TauriBot a Legit Auto Trader? Is it Legit or a SCAM?

Is TauriBot a Legit Auto Trader? Is it Legit or a SCAM?

Please read our honest review on this new binary options auto trading system!

TauriBot Best Binary Options Signals

The TauriBot is a newly launched binary options auto trading system that has a rather proper and clean outlook in terms of it’s marketing. We are unable to identify obvious scam-like elements that lead us to believe that Tauribot is serious in terms of their product and what they have to offer to traders. Dr. Steven Archer of Chicago University is the developer of Tauribot  has been working on a high performance auto trading software for a good 5 years. However, he was unable to solve the important mathematical equation that is essential to the auto trading software, where without it, the auto trader will not be able to function to its intended performance. Hence, after 5 years of effort by Dr. Steven and his team of researcher, Dr. Steven decided to source for answers via other mathematician where he came across a genius 15 years old boy named Ian Tauraski. Ian is known to be autistic but he has great mathematical abilities where he was able to solve Dr. Stephen’s complex mathematical equation. Due to Ian’s achievement, Dr. Steven decided to name the complex mathematical equation after Ian Tauraski which we hear from the presentation video, the Tauri equation algorithm. We have collected feedback from traders and reviewers in the industry and we are glad to announce that TauriBot is not a SCAM binary options auto trading system. Although the ITM% is not as high as 92% as claimed in the video, but the results is still an impressive 85% ITM!

To be honest, the presentation video is rather unique to majority of the binary options auto trading software where it markets itself in a professional manner. Unlike many binary options scam sites, we do not find the usual scam-like elements in their website like Fiverr actors testimonials, fake trade histories and meaningless countdown widget for spots left. The competition for binary options auto trading software is very high at the moment with many new system being released every week, the Tauribot do not promise to make it’s trader a millionaire overnight like many scam systems out there. Although that the system did not achieve the 92% ITM as claimed, we believe that the 85% is a very good success rate that can be very profitable!

The Tauribot is a fully automated system and it has a simple interface where non-experienced traders can also use this system to earn some profits in binary options. Anyone whom is able to register for binary options legally can trade through Tauribot with ease. As usual, Tauribot is available for FREE and is ready to earn profits as soon as an initial deposit (minimum of $250) is made in your trading account. Based on feedback of various reviewer so far, we believe that this auto trader works with Titan Trade and GT Options as of this moment. Both mentioned brokers has good reputation and we should not expect problems in withdrawals as long as the verification documents are already sent.

It’s good to watch a presentation video that does not employ the typical scam-like elements such as fake trade history, fabricated characters by using stock photos and voice narrators, and over-promising claims of being a millionaire by using this program. The website itself is a very simple and clean website, despite that, we agree that it is much better than all the scam websites available. The brokers that work with Tauribot are also brokers that has good reputation in the industry, as such we believe that it is worth to try Tauribot and it is not just another SCAM auto trader. Binary Options Sentinel is going to keep sourcing for new feedback and reviews from other traders on Tauribot and shall post updates on it’s performance. In the mean time, should there be any traders that is interested to try the Tauribot or has already tried it, please feel free to leave your comments or email us your feedback at binaryoptions.sentinel@gmail.com. Share the love everybody! Good luck and trade safe!

Verdict: The Tauribot’s performance is decreasing, not recommended!

Updates (February 2016): We have received feedback from users that Tauribot is no longer performing as well as the early test soon after the launch. Right now, the system is just looking trading at about 65% to 70% ITM/accuracy. Hence, 2016 is not really a strong year for Tauribot. We strongly suggest our readers to look into the current favorite auto trader below or at our Trusted Binary Options Signals page!

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