Review

Deluding Demonstration!

Additionally, the demonstration provided in the video presentation doesn’t actually show what Trade X Profit truly does! It basically shows a broker trading platform and not the Auto Trading platform itself. What’s more ridiculous is that the narrator leads us to believe the indicator placed in the broker page. As an experienced binary options trader, it’s definitely a recipe to lose your money if you execute trades based on that indicator. There Up/Down indicator doesn’t necessarily dictates the direction of the market prices and very often the market doesn’t react so quickly. The video demonstration was basically catching the “right moment” when to put a Put trade when the price spikes near a resistance level. It has nothing to do with the attached indicator! Traders should never take that bar seriously at all if you would like to profit consistently!

Don’t Deposit with Trade X Profit! There are Better Alternative!

By now you’d probably realize that the offer from Trade X Profit is completely untrustworthy! The purpose of these lies is to lure inexperienced trader to place their trust in this auto trading system and immediately register! We’ve noticed this patterns of trickery in many other Blacklisted Auto Trading App where they share the same goal. Which is to attract immediate deposit without the actual ability to generate profit. Definitely, a phenomenon that tarnishes the binary options industry unnecessarily when it actual fact, traders can indeed profit from this dynamic instrument! You will only need the right tools and knowledge to benefit from this!

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Trade X Profit Conclusion

Based on the debunked fraud tactics above, we conclude that Trade X Profit is a SCAM auto trading system! Do not invest and donate your money to this scam software! The unrealistic potential profits, fake testimonials, and wacky demonstration aims to fills false promises and hopes with no intention of success. In fact, we’ve received negative feedback from traders whom lost their initial deposit in 2 days. Trade X Profit is constantly gaining much negative attention to itself as the number of negative reviews are increasing in the internet.

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This software scammed my brother guys! Don’t waste your money in this software. Of course it would have been great if he read this article first but oh well. Paid for this experience. Is there anything that is worth putting money in? Cheers Sentinel.


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