Social Trader Scam Review! Harness 6.5 million Traders’ Signal!

Social Trader Auto Binary Signal Scam Review

Social Trader by Jonathan Cooper Scam Review

Social Trader is a newly launched binary options auto trading system that is based on “Social Trading” and based on past experiences, there are indeed scams that are based on “copying professional traders”. However, before we complete label Social Trader as a scam, we’ll look into other aspects of the offer and other information available. Social Trader’s CEO, Jonathan Cooper, claims that this system is harnessing the power of social media to gain access to professional traders. 8.5 million traders he says. Social Trader then will automatically select the best performing trader and copies their trade execution all in a matter of split seconds. We admit that there webpage does look quite neat and clean unlike many low quality produced scam websites. However, there a few concerning red flags which we are concerned about and steals away some level of confidence in Social Trader. Please continue reading our review for more information below.

Social Trader’s Suspicious Details

Let’s start with the hook phrase for Social Trader, “If you think that two heads is better than one, how about 8.5 million heads thinking together”. First of all, scanning through the social media for trade executions does not seem quite logical simply because social media does not really reveal trading information, right? Besides, 8.5 million active traders also do not sound right as well, does the expert traders know that their trade are being copied? It simply does not sound logical that a system can actually find out how a trader trades exactly through social media. Traders do not really share accurate trading signals through social media! So harnessing trading signals through that method just doesn’t seem right.

Another concerning claims that was mentioned in the presentation video is that users are able to generate $3,200 a day from Social Trader. The amount that users can earn from binary options tradings truly varies depending on the days. So it is very unrealistic to actually claim that the system can generate a high amount of $3,200 from a $250 initial deposit. That is definitely impossible even for the best auto trader in the world or even the best human trader in the world!

The alleged creator, Jonathan Cooper, claims that there is only 15 copies left up for grabs and like many scam systems this is simply a tactic to get viewers to sign-up on the spot. There is definitely no rush and we encourage viewers to not believe that there is just 15 spots left. There is no valid reason for Social Trader to only be available for only 15 people when they have recently released and looking for traders.

Social Trader Fabricated CEO, Jonathan Copper

We found that Jonathan Copper is a fabricated character to represent Social Trader. He is simple a voice narrator that claims himself to be Jonathan and he represents himself with a stock photo which is being used in other websites as well! It is also one of the common red-flags that we can identify form scam binary options auto trading system’s presentation. Hence, the credibility of the founder/CEO claimed in the video can’t be taken seriously but at the same time not much information was given in the first place. So this is indeed quite a concerning fact to be worried about.

Social Trader’s Fake Professional Traders

This is perhaps one of the most concerning findings for us reviewers because we are able to identify fake professional traders which Social Trader claims to sync their trade executions with. Should we look closely into the trading platform, we will be able to see the tab on the left with several “traders” information that includes their monthly profits, win position, and number of copier. The alerting fact is that pictures that are used to depict these traders comes from stock photos provider! AND, ALL the faces attached to these traders profile was also used in a previous SCAM called COPY THE PRO SCAM! Makes us wonder whether are these two system related? Should Social Trader be rightfully labeled as a SCAM?

Fake Traders Social Trader Auto Binary Signal Scam Review

The “Expert Traders” from Social Trader that is used in Copy The Pro SCAM!

Fake Traders!!! Copy The Pro is a SCAM!!

Fake Traders from Copy the Pro SCAM!!!

Social Trader’s Conclusion

As of this moment, we are unable to come to a definite conclusion however we do encourage traders to NOT INVEST into this binary options auto trader at this moment. The positive thing about this auto trading system is that the system has a clean/neat webpage and pretty neat trading platform that is different from conventional scam system! Unlike many scam system that uses pretty much the common trading platform skeleton (although by using different algorithm), Social Trader’s trading platform does look great, however just lacking the “Chart functionality”. Hence, it is purely just click to follow a “certain trader” which we are unsure whether it is real. But at the end of the day, if the suspicious fact listed above makes you feel uneasy, we recommend you to not invest into this system first.

For those that have indeed traded with Social Trader, please feel free to share your experience here in the comment session!

What Other Binary Options SCAM Reviewers are Saying? concluded that it is a SCAM: “Nothing within is deemed authentic or trustworthy.”

Verdict: Inconclusive (Advisable to Stay Away)

Best Binary Options Signal or Auto Trading System! Safer than Social Trader!

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