Thousand Dollar Days Scam Review! $1,000 Everyday Guaranteed?

Thousand Dollar Days is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Thousand Dollar Days before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Thousand Dollar Days is a scam binary options auto trader that was released in February 2015 and it is resurfacing yet again in February 2016. This system is attempting to market itself yet again with it’s selling point of “Making $1,000 every single day”. Thus we hope that this review gets viral enough to prevent viewers from losing their money and be disappointed with the realistic results. There is no such thing as a guaranteed daily profits especially in binary options trading! Although this system does not promise it’s viewers that it can make them a millionaire, promising $1,000 daily is also equally deceiving as the previous claims! Apart from that, the webpage is lurking with scam-like aspects which we are going to review in this review!

What is Thousand Dollar Days Auto Trading System?

This is a binary options auto trading system which is founded and created by David Sampson, whom had gather a group of 5 experienced traders and decided to make $1,000 daily profits. He claims that they have been running for 5 years and they have been able to generate a consistent $1,000 profit every single day! That my friend, is a very unrealistic claim, even for the best traders in the world, there is no way that there is not even a day of losing profit within 5 years. Nevertheless, David attempts to convince us that Thousand Dollar Days is sync with their master server based in London where he and his current team of 25 traders would work daily towards a minimum of $1,000 every single day. He then offers the opportunity to the public to copy their trades and earn profits based on their executable trades! Of course this is an auto trading system where the trade execution is claimed to be sync with their system so users would only need to switch the system on while watching the profits come in. All this is offered for free in the first 30 days, and in order to continue their services, users will need to donate the least profitable day amount to the Thousand Dollar Days. Generally, the claim of making $1,000 is already unrealistic, but we have also identified other scam-like aspects that appears highly suspicious. Please continue reading for more information!

Thousand Dollar Day’s Scam Landing Page

The landing page is relatively simple with a only a video and registration form to ask for your email. Apart from that, top and bottom banner sells their unrealistic claims which states “Make a GUARANTEED minimum $1,000 per day in wherever you are” and “Consecutive $1,000 Trading Days: 2216”. First of all, the video presentation mentioned that they have been operating for 5 years and $1,000 daily ever since. So 365 days x 5 years = 1825 days. The only perspective that the would make the number match is that the company have been operating for 6 years. That would have make sense since this scam system was initially released on February last year. But that does not fact that $1,000 every single day is highly unrealistic especially with a minimum deposit of $250. Imagine on the first day, the auto trader would need to make 300% profit from your initial deposit. To be honest, we have not come across such an auto trading system! Not to say that it is mathematically impossible, but it will involve a very high risk of high trade investment, with a chance of losing majority of your funds in just one or two losing trades. Remember guys, there is no such thing as Guaranteed profits in trading!

Bogus Founder, David Sampson and Thousand Dollar Days Team!

Of course whenever a voice narrator presents a binary options auto trading system, we’ll be a little skeptical especially when the narrator claims that he himself is the founder. So who is David Sampson? We have attempted to confirm the existence of David as well as his team of traders for Thousand Dollar Days. However, we are unable to verify his existence or Thousand Dollar Days in the internet. Why can’t we find any details if their services have been running for more than 5 years and claims that they have happy customers already? I guess simply because they are fabricated stories and character to represent this scam system.

The members area shows a short introduction on who David Sampson is which is also fake! The photo used to represent David is in fact a famous figure named Gediminas Ziemelis, a businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist and business consultant. This is truly a poor attempt by the scam producer to actually use a picture of famous entrepreneur and replace his name to represent their own system! Since the head trader for this scam system is already fake, we can safely assume that the team of professional and regulated trader is also fake! Apart from that, there is no information of where their physical office is in London as well. Should the trading activity is really regulated, we should be able to find their company details in the registry which we are unable to source and verify as well. Be wary of this bogus character guys!

Thousand Dollar Days fake Founder David Sampson

Fake Founder, David Sampson, is actually a famous entrepreneur/businessman!

Meaningless Thousand Dollar Days Registration Timer and Fake Trade History

Thousand Dollar Days also employs the famous scam-like “timer before registration closes” tactic in the members area. As usual, we always advise our viewers that these timers are actually meaningless and pay no mind to such timers. Viewers will certainly be able to register as long as the website is still up. Judging by this case, this scam system has been up since February 2015 and the timer has been continuously counting down ever since. Guess the “limited spot” is still available after one year? The only reason the website will go down is because there is too many negative reviews and the scammer decided to put a stop to their scam efforts.

Additionally, the trade history attached in the members area is also fabricated and can not actually be a true trading history! The reason is simple, because based on the trade history, there are trading activities happening during the weekends! Market closes on the weekend guys, NO TRADING activities! This clearly shows that the trade history is also fake!

Thousand Dollar Days Fake Trade Histories

Fake Trade History! Trade activities on Sundays? Market closes on Sunday guys!

Thousand Dollar Days’ Conclusion

We hereby conclude that Thousand Dollar Days is a SCAM binary options auto trading system! Please stay away from this system because they are employing various typical scam tactic such as fake founders David Sampson, fake trade histories and unrealistic claims of making $1,000 every day for 5 years. Binary Options can indeed generate a reasonable profits for it’s users with the right strategy, signal providers and software! Please do not be discouraged by these type of scams and do some research before investing! Realistic profits is up to the knowledge you collect for yourself and getting reliable services to help increase your chance of success!

Verdict: Thousand Dollar Days is a SCAM!

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