SignalSamurai Review – SCAM Warning on Kinjo Oda Reported!

Is SignalSamurai a SCAM or Reliable Auto Trading Software?

Signal Samurai by Kinjo Oda promotes the code of Bushido in trading terms which giving out the ‘most precise trading signals’. Coming into the subject of trading applications, we will be focusing on real money making potential. Auto traders are essential one avenue people or even you may be interested in investing to earn an extra income online. But can the SignalSamurai App be the one that can serve you well and grow your investment? Unfortunately not! We found several scamming aspects within Mr. Oda’s signal software and hear negative feedback of losing investments!

Signal Samurai Website:

If this is the first time you receive an email about auto trading, you’ve come to the right place! We have been studying over 250 different software and 90% of it turns out to be scams. Particularly the ones we have Blacklist as a compilation of system to avoid. Even so, there’s only a few that can make you money and consistent investment growth.

In this Signal Samurai Review, we will be sharing all the scam elements in addition to the poor results and negative feedback from the community! SignalSamurai is reported to have a disgusting performance of below 50% winning rate causing consistent losing streak too. Hence, if you invested $250 minimum deposit into SignalSamurai, you are very likely to lose them all within the first week of usage!

Note: If you are expecting to earn thousands per day, there’s definitely no such software! As mentioned, we were lucky enough to discover few Recommended Software as a safer investment alternative. Those that are capable of growing our investment $100 per day ($25 per trade value) or 10% – 30% per day.

SignalSamurai SCAM Aspects!

As we examine the authenticity of SignalSamurai as a binary signal provider company, there’s definitely a huge suspicion. The reason is because Kinjo Oda seems to be a fictitious character scammers use to provide low-quality service. How do we know? The picture depicting Mr. Kinjo himself definitely reveals the truth. It is actually a photo from a stock pictures provider. This means that Mr. Kinjo is not the person Signal Samurai’s successful Tokyo Stock Exchange broker that left the financial business. By the way, brokers aren’t good at trading, by the way, they are sellers of stocks instead of actual traders.

Additionally, Signal Samurai has only recently emerged in the industry attempting to trick viewers with fake reputation. Not only SignalSamurai attempts to promote itself with a bad quality trading algorithm, SignalSamurai is not a legit company neither as a brand. The brand is developed by scammers to attract Bushido fans into the investing world. like how Kinjo Oda is a fake character trying to gain trust and luring deposit without any demonstration. Unlike other genuine brands, a good trading solution would have shared a certain demo or live trading results. Hence, this is a developed scam using a Japanese man’s picture.

Further investigation on the website shows that came online since 17 November 2016, which is only a few months back. But, if correlate the number of negative review with only a few months operation, it shows public sentiment. This mean general public and trading community have already realized SignalSamurai’s bad performance. Oda was never a successful trader/broker that is trying to give back to the world. But rather deceiving viewers into depositing with them.

Signal Samurai Kinjo Oda

SignalSamurai Review Verdict!

Judging from the falsehood about Kinjo Oda along with the negative vibe, we strongly advise against investing in Signal Samurai software. It is a SCAM that employs false reputation along with an algorithm that doesn’t follow good strategy. This offer must join the other phony software although it doesn’t quite make false promises. Yet, our review team believes the risk of putting your money with a software that already generates negative sentiment to be unwise. One thing is for sure, SignalSamurai and Kinko Oda false identity is an unreal platform used to lure innocent investors!

Please stay away from a phony trading platform that doesn’t provide good proof of success! All our Recommended Trading Software goes through testing and proven to be able to generate profits.

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Earning Some Income Via Binary Trading Best Method!

There are two methods YOU can use to earn some extra money online through binary trading. Which is either Auto Trading or Manual Trading method or even BOTH! Depending on your own schedule, you can use this method to earn $100 per day ($25 per trade) or 10% – 30% account growth per day!

Auto Trading – This method uses an auto trading software to execute trades on your behalf when the market is trading. But you will need to stay away from fraudulent software and only invest in a reputable trading software. Click the link BELOW for a trustworthy auto trader.

Manual Trading – This approach will be suitable if you are interested in picking up trading skills and execute trades on your own. Thus providing yourself an extra number of opportunities to make more money aside from auto trading. The trading software runs on an algorithm that only triggers when the market meets a certain condition. Imagine that you have a more channel to get profitable trades and earning extra! Newbie traders may also sign up for Manual Trading Signal Software BELOW to get trade recommendation throughout the day!

If you have no experience in binary trading, you may want to REGISTER for Free Demo Account to get a feel of what it is like! You can also practice trading strategy or methods while referring to trade recommendation on the demo account before using your money! Most Demo accounts require a deposit in the industry, but we have pinpointed two different broker that provides No Deposit Demo Account! (Non-US/Canada broker, and US/Canada Friendly) Check out BELOW!

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