Sydney System Scam Review! Watch out Australians/Canadians!

The Sydney System is a SCAM Review!

Sydney System (Website: is a dangerous scam that is targeting Australians that interested in making “fast” cash online and we have received some feedback where individuals received spam emails to promote this system. Jack Flynn has also sent to our Canadian friends while having a separate domain that offers the exact same scam system at That is why Binary Options Sentinel hopes to reach as many viewers from these two countries to prevent this scam from stealing innocent people’s money. This Auto Trader will not be able to make you profits but rather it is designed to intentionally drain your money as soon as you let it place trades for you.

Sydney System and Toronto System is presented by a bogus characters named Jack Flynn and also an alleged creator, Robert Hockton. It is clear to us that the presentation video and the story on the webpage is not aligned well because there is no mentioned about Robert in the video at all. But rather the presentation most used phrase is “make tens of thousands of dollars in the next few days, hundred of thousands of dollars in the coming months, and becoming a millionaire in months”. It is rather obvious that this presentation only focuses on “getting rich real quick” which very often leads to “getting broke quicker” situation! Please read our following scam-like behaviors that is commonly found in other scam systems!

What is SCAM-like about Sydney System/Toronto System?

Both Sydney System and Toronto System are newly created webpage (both in January and updated only in March 2016) but at the same time, we see claims of “users” becoming a millionaire already! Notice that the testimonials or “success stories” attached in the webpage claims to have used Sydney System or Toronto System “signed-up” in November 2015 to January 2016! Well, in cases where users started within those stated month are highly unlikely because the webpages are not even registered/created yet! This can simply be proven by doing a basic research on these two domains! The point of these two domains are really simple, that is two scam newcomers from Australia or Canada that has no experience in binary options trading! The strategy employed is the common scam tactic which is the “Get Rich Quick” or “become a millionaire in a few months”.

Jack Flynn’s opening statement saying that he will give $10,000 out of his own pocket should this scam system fails is also another fake claim! There is no way to guarantee that simply because Jack Flynn is a bogus character! There is no way to verify his existence and there is no personal contact details should we like to claim that from him. It is highly suspicious indeed for someone that claims ownership to a system but there is no methods to actually claim the $10,000! The Contact Us tab does not work too! The email address specified under that contact us tab is just “”! That is definitely NOT an email address! This just shows that we have no way of getting that $10,000 but just to kiss our money good bye if we believe Jack Flynn’s words/promises!

Another important thing to note is that Jack and his testimonials claims that they become a millionaire within a few months from an initial investment of $250 just by using Sydney System or Toronto System! That is very unrealistic profit level to expect from binary options trading, especially from an auto trading system! We see this type of claims in many other scam system like Ninja Profits System and Elite Millionaire Society! In reality, such systems will just drain your initial deposit and leave you disappointed! It is because of such scam systems that tarnishes the binary options industry name when trading in this industry is actually profitable with the right set of tools! Individuals that is interested in binary options trading definitely need to go through our “Trusted Broker” and “Trusted Signals Services” for a second opinion before depositing funds into any binary options related services! However, earning tens of thousands in days is definitely unrealistic and viewers need to beware of such claims!

The testimonials used to support the Sydney System scam and Toronto System scam are fake as well. Just by doing a simple Google Image search, we figured that the testimonials are simply fabricated by putting a random name with random pictures taken from the internet! As mentioned previously the timeline to their “registration” is also fake so this proves that it is definitely not trustworthy. Same can be said on the social media feed that is programmed to generate a fixed loop of comments every minute. It is definitely not a live news feed but rather a programmed/stored set of comments! Plus, the video testimonials we see in the video are actually paid actors that will pretty much say anything for $5! Some of the faces there are rather recognizable with other scam systems as well! Quite disappointing to know that the same actor supporting various scam systems!

Binary Options Auto Traders Scams!

We have reviewed many binary options auto trading scam systems that promises unrealistic accuracy and profits as well. Similar to Sydney System and Toronto System, these scams are meant to draw in newcomers by giving hopes that they can get rich so quick! Binary Options Sentinel definitely condemn such systems but we strongly believe that there are indeed systems that can indeed generate realistic profits for it’s users. Should you be interested in great binary option auto trading system, check out our Binary Options Signals page!

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Sydney System and Toronto System’s Conclusion!

We conclude that Sydney System and Toronto System is a SCAM binary options auto trading system! The system is nothing but a scam that promotes earning “tens of thousands within few days, hundred of thousands in the coming month, and becoming a millionaire in a few months”! While there is nothing solid to proof that claim, there are many fake evidence fabricated that is easily spotted too. Nothing is real and actually reliable about this system! As such, we strongly advise against depositing money into these systems!

Verdict: Sydney System and Toronto System is a SCAM!

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