Terran Capital Scam Review! Best Algo-Trading Software?

Terran Capital Auto Trading Signal Scam Review

Is Terran Capital a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trader? Best Algo-Trading Company in the World?

CAUTION: Terran Capital is gaining attention by storm and inviting traders to invest for a great returns at terrancapital.co. This automated trading system offers a in-depth description about Terran Capital offering the best performing automated algo-trading software. It’s essential to understand the this review before making any investment. Scam-artists do go all the way in order to lure inexperienced traders’ money by any means necessary. Our Blacklist can exhibit the vast amount of fraudulent trading app as compared to the trustworthy ones.

Terran Capital establishes itself as “the best algorithmic trading company globallay” with a GUARANTEED $900 daily profits. This is because Terran Capital is responsible for 49% of the global algo-trading’s transactions. The video presentation reveals that this establishment has been operating for the past 11 years under the leadership of Susan Carter. Susan is the alleged CEO of this trading company which focuses on developing trading software. The unidentified presenter also admits that Terran Capital Trading Software has an accuracy of 96.6%. Successes from this app has contributed to their $870 billions to date while generating about 4,000 members and shareholders. Obviously Terran Capital seems to be a great proposition, however, our investigation reports otherwise!

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Is Terran Capital Trading for REAL?

The first step to understand an offer/deal is to look into the information available. Even though Terran Capital resembles an awesome trading company, our research fails to verify it’s existence. For this reason alone, it’s very concerning to learn that the presenter has shared make-believe stories filled with “outstanding details”. Although we are quite certain that High Frequency Trading (HFT) uses algo-trading in conventional buy/sell trading, it’s not applicable to binary options. It’s not surprising that the bogus presenter didn’t mentioned ‘binary options’ in this offer purely due to the latter reason.

Apart from that, there is no formal records of Terran Capital as an registered trading company. It’s extremely odd to not find any details from any countries’ business registry especially when it’s in business for 11 years! Not to mentioned that it claims to have shareholders, board of directors and revenue of billions of dollars! Hence, the only hypothesis would be everything told are fictitious! No actual Susan Carter, No Terran Capital, and No actual company!

Terran Capital Software’s Exaggerating Performance!

Let’s be real, a 96.6% accuracy is absolutely impossible!As much  as the video presentation attempts to back-up their claim by showing snapshots of accounts, it doesn’t show important details. There were no trade histories to support their nonsensical winning accuracy as it’s not achievable even by the world’s best trader. Instead of generating “financial freedom” as stated in the video, innocent traders whom invested in this system reported it to be a financial burden! This newly launched trading app is already accumulating negative feedback due to it’s poor performance in a matter of days.

Fake Testimonials and Fabricated News!

A simple who.is research reveals that terrancapital.co was only recently created in June 2016. This disprove the “success stories” or testimonials of users making profits during past months! It’s impossible to have used Terran Capital profit system when it has yet to come online! Additionally, there isn’t any other verifiable source of proof for us substantiate any profitable stories in the presentation. It’s fluky to NOT have any article or sources especially when Terran Capital Software has generated “billions of dollars” plus helped it’s members to profit hundreds thousands of dollars!

The testimonials found are dated back all the way back in 2014 when Terran Capital doesn’t exist! Plus, fraud-maker includes several articles from major new companies like CNBC, Reuters, CNN Money, etc. Yet, these articles are not in any of these databases!

Terran Capital Fake Testimonials & News

Don’t Invest in Terran Capital Trading App!

Investigation results above leads to certain distrustful feeling regarding this offer. Such deceitful strategies are in fact common among phony trading apps designed by scammers aiming for immediate registration! Naturally, such phenomenon gives a bad reputation when truthfully it doesn’t benefit the industry itself. These selfish liars include fake countdown timers as backing to their “limited 500 spots only” which obviously doesn’t even matter. You will be able to register even when the timer reaches zero or the clock resets itself on the next visit! Fraud tactics such as these are noticeable in most of our Blacklisted auto trader as well!

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Terran Capital Conclusion

Based on the crafty gambit reported above, we conclude that Terran Capital is a SCAM auto trader! The unrealistic profits claims of Guaranteed $900/day, existence of Terran Capital as a legit establishment as well as invented testimonies/article deems this auto trading system as  untrustworthy! This auto trader clearly aims to camouflage itself with stellar performance fantasy with zero authenticity! DO NOT invest in this system!

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  1. Lisa

    Hi Sentinel, I have recently invested into Terran Capital with $250 and it’s been losing ever since. it’s really frustrating and disappointing to see such a results and the account manager from the broker keeps on calling me to add in additional funds which he claims to be able to profit much more.

    What should I do? Any advise would be much appreciated.

    1. Binary Options Sentinel (Post author)

      Hi Lisa,

      We strongly advise NOT to add in anymore funds into your account as this software is just going to throw your money away!
      Please do withdraw your remaining funds and gain additional knowledge before going ahead with your next venture.
      Feel free to email us at binaryoptions.sentinel@gmail.com should there be any other queries. Good luck!

  2. Alex

    Thank you for your good work Sentinel. Is Neo2 or Crunch Tech any good? How much do I need to Join??


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