Stark Trading System is a SCAM Review! LEGIT or SCAM?

Stark Trading System is a SCAM Review!

Stark Trading System SCAM Methods!

Stark Trading System is a scam binary options auto trading system that was launched on 1st February 2016 which called itself a Million Dollar gift! Binary Options Sentinel is not a huge fan of trading systems that calls themselves million dollars generator because very often it leads to an unrealistic expectation and heart break. There is no such thing as a trading system that can guarantee a huge amount of profits especially in a short period of time. In the case of Start Trading System, we are listening to claims of earning on average $8,000 a day and the impression of being a millionaire within the first year of using this system. As quoted by the narrator, it would be $8,000 x 365 days = $2,920,000 a year. We strongly advise not that take this claim seriously because it is definitely unrealistic especially in binary options trading or even conventional trading. Binary options trading can indeed profits for it’s traders consistently but it requires a system that works and also knowledge in trading to increase the traders chances of more consistent results. It is because of scam programs like Stark Trading System that over-promises their users which results into disappointment and possibly loss of money.

Stark Trading System’s presentation video does not offer any information about how the software works or in depth details about it’s development. The narrator, introduced himself as Richard Paul, mentioned that he was an average guy with average annual income and Stark Trading System has changed his like because he is able to earn an average of $8,000 per day. Richard spent most of his time telling people that the software is available for free only for 50 people and tries to push viewers to sign up immediately. Which is a typical scam-like aspect from scam websites where the presenter tries to create a sense of urgency by claiming that the viewer has stumbled upon an extremely rare opportunity that will be gone in the next hour/days. In our review process for all these scam websites, it is 100% not true! These websites will still definitely be up and running unless the website was shut down due to large amount of negative reviews on the system! Hence, Stark Trading System is no different from these scam websites.

Stark Trading System not only offers little information on the software of how it works apart from selling the potential earning of $8,000 per day which we highly doubt it will come true. The members page also employs the typical scam-like aspect of a “countdown timer before the offers expire”! Richard pushes for viewers to sign up before the countdown timer reaches zero and if it reaches zero, the viewer will be pushed back into the mysterious “Queue list”. It is very easy to disprove this claim because when the timer actually reaches zero, the page did not refresh! But instead, the countdown timer refreshes back to 8 minutes. So much for getting back into a queue list. This itself totally invalidates the claimed “special opportunity” by Richard Paul since the offer seems to be available always!

Apart from having unrealistic, over-promising claims of profits, meaning countdown timer and a falsely claimed “special opportunity” for the viewers, Start Trading Systems seems to be working with binary options brokers that is either unknown or scam brokers. According to the demo video, in the members page, Stark Trading System syncs with Options FM, which calls themselves a boutique binary options broker. This binary options broker is very new and it may be risky depositing funds with them as their reputation is not well established at the moment. Additionally, this auto trading system also syncs with Big Options, a notorious binary options brokers that have been in trouble with a few authorities. The FSC and AMF regulatory authorities issues warning of Big Options and it’s owner Big Market is known to be a shady broker. They have been known to have many fake virtual address and many complaints can be found on the internet for withdrawals complication for traders! This broker just aims to take your money with no intention of returning any to you!

As if working with shady broker is the worst, Stark Trading System’s narrator, Richard Paul, will give a “Welcome” speech upon signing up and he shares with the viewer that this powerful system works with a powerful broker! Which we already revealed that this systems indeed works with a “powerful” scam broker! He claims that by join Stark Trading System, traders are able to double their funds immediately upon depositing the initial funds. This is simply a bonus offer that most binary options brokers offer! Traders that is not aware about the withdrawal terms and conditions that comes with accepting bonus will definitely be shocked and disappointed when it comes to withdrawals. Traders have to be aware that by accepting bonuses from binary options brokers will impose additional terms and conditions to your withdrawal process. Whereby traders will need to reach a high trading volume before being able to withdraw your funds. Please take note of this important warning before believing that the “powerful broker” doubled your initial investment is a blessing! It is clearly not and we strongly advise traders to not take on bonuses!

Stark Trading System’s Conclusion

As such, we conclude that Stark Trading System is a scam binary options auto trading software due to it’s unrealistic claim of profits, meaningless “special opportunity” strategy to lure sign ups, syncing with shady binary options brokers and luring members to take up bonuses which will ultimately only be a disadvantage to traders! Please do not invest money into this binary options auto trading system! There are more reliable binary options auto trading software availlble such as the Centument, Mike Auto Trader, and Virtnext! Do check out our list of Binary Options Signal for a list of other reliable auto trading systems that is able to generate profits! Please feel free to connect to us via Facebook at Binary Options Sentinel or drop us an email should there be any queries! Good luck and trade safe!

Verdict: Stark Trading System is a SCAM!

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