Trade Center Pro Review – Poor $500 a Day SCAM REVEALED!

Trade Center Pro Scam Review

Trade Center Pro is an emerging auto trading software dealing with cryptocurrency asset class this February 2018! However, shortly after coming up, it already generates negative feedback among traders. Hence, this review will be an important report exposing their phony aspects and most important warning of a lousy trading signal. Thus, causing Trade Center Pro members unable to make a single profit from using this service.

Due to some of our readers’ request, we look into to determine whether is it worth their investment. Our research has later confirmed that Trade Center Pro scam can’t be relied upon. Its’ cryptocurrency trading ability is far from being reliable to any crypto trading enthusiast to trade with.

In addition to that, there are many traders using the Trade Center Pro software ends up sending in their complaints. So, we strongly believe TradeCenterPro is just another scam that scammers develop to waste traders’ money. Even though online trading itself is not a bad thing, scammers took advantage to make low quality trading software to steal money from traders.

Especially when this scam intention is to mislead viewers with their minimum 30% profits per day. Before investing into Trade Center Pro, please read our review as we are sharing details which are actually false!

Trade Center Pro Review – Lousy Scam!

Just by taking a quick look at their website, some may conclude that Trade Center Pro Software may not be a reputable online trading software. Or at least not the one that is able to actually earn profits for its’ users.

Honestly, there’s no part of the website that expresses good reliability or a good example of the trading result. Which is why we seriously doubt their claim of earning $350 to $500 per day is actually true.

Then we ask ourselves how are we suppose to place our trust with this cryptocurrency trading app? It is essentially a sneaky scam attempt where Trade Center Pro scam expects us to blindly trust them. At the same time claiming we can be masters of crypto investors. But the question is how? There’s no further explanation for that.

Furthermore, their appearance has quite a distinct characteristic similar to other scams we exposed in the past. Such as Bitcoin Bonanza & Crypto Virtnext. It’s a huge chance that traders will be losing their money just like a typical scam results.

Poor Trade Center Pro Result

The main reason we’re disclosing this scam is that of day traders’ feedback. Mainly due to poor performances and frustration from traders. Whereby we hear Trade Center Pro Software is performing below average in the markets.

Unfortunately, these victims that joined this trading system didn’t have any clue. They informed us that TradeCenterPro doesn’t provide good quality trading signals within the cryptocurrency. Thus, it’s no surprise that this scam winning rate is not enough to actually make profits for their users.

Hearing this reason is enough for us to warn our readers about this fraudulent trading software. Nevertheless, there are far more disturbing elements within this scam which you need to know! Check them out below!

Fake Trade Center Pro Review

Trade Center Pro Result

Besides, not knowing who is behind this Trade Center Pro, such as the company name or founder it’s really suspicious. Worst of all, it is not surprising that the scammers use fake reviews to support their false claims of earning daily profits. We detected that these fake Trade Center Pro Reviews are actually fake coming from people that don’t exist. Interestingly, they say if we deposit $1000 or more, our profits will be larger. But we still are unable to find a single reliable or positive testimonies at all.

We examined their February successful members that makes thousands each day at the bottom. However, we also found that there is no solid proof of actual trade executions or any real success. In fact, every single phony claim on their website is not trustworthy feedback on Trade Center Pro.

The only positive feedback you’ll ever find resides within itself. Unfortunately, the images on the members don’t belong to actual account. They are completely bogus and stock photos were stolen from other websites. Mostly unrelated to trading itself.

Let’s think about it for a second, if the testimonials are real, why wouldn’t they include real trade history or member testimonials? Simply because of their poor performance, they can’t really show a single good result!

Trade Center Pro Unrealistic Winrate?

Those that have mistakenly joined Trade Center Pro regretted their decision simply because they can’t perform or execute quality trades. Based on their website, the winning average is 96% of all their trades. From a traders perspective, obviously, it would have been great to achieve such a success rate. However, as we can see from our evidence, these are simply false claim trying to manipulate viewers to join their system.

In reality, once the member deposit into Trade Center Pro, they would at most achieve a 40% win rate which is not enough to sustain a trading account in the long term. These stats are really bad and Trade Center Pro victims would have traded better elsewhere.

Joining Trade Center Pro

Based on my observation, the only good thing I can see from Trade Center Pro is the ability to choose brokers. These would have been a good feature for many traders to visually select their preferred broker based on their location. However, it is useless to have good brokers without a good trading system that accompanies it. You will be losing your money to Trade Center Pro Software regardless of which broker you choose.

Conclusion: Trade Center Pro is a SCAM containing false success rate and proof of success. There is a copy version of this scam under another brand already attempting to source for more victim! Under the FAQ, we see another Scam named Coin Bot Lab which is likely to be connected to this scam trading software!

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