Trade Tracker Pro Scam Review! $80,000 in 1 month, Risk-FREE?

Trade Tracker Pro is a SCAM Review!

Trade Tracker Pro has a “reality TV” feel to it’s presentation video and it is designed to scam viewers by portraying this auto trading system to be able to make $80,000 in four weeks from a $250 initial deposit. The claimed and demonstrated capability is very unrealistic and in our honest opinion it is unethical to promote the product based on that claim! We strongly believe that the bearded Derek Stone, is just another paid actor who is representing this scam system. Who in their right mind would quit their job over a trading system that is unproven and take a chance of getting $35,000 over a long term job!

We have also noticed that there are a lot sites that gave Trade Tracker Pro a 5 Star rating and promoting this system on the internet. Please do not believe in the high rating review that simply just copies the sales presentation and give it a high rating. There is no verifiable proof that this system is going to make the unrealistic $80,000 anywhere and we strongly advise not to risk your money into such a fantasy.

Suspicious Claims/Scenario in Trade Tracker’s Presentation

We shall now begin to reveal a few suspicious facts in the presentation video that we choose not to ignore. Firstly, we shall highlight the first week results of the video, where Derek was standing in front of the ATM. As he was trying to portray that this system can indeed make him $23,000 in a week and show that legit cash can be transferred into his account immediately! That is a blatant lie/fake demonstration! Based on his “live account”! The system syncs with GTOption and as he attempts to show that he is indeed withdrawing his cash from that trading account, he magically receives the money after a few moments of standing in front of the ATM. This is suspicious because withdrawals from binary options brokers typically need a week including approval process plus transfer! So technically, he can’t have withdrew his money in an instant as he claimed that he has!

Next, Derek portrays himself as taking a vacation while showing that he had earn more money up to an impressive $60,000. We’ve been wondering since that he had “withdraw” his cash and spends it like a rich person, we practically see no change in his account balance. Additionally, he shared a video about the alleged creator, Josh Foreman, mentioned that the first 300 member will receive the upgraded software for free! He also mentioned that the upgraded version is capable of executing more trades. The suspicious aspects of this claim is that executing more trades does not necessarily mean more profits, it also mean more exposure to risk! More trades can also mean higher chances of losing because there is only a certain number of “openings or good opportunities” per day!

Apart from that, Trade Tracker Pro is claimed to be “built on cutting edge complex code that analyses the market trends using binary options”. What on earth is he talking about? Analysed the market trends using binary options? That is just silly. Additionally, Derek mentioned that “Trade Tracker Pro does not even allow risk in it’s trading algorithm. It is completely risk-free trading. Does it by processing millions of trades each day and never even letting your money stay in one stock for too long. Losing money is seriously impossible with this software.” This is another outrageous lie because there is no such thing as risk free when you trade in stocks, currencies or binary options. The utter phrase that says never letting your money stay in one stock for too long definitely is not binary options trading related! Binary options trading involves expiry date/time, hence there is no choice of holding your position! Clearly Derek does not know what is he talking about!

Last but not least, the video demonstration reveals that Derek had deposited and started trading from January 2016 onward. However, based on the search, the website is registered on March 2016 and technically, Trade Tracker Pro’s web-based platform that we see online is non-existence prior to the registration. So we are not sure which platform he is actually using! It could be a possible fake demo account created that only adds additional account balance just to support his scam claims! Moreover, it is tough to believe a crazy claim of $80,000 in a month from $250 without trading history as proof. All he did was to show snapshots of account balance, not even a glance of trade executions!

Fake Demonstration Trade Tracker Pro Auto Binary Scam

Trade Tracker Pro’s website did not exist in January, as shown in the demonstration! Suspicious demonstration?

Trade Tracker Pro’s Conclusion

We conclude that Trade Tracker Pro is a scam binary options auto trading system! We strong advise viewers to stay way from this scam system that sells itself with unrealistic claims of $80,000 in a month from a $250, lack of evidence to support this exaggerated claims and narrator seems that he does not understand binary options trading well. Please do not believe the positive reviews that supports such an unrealistic claim. It is very unlikely with an auto trader to magically grow money from $250 to $80,000 so easily. Scam systems that has unrealistic claims is out there just to drain your money within a few days, sometimes worst, in hours!

Verdict: Trade Tracker Pro is a SCAM!

Binary Options industry is indeed flooding with many scams especially related to auto trading systems! However, there are reliable system that can in fact generate profits for you which we are also interested in. So, do not be discouraged by scams that you find online but rather do more research before investing your money! Please do SUBSCRIBE to our FREE daily scam and binary options trusted system newsletters to keep yourself updated!

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