SnapCash Binary Scam Review! Lost a LOT of Money? MUST READ!

Is SnapCash Binary a SCAM or GOOD Auto Trader?

Make sure to read this review before investing into SnapCash Binary App!
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Why did we decide to Test SnapCash Binary Software?

SnapCash Binary by Austin Ford is an auto trading software that provides and execute trades in binary options instrument. Naturally, as traders, we would love to look for additional tools that could expand our potential earning. However, reviewing countless auto trading software exposes us to both reliable and money-losing app. In the past, we have also tested on trading software that seems legit but it didn’t turn out quite well.

For instance, the Methodox 2.0 was one of the auto trading software which we decided to test recently. However, it is also one test that cost us money! Instead of profiting, the auto trader decided to execute high amount of trades within the first 2 hours and lost us more than half our initial deposit! Consequently, we blacklisted Methodox 2.0 as a scam auto trader to warn our readers.

Naturally, our encounter with seemingly legit software will never fully convince our review team. Unless we see good results of course. Thus, this is the story of how we encounter SnapCash Binary software , which is a rather interesting one. Because we came to know about SnapCash Binary through one of our readers, Ronald! It was his email that prompted us about Austin Ford’s SnapCash Binary!

SnapCash Binary Result

And So, Funded an Account for a Sentinel’s Test-Run! Verifying whether SnapCash Binary is a SCAM!

To be honest, funding this account felt better since there is a positive feedback regarding this software. Hence, to further confirm SnapCash Binary App’s capability, we ran a short test prior to this review. In effect, we found out that  SnapCash Binary’s Trading Result is indeed good as an auto trader. The experiment reveals an impressive 80% Win Rate with 10% – 20% account growth per day. We shall share our periodic SnapCash Binary Test Results on Sentinel’s YouTube Channel! Please SUBSCRIBE to our Channel and blog to receive FREE updated trading tips & guides on trading!

With the discovery of good performing auto trading software like SnapCash Binary, it’s definitely a breath of fresh air! Simply because there are more scams than an actual performing one. As much as we hope to earn a $1,200 per day as stated at the web page, daily profits are highly dependent on the initial deposit. But that being said, we have no qualm as long as the auto trader is profitable and expanding our initial investment.

Latest Trading Sentinel’s Trading Results from ACTUAL TEST!


How to use SnapCash Binary Software?

The settings available within the trading platform is rather simple to use. For instance, the option to adjust trade volume, signal strength, and risk level is all that an auto trader needs to manage the trading account. Below are the settings that we used for our test:

  • Signal Strength (The probability of successful/winning trade) = 85%
  • Trade Volume (Size of investment per trade) = $25
  • Risk Level ( Number of trades taken per session) = Medium

Alternatively, you could execute your own trades by referring to the trading signals on the interface too! That is what Austin meant by choosing to take the trade or not in the presentation. Pretty handy if you are looking to execute more trades! However, if you are starting with the minimum deposit, it would be best to use auto or manual trading exclusively until you have larger account balance! That way, you  could manage your money better!

SnapCash Binary Conclusion

At the end of the day, auto traders are only as good as the profit-making capabilities. In conclusion, we can safely label  SnapCash Binary as NOT a SCAM! This is one of a profitable and good performing auto trading software around. The proven profits from positive feedback and our very own test run affirm SnapCash’s awesomeness. For those that traded with SnapCash Binary Software, please feel free to share your results below!

FREE & EASY SnapCash Binary Registration

  • Click the SnapCash Binary LINK
  • Fill up the details needed to the registration page & members area
  • Fund your account with a minimum of $250
  • Turn on Auto Trading function OR Trade manually by using the trade recommendation

How to Change SnapCash Binary Broker?

Please do send us an email at should you like to know how to work with another broker instead! We shall send you a detailed procedure on how to change SnapCash Binary Broker which was allocated for you.

SnapCash Binary Trading Auto Guide!

The common question we usually get is WHEN  to use an auto trading software like SnapCash Binary! So we shall explain our auto trader’s method to increase our chance of winning trades. One important factor would be the time the auto trader does it work! Considering that the financial markets are mostly active during trading hours, we should be aiming at those time as well. Plus, we’re looking at mostly currencies trading where the market has  favorable volatility or activity during market overlaps. Our particular favorite is the US/London overlap (12pm to 3pm GMT+0), usually provide us with good movement to manually trade!

When to Trade?

The recommended SnapCash Binary Trading hours are 9am – 7pm GMT+0 (New York and London trading hours). Be that as it may, traders should avoid major news announcements that potentially bring too much volatility to asset prices. As a result, affecting the software’s algorithm analysis. For best performance, do turn off the SnapCash Binary’s Auto Trading on high volatility trading hours.

How Much to Trade?

As for the size of trade volume and money management, traders should risk 5% of total deposit per trade in order to protect from over-exposing of risk. However, if the amount deposited is the minimum $250, it will be 10% based on the minimum $25 per trade requirement. Hence, traders should use this auto trading software with the LOWEST risk level.

How to identify high volatility trading hours?

Do check the economic calendar for daily real-time news announcements. Ideally, we avoid 30 mins before and after the news announcement indicating volatility/impact level of 3! It is indicated under the Imp. column!

Do remember to SUBSCRIBE to our BLOG and YouTube channel for the latest update on SnapCash Binary System! We shall be following the performance and sharing trading tips every now and then! That’s all for now & Trade SAFE!

SsnapCash Binary Register

SnapCash Binary Test Results Video!

His emails goes as follows:

On Thu, Oct 15, 2016, at 11:06 PM, Ronald Lim <> wrote:
Dear Sentinel,

Hope this email finds you well.
It has been few months since our last email and I can’t thank you enough for leading me towards a profitable trading experience. It was truly the advice and guidance on trading methods and strategies that I should adapt proves to be of great help! And I am happy to share that I am earning GREAT profits from binary trading thanks to you. So yes, this is another thank you email to sincerely express my  gratitude.

Also, I’d like to share one of my experience with an auto trader which I believe you have yet to cover in  your review. The software is SnapCash Binary Software. Since I have managed to earn some profits from trading, I figured that I should invest in this to possible explore an additional platform to earn extra winnings. Only to find out that it is actually VERY GOOD! I deposited $500 into my SnapCash Binary Account and it grew to $710 within 3 days. Just to give you a good picture, I have attached some snapshots and trade history for your reference as well. Pretty AWESOME, although it’s rather obvious that 1.2k per day is not do-able with $500 deposit. Used it during a decent trading activity time frame where there is overlap in the market with London/US hours!

Anyway, I hope that me sharing my SnapCash Binary experience would benefit your website and your readers!
Cheers buddy!

******************ATTACHMENT PLACED AT THE END OF THIS REVIEW*******************

Attachments from Ronald’s Email!

SnapCash Binary Trading ResultTrade History!

SnapCash Binary GTOptionSnapCash Binary GTOption Trading


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