Swarm Intelligence Review – SCAM Investigated by Traders!

Is Swarm Intelligence a SCAM or LEGIT Trading Software?

Swarm Intelligence Trading Software by Dr. Steven Francis a great trading software or just another fraud? Well, that’s the question we’re about to answer shortly in this Review. Our first impression on this offer is unlike many fraudulent trading apps out there which promote by fake claims and illogical methods. In fact, Swarm Intelligence Software definitely comes off as a genuine and rational with their presentation. There aren’t crazy millionaire fraud lies which we typically see in phony software in our blacklist too. Instead, Swarm Intelligence is a legit study/research that has already been used in making trading algorithm!

Official Registration Page: swarm-intelligence.co

What is Swarm Intelligence? It’s basically a new-age Artificial Intelligence (AI) discipline or even nature concerning of self-organizing process in swarm system. In simpler terms, it simply means a study of how a swarm ( a group of individuals) interacts based on behavioral rules. Obviously, Dr. Steven has mentioned, like ants colonies, a herd of animals or group of fish are a perfect example of a swarm. The success key and importance are to reach a decision/action as a group or swarm! Recently, there was also a study of how Swarm Intelligence System could also be used in trading the stock markets. To be exact, Particle Swarm Optimization a sub-group of Swarm Intelligence is population based stochastic optimization technique can be applied to binary options trading algorithm!

IMPORTANT UPDATE! 10th December 2016

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Dear readers, Swarm Intelligence App is no longer taking in anymore new registration as of 9th December 2016 onward. Should you have registered and have not deposited, please DO NOT deposit as it will not activate your account! On the other hands, successful users that has activated the Software, may continue using Swarm Intelligence for FREE..

It’s rather saddening that this offer is no longer available to other traders. Nevertheless CodeFibo Software is still performing and our recommended manual trading signal software! It performs as well as Swarm Intelligence Software and still generating profits!

Latest Test Results (4th December 2016)

Swarm Intelligence Software (SI Software) Review Summary

  • False or Illogical Trading Concept: No
  • Typical Spot Counters: No
  • Paid Actors: No
  • Unrealistic Profit Claims: No
  • Trading Methods: Genuine and Legit
  • Any Price: FREE (Requires an opening of trading account)
  • Performance: Good
  • Minimum Trade Size & Deposit: $25 per trade & $250 Minimum deposit

Is Swarm Intelligence Trading System a SCAM?

As we said earlier, the outlook from Swarm Intelligence is very respectable because there aren’t any scam elements. Very often observe hoax that tends to promotes their poor performing system by selling an impossible profits target. Especially claiming of making millions within a short period of time even with a minimum deposit. In contrast, Thomas Peter, the Co-Owner of SI Software, does advise traders on money management and transparent about a number of trades too. He shared the advice of using 5% of funds per trade as a proper money management technique.

That is absolutely true because risking too much would simply mean you’re gambling everything on one particular trade. Our experience also taught us that having good money management does ensure long-term consistency as well. As such, their presentation video is very informative and helpful too even for newbie traders. Absolutely rare to see such kind gestures by SwarmIntelligence software developers to offer in-depth and good trading advice.

Additionally, there isn’t any obvious fake testimonials or meaningless counters often pushing viewers to sign-up. We’re glad to not see such annoying and meaningless tactics by scammers to sell their lousy products. So Swarm Intelligence Software does appear very honest and down to earth in terms of delivering their products without lies!

Can Swarm Intelligence Software Work?

Definitely! The working mechanism behind this trading software is very impressive, to be honest! It is also being studied extensively on traders to produce highly optimal trading performances by producing better algorithm. That is our most important part as algorithms dictates the trading signals and at the ends determines traders’ profitability. Recent studies in August 2016 done by University of Lueneburg also supports the concept of “crowd intelligence in the context of investment decisions. Particularly stocks. Well, that’s just one of many different researches done by academic institutions. Also indicating that SI Software’s algorithm comes from a very deeply studied field!

SI Software Trading Results!

Results & Performance is an essential part and also a segment which we as traders would be most interested in. Due to the legitimacy of their presentation, we decided to take Swarm Intelligence Software into a test run! AND we’re loving the trading software already because it actually DELIVERS! We executed 10 trades and it gives us an amazing 9 wins out of 10! Hands down, one of the best testing sessions we’ve had in a while for a trading app. Swarm Intelligence Software trading platform offers trade signals/recommendation with a good accuracy as shown in our test run.

The great thing about the signal recommendations is that it provides a Call/Put suggestion as well as the expiry time suggestion too. So all we did was to execute trades based on what was given by the software. Easy right? The expiry time is in between 15 minutes to the end of an hour which is another indication of a good system. As compared to many poor performing software that focuses on 60 seconds trade with very risky chances of success. Thus, another great pointer to add for SI Software.

** We will be continuing our SI Software Performance Result Test regularly! Do SUBSCRIBE to our BLOG to stay tuned for latest updates**

Swarm Intelligence Software Conclusion!

We’re guessing the above findings provides sufficient details that Swarm Intelligence is NOT a SCAM! This software has an authentic trading method by applying SI into their algorithm with proven success. Our trade results shall also speak for themselves along with no scam-like tactics found on their website. For that, it’s no surprise to actually see their particle swarm optimization to provide PROFITABLE results for traders.

What Should I Do Next?

Click the Swarm Intelligence banner and fill up the registration form on the web page. There will be a second page which requires additional information such as your contact number and password. Please take note of the password because you will be needing it for Swarm Intelligence Login Page at swarm-intelligence.co/app/login. Also please use your official name because it is necessary for your account verification as well as bank transfer during withdrawals

If there is an error message popping up after you submit your details, it is probably an invalid phone number or invalid email address. Should you need assistance, please email us at binaryoptions.sentinel@gmail.com.

Do note that it is a necessary process for binary options brokers to ask for personal documents such as bank statements, credit card photo and personal identification. This is an obligation all brokers has to go through in compliance to their respective regulatory board. Additionally, it is also to ensure that you will have no problem withdrawing your funds in the future too. P/S: Pictures of your credit card needs to hide the first 12 numbers, and only showing the last 4 digits only. So please delete the necessary digits before submitting to the broker.

This should conclude our Swarm Intelligence Review! Remember! Please feel free to contact us if there is any question and we’ll be glad to help! Also, if you are new to binary options, Sign Up for a FREE Demo Account Here! Newbies can have some hands on experience to what is binary options before you even use Swarm Intelligence. Alternatively, if you think $25 per trade is a little too much to risk, you could always use Swarm Intelligence Software for its signal with another broker. You may execute trades on IQ Options which has a minimum $1 per trade!

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