Social Tech Trader Scam Review! $920 Daily?Arbitrage Strategy?

Social Tech Trader is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Social Tech Trader before investing into this binary options auto trading software!

Social Tech Trader is a new scam binary options auto trading system that it’s website was registered in 3rd February 2016! The system is introduced by Albert (whom did not introduce his last name), the alleged founder for Social Tech Trader. On a nutshell, Albert claims that this system is an auto trading system which allow users to make on average $920/daily with their specially designed software. The software is claimed to be able to collect large amount of information every seconds in the day and trade using the arbitrage strategy to make the average $920 everyday on auto pilot. We are very skeptical with the claims from the mysterious Albert that did not share his last name and his claims about this system. Please continue reading our review for more scam-like aspects for Social Tech Trader!

Social Tech Trader’s Nonsensical Claim

We shall discussed the method of video presentation which focuses on the ability of this system to make $920 on average daily for Albert and all it’s users. Additionally, he mentioned that there are 5,400 users that are earning this very profit from the same exact binary options broker (which he claims the broker is very happy paying out millions to him and his clients). The suspicious aspects of the claims is the ability to make $920 daily on average is logically impossible and unrealistic. It is highly unrealistic to have such a claim in the trading world and it is a common scam-like behavior to actually sell itself by setting such expectation to the viewers! As always, we advise our readers to not buy into the idea of any claims that says make a certain amount daily/guaranteed! 99% of the time, people end up disappointed by believing this scam claims and expecting it to come true.

If Social Tech Trader has indeed 5,400 users profiting users, we should be able to learn about this system online or from other sources! Since he did not mentioned that this is confidential trial or anything of that sort, so there is no reason that successful profiting users from this system to keep quiet about it. We should at least find some verifiable sources about Social Tech Trading, but of course there is nothing available except for negative reviews! Social Tech Trader is just a fabricated company name along with a fake claim of having active profiting users and fake capabilities!

Another claim that does not make sense is that Albert mentioned that the system shall execute trades based on the Arbitrage Strategy! This strategy is said to be tough and has limited choice of execution to be applied in binary options (more information in Investopedia). Hence, it is not really logical to be saying that applying a limited strategy to be earning a consistent profits every single day. As quoted from the Investopedia article “Standard arbitrage (simultaneous buying and selling of similar security across two markets) may not be available to binary options traders due to lack of similar assets trading across multiple markets“. We’re very skeptical at this point that this system is going to truly apply the claimed method, but even if it’s true, we’re not that confident in this type of algorithm.

Social Tech Trader Fake Testimonials

Sharing fake testimonials to viewers is one of the most common scam-like aspects that we can find in many scam sites. Social Tech Trader is one of them! We are able to spot written testimonials  that claims to have profited 5 figure income which are simply fabricated. The funny part is that the pictures used to represent these testimonial givers are taken from various websites in the internet. There is even a Youtube star, Angry Grandpa, that is so-called representing this system! The pictures that are used in the comment sections however are pictures that are taken from shutterstocks or any other stock photos provider!

Fake Testimonial Social Tech Trader Scam

Fake Testimonials! Social Tech Trader is a SCAM!

Fake Testimonial Social Tech Trader Scam Review

Fake Testimonials made by taking random pictures from the net!


Fake Comment Box Social Tech Trader Scam Review

This is not a COMMENT BOX! It is a Registration Form! Fake Comment Box!

Social Tech Trader Fake “Live Trade History”

The trade history that was portrayed in the website is very misleading because it does not include vital information such as the asset type, expiry time, strike price, and expiry price. Apart from that, the table only portray the same 12 unique trades that keeps looping! No matter when you access the site, it will show the same 12 trades! Apart from that, we accessed this page on a weekend and we’re pretty sure that this isn’t a LIVE trade history. The trade history that we see on the website is definitely fake!

Fake Trade History Social Tech Trader Scam Review

Fake Trade Histories! The same set of TRADES will be looping around no matter when you access the page!

Social Tech Trader’s Conclusion

We conclude that Social Tech Trader is a SCAM binary options auto trading system due to the bogus founder, Mr. Alex,  unrealistic promises on daily profitsnonsensical claims about using arbitrage strategy in binary options, fake testimonials and trade histories! We highly doubt that you are able to generate a consistent $920 daily from this system. There is a hilarious part in the second video where the narrator attempts to create a sense of urgency for viewers to sign-up!  He mentioned that he’s going to take a look at how many of the 45 slots are still available via video presentation! Which he then revealed that 38 out of 45 spots were already taken. Dude, that is a video presentation! We’re pretty sure this website will still be up for a while before that so-called 7 spots run out. Please stay away from Social Tech Trader!

Verdict: Social Tech Trader is a SCAM!

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