The Trader App, Brian Wren’s SCAM! Review!

Is The Trader App a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Software? Is Brian Wren Honest?

It has come to our attention that there is a new Automated Trading Software named The Trader App, by Brian Wren! We have received several requests on reviewing this auto trading software from our loyal readers asking about its legitimacy. Our first impression of The Trader is probably pretty genuine and honest. HOWEVER, with a deeper investigation and closer scrutiny, we find that Brian Wren doesn’t mean exactly what he says. His innocent outlook, presentation, and speech are quickly vanishes as we expose his manipulative details in The Trader App. Do spare some time to read this article before risking your money into this software!

Truth Behind Brian Wren’s Deceptive Outlook!

One thing that bothers us the most is that Brian claims to be hating other scam software that adapts the typical scam aspects. Such as being a millionaire quick, etc. He also puts in the effort to put a price of 1% of winnings as a price to appear like a legit software! BUT, his true nature is reveal when he clearly contradicts himself quite a number of times in the presentation. For instances, Brian attempts to appear like a legit person by expressing hate towards “profit promises software” that claims unreal winnings. However, as soon as you attempt to close the web page, a Pop-Up appears informing us that we’re missing a $50,000/week Free Software!

Thus, the 1% commission actually doesn’t matter in the first place and Brian actually declares The Trader Software as the $50,000 per week software! For this reason, Brian Wren clearly contradicts his offer previously. So, is The Trader App truly developed to win trades? Well, based on Brian’s explanation, The Trader App is made by combining 32 different robot/algorithm in which trades/signals will only be executed if 20 out of 32 algorithm points to the same asset/trade. He began explaining that he combined every single type of trading algorithm available in the market.

As cool as it sounds, we’re definitely skeptical about this claim where he explains that he combined all the previous 32 robots that he used previously. How can we expect this to work when he blatantly declared that all the auto traders he tried before were scams! Remember the annoying pop-up that appears when trying to close the web page? Brian says that not only he’s giving The Trader App for FREE (as he claims all SCAM software does this), he also offers $500 too. This is actually a dangerous BONUS TRAP which could impose additional terms onto your withdrawals!

What About Howard Davis & Website Review?

Upon taking a close look at Howard Davis, the renowned Reviewer, he appears to be just as bogus as Brian. The puzzling fact about Howard is that he doesn’t seem to have a website or any actual review website. Which doesn’t make any sense to not have his name appearing in our search since he supposedly is an experienced Reviewer? Also, his 18 years trading experience is also rather blurry as he shares inaccurate details about trading. Particularly trade execution of commodities and currency pairs to control risk is utter nonsense.

Although the trade demonstration is not as unrealistic as many of the scams out there, the fact that Howard himself is bogus makes it hard to verify credibility. The alarming aspect that we pinpoint is that “The Trader App Review Article” shown in the web page is FAKE! Based on the appearance of this made up article, the layout of the article resembles Tech Crunch dot com! Thus, obviously, the Trader App scammer attempts to seem like a legit startup by fabricating this made-up article!

The Trader Fake Review Article Howard Davis

Fake Testimonials Spotted at!

Lastly, the typical scam elements we see in scam software is the fake testimonies appearing in the web page! The beta tester testimonials are definitely constructed by attaching random picture online with random names. While identifying the scam elements above, it is not surprising to discover these fake testimonies as well.

The Trader App Fake Testimonials

The Trader App Conclusion

With reference to the discoveries above, we can safely conclude that The Trader App is a SCAM auto trading software! Neither Brian Wren nor Howard Davis is an authentic character with honest input. As their statements in the presentation contradicts itself and doesn’t make proper sense with regards to actual trading. The fake review site and testimonials further add into our skepticism about The Trader App’s genuine intention. Furthermore, the unethical bonus trap set-up for this falsely $50,000 a week software is yet another warning sign that Brian is just another Con-man! Stay Away from The Trader App!

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Deepest thanks for taking the time to understand our “The Trader App” Scam Review and we hope this serves as a vital warning. The heavy influx of scams is indeed a discouraging situation for both traders as well as the binary options industry. Binary Trading is, in reality, a good way to earn money online! Please do not get discouraged by these fraudulent apps! Hence, we have compiled a list of SCAMS as a reference in order to avoid phony software. Our Recommended Signals Software  could also help to perform better investment decisions. Also, if you are interested in trading manually or learn how to trade on your own, please do so in a FREE DEMO account first!

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