Step 2 Wealth Review – SCAM S2W Group Proof Unfold!

Step 2 Wealth Scam Review

Is Step 2 Wealth Group a SCAM or Legit Auto Trading Software?

Step2Wealth also known as Step 2 Wealth Group (S2w Group) by Richard Williams shouts out a lucrative $10,000 daily income guarantees to its viewers. But of course, the huge question is whether can this auto trading software offered by a ‘secret group’ get you there? Or is their software capable of providing any profits at all? Before you decide to join this closely guarded group and hope to earn $3.6 million by end of year, please read our Step 2 Wealth Review before investing. It will be in your best interest to find out which offers truly has a chance in earning profits or its a pure ‘Get Rich Quick Fraud’.

Investigated Step 2 Wealth Official Website: or

Our loyal readers would notice that we inspects over 200 trading software to date and mostly ends up into our Blacklist. Reason being, scam artist takes advantage to sell poor performing trading algorithm and disguise it with “be a millionaire opportunities”. So the key to successful online money making or trading using software is to identify a genuine and profitable one. So, back to the subject matter of Richard Williams, alleged co-founder of Step 2 Wealth Group Software that earns its users $10,000 a day (average).

Step 2 Wealth Software is a SCAM! In reality, it makes empty promises and senseless claims of $10,000 per day profits that’s completely unrealistic! Check out our Step2Wealth Review as we unveil the fraudulent aspects!

Sneaky “Quick Millionaire” Deal?

First are foremost, we dare say that trading is an extremely fun method to generate some income via the internet. Recently many took advantage by investing via various types of financial instrument. Trading digital options, in this case is our subject topic due to its simplicity of profiting 70% to 85% of every single trade. Simply by investing into one of two outcome, Call Option or Put Option, as long as the price is higher or lower than the strike price, traders earn profit. However, scam-artist tarnishes the industry with low quality trading app while promises unrealistic millionaire promises. Which is what we’re seeing in Step 2 Wealth Software and its associated group.

It is essentially an auto trading software that executes trades on behalf of its owner. Although it’s not a new idea, such technology exist even among professional traders on Wall Street. BUT, Step 2 Wealth Software only aims to lure early investment from users and loses their money soon after! In this review, we will expose all the dishonest aspects! Truthfully, our review team receives unhappy traders sharing negative feedback regarding Step2Wealth actual trading performances too.

Who is Richard Williams and Step 2 Wealth Group (S2W Group)?

One of the common traits we see among frauds in our blacklist, scammers love to use voice narrators and sell impractical profits. If you honestly expect to earn $10,000 on the first day with a $250 deposit or even in the first month, it’s not going to happen. Our experience shows that it is possible to earn $100 per day or 10% to 30% account growth per day with legit trading methods or software. Definitely not a millionaire within 90 days!

Richard Williams is a fictitious character as well as Step 2 Wealth Group. Our research doesn’t seem to support any of the lies Richard says in the presentation video. For example, this secret group that makes millions in the past 4 years does not exist in the real world. We are unable to verify and hint of real success with this software. If this is truly a good product, we would have came across this software long time ago and tested this system. Nevertheless, the scam designer seems to be hiding behind an fake name with no legitimate service.

We can also comment the same about S2W Group in a manner that they are not professional account executives and financial analyst. The poor results speak for itself and there’s no way they have a total of 100 years of successful financial experience. Instead of a risk-free investment, Step2Wealth deceives viewers with false hope.  There’s no such thing as risk-free, only higher chance of success.

Fake Testimonials & Demonstration?

Just like the bogus co-founder of Step 2 Wealth, Richard Williams, we pinpointed actors in their success stories and testimonials. This automatically renders this software as dishonest and worst it is actually unreliable. We recognize these characters from a marketplace call where they offer their acting services as cheap as $5. All of which claims they made $10,000 on average per day but they are not providing genuine trade histories.

Step2Wealth Fake Testimonial

Speaking of trade histories, the demonstration provided by a user, Rachel, is also FAKE! After we examine the trade history, we can see a page full of Wins but there’s definitely something strange about it. It’s noticeable that scammers have edited their results probably by video editing method or some other methods. We can clearly see trades which aren’t suppose to be winning trades and return any profits. You can simply compare the entry price and expiry price where traders suppose to profit when expiry price is lower. Simply because all of the options are PUT Option. There’s 6 trades that supposedly LOSE trades!

S2W Demo Trades

As such, readers should not trust Step 2 Wealth story of success! – Check out our Recommended Software as we deposited and tested them to verify their legitimacy!

Step 2 Wealth Review Verdict!

Comparing the details above, it is obvious that Step 2 Wealth Group is a fraudulent scam deal with no authentic intention in providing good performance. Please stay away from Step 2 Wealth Scam due to their false promises and misguided trading achievement! You would be better off trading on your own or with the help of legit trading software/tools.

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3 Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

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If you are completely new, do try out a FREE Demo Account and place a few trades! Practicing a trading method through a demo is highly recommended before you commit real money to it. Also, if you need assistance in kicking off your trading journey, please feel free to contact us at We shall be happy to give you advice on trading method/strategies.

Alternatively, if you do not have time to be at your desk studying charts, you can opt for a LEGIT Auto Trading Software! 🙂

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