Tera App Review – Richard SCAM Money Evidence Revealed!

Tera App Scam Review

Is Tera App a SCAM or Good Trading Software?

Tera App by Richard Heffner publicizes a $20,000 profit on the first day and $440,000 monthly income to my inbox very recently. And if you are completely new to the industry, be warned! If you are seeking for a legit way of making some money online, Tera App Trading Software is not the way to go! Even among trading systems, Tera App scam belongs to the group of “Get Rich Quick” hoaxes borrowing low-quality trading algorithm. More importantly, it is a comeback effort scammers developed after countless warning reviews posted on the internet about them previously! Please read our Tera App Review before investing!

Tera App Website: Teraapp.co

One essential concept you’ll need to know about online binary trading is that many scams possess similar traits to the Tera App. When a deal promotes itself by promising $20,000 per day income for life, only with a low deposit of $250, it’s definitely too good to be true. An experienced trader realistic expectation in binary trading can earn up to $100 per day or 10%-30% account growth per day. Although trading software is common tools people employ due to their busy schedule to earn some income online, you’ve got to be careful with the chosen tool. Read below for scam evidence!

Why is Tera App a SCAM?

To be honest, we immediately Blacklist Terapp.co the moment we took a quick glance at the website! Why? Richard Heffner, the alleged CEO of Tera App is basically a scam actor we exposed previously. To make things worst, this exact offer is a resurrection of old frauds we warn traders about. Viewers can easily notice that the presentation video actually labels Terabit Traders at the top right corner revealing an important detail. Brands like Terabit Trader, Safe Guard Trader, and GPS Traders are using the same scam actor too. Hence, it is clearly a resurrection of series of old scams with no bad quality trading capabilities.

Secondly, our investigation reveals lack misleading details on their website as well. There are no verifiable proof or genuine demonstration about the Tera App Software’s 93% accuracy rate. Especially when the video originates from the Terabit Trader Scam. A Scam which we received a high number of complaints about low winning rate is a strong warning sign. No actual traders earned $20,000 on the first day of using the Tera App system nor it is a realistic goal to set even for pro traders. We also found that the testimonies are fake profiles that use random pictures online.

Another element that convince us that Tera App is a comeback scam lies within the FAQ section. Based on some of the questions and answers, viewers will notice that the questionnaires quote another software name, Wonder Click App. That is basically a scam system that came about back in 2015 that lies about their capabilities. Considering these findings, it is indisputable that Tera App associates itself with past scams aiming to lose their client’s money!

Tera App Richard Heffner

Realistic Expectation from Trading Binary?

For the benefit of newbie traders, you may ask how much can we earn in binary trading in reality? Well, it really depends on how the trader chooses to execute his trades and his strategies. Typically, we can say 10% to 20% growth is an ideal daily goal for any account. For example, a $100 to $200 daily profit from a $1,000 account is definitely a good enough achievement. Nevertheless, we’re not saying doubling up your account in a day is mathematically impossible, but it will definitely over expose your account to more risk.

But can Tera App make a $20,000 a day with 90% accuracy win rate? Unfortunately, our experience in trading has not shown us any real evidence to support these unrealistic claims. These are merely false promises scams normally use to entice newbie traders to trade with their low-quality Tera App. All of our Recommended Trading software (tested with real deposit) can achieve at about 70% to 80% (at best) accuracy in the long term. Which is proven better than Tera App scam and capable of earning us some profits over the long run!

Tera App Review Conclusion

In reference to the evidence above, we can safely conclude Tera App is a SCAM! It’s not worth your money to be invested into a recurring scam that obviously has no intention to generate you profits. On top of that, the scam designers simply slap their predecessor frauds! Rebranding them into a new name hoping to lure more innocent traders into their money sucking agenda with false promises. Users will not make $20,000 per day but rather lose their account within a short time! Stay away from Tera App SCAM!

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Best Beginner Starter Pack to Trade Profitably!

There are several ways traders approaches their journey in earning some money via binary trading! Beginners can either do Manual Trading whereby you execute the trades by yourself while referring to a Trading Signal Software/Community or use an Auto Trader. Or even do both. Thus, you have to be clear on how much time you can spend on this venture before choosing either Auto/Manual trading.

To further facilitate our readers, we compiled the best services/software for you guys below. Some provide a FREE Demo Account upon registration as well! So you can be free to test the system out with virtual money before risking real money. It is ADVISABLE to Register for All THREE to have a feel of what it is like to help decide on which approach you should go with!

3 Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

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