Shepard SDP SCAM! Systemized Digital Profits HONEST Review!

Shepard SDP Scam Review Auto Binary Trading Softtware

Is Shepard SDP a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Software?

Caution! Shepard SDP by Perry Shepard pitches a 100% Win or “Never Lose a Trade” Autopilot Trading Software at! Wondering whether can this be a ticket to truly earn $56,000 a month from an initial investment of $500? Do go through our review as we detected several scam qualities common to many other frauds. The deceptive aspects include misleading information regarding their trading capabilities while representing a fake establishment. This seemingly legit scam also adds a bonus trap that would further prevent withdrawals process and money sucking abilities! As much as Perry Shepard asserts the ability to make you a millionaire, the reality of it is far from it. Read Below!

The Shepard SDP Software developed by Systemized Digital Profits (SDP), a company that Perry has said to established years ago leads this scam. Perry further emphasizes that he had made his previous beta testers all millionaires with their unique algorithm. However, as we all know that there is no such software or trader that could possibly achieve a 100% win track record. It’s simply impossible and unrealistic for anyone to declare such a statement in as a financial trader. So how could their fractional cascading algorithm allow traders to earn $56,000 per month guaranteed? Hold your horses, we shall expose why Shepard SDP App is not worth your investment in the following segment!

Shepard SDP Software’s 100% Win & Never Lose a TRADE BS?

According to their webpage, it seems that Perry is preying on 50 new beta testers prior to launching their company public. Thus, leading new traders into believing that they can, in fact, earn $56,000 per month with the minimum deposit, and also a millionaire. But once we attempt to study the truth to their fractional cascading algorithm, there is no further information provided. Neither David Nestbrook, the head developer, or Perry explains the logic behind their algorithm. One thing is for sure, that it is mathematical impossible to achieve a 100% Win rate trading executions! It’s just to lure viewers into believing that there isn’t any risk investing into Shepard SDP App. Obviously, there is always a risk in trading and risk management holds the key to long term success.

Speaking about risk, devoting your funds into a lying software that claims impractical or impossible performance is a huge risk! Continuing our research, we also discover that Perry Shepard’s SDP company doesn’t even exist. This company is completely unheard of and just imagine that there is interest in an acquisition by the third party but it remains bogus. For this reason, its non-existing entity is just pure fantasy fabricated to support an impossible dream. No trader can realistically be a millionaire investing in binary options with just a minimum deposit!

Looking into their demonstration, Shepard SDP Scam has most definitely shown us fake results that’s inconceivable. It indicates a growth from $500 to $10.512 in 18 trades! 18 trades! If you are completely new in binary trading, it’s probably useful to know the potential payout for each trade executed. The typical payout or potential profits per trade would be 70% to 85% of your invested value per trade. So even if a trader were to trade $500 in the first trade, his potential profit will be about $400. Thus, this exhibits a very poor money management and very heavy risk whereby you stand to lose big! It’ll only take one loss to lose a large portion of  your funds should your funds are compound trading.

False Review and Beta Testers!

So, should we be trusting a software that offers impractical promises of profits and trust to never lose a trade? If you’re not convinced to why Shepard SDP is just an offer with false promises, we shall reveal other falsified information. Firstly, the web page indicates that there is currently over 2,000 active members where all of them achieve a 100% win rate. However, there is no verifiable proof to support this ‘superb’ performance. Should a trading software that actually achieves such an achievement, it would have been a breakthrough worthy of a noble prize!

Unrealistic Profits Shepard SDP Scam

Upon investigating the testimonials provided, we pinpointed that they are simply fake numbers attached with random pictures. These pictures are basically stolen from various web pages over the internet pairing with random names. In fact, one of the pictures stolen is actually a famous figure, Steve Laffey. Unfortunately for him, his picture is used to depict as Richard G that has 1 million in his broker account. Additionally, the account balance in one of the testimonial is dated in January 2016. Which is odd because is only registered as a domain in July 2016. Hence, it’s not possible for that snapshot to be true since Shepard SDP company has yet to exist!

Fake Testimonial Shepard SDP

Bonus Trap & Limited Time Offer?

Typical scam tactics we note are it tends to offer bonuses or ‘free cash’ with limited time offer. Little do newbie traders know, accepting a bonus or free cash would impose additional terms to withdrawal process. Hence, causing funds to be stuck in the account until reaching an insanely large trade volume before withdrawing. Although it could be useful for some experienced trader, such gesture only proves to be cheating when new traders are not made aware of this terms! Perry Shepard conveniently claims that he shall give free money to traders but in reality it’s not coming from his pocket.

Lastly, Shepard SDP is not looking for only 50 people. But they are looking to prey to as many newbie traders as possible! Notice the scammer attempts to push for registration before the timer runs out? Guess what, viewers will still be able to register even if the timer reaches zero. That is a blatant lie where this offer is not some “special invite” and it’s merely a cheap sales tactic!

Shepard SDP Conclusion!

Taking consideration of the dishonest details given by Perry Shepard, we can conclude that Shepard SDP is a SCAM! This is definitely one of a costly scam production with the effort to rent luxurious houses and cars to sell impossible dreams. Traders are never going to earn $56,000 per month out of this software and definitely not be a millionaire! The truth of this software is that many scam victims had sent us complaints about its poor performance. Negative reviews regarding this scam are also starting to flood the internet as well! The fake testimonial and vaguely described algorithm certainly don’t provide a realistic trading capability! Stay away from Shepard SDP Trading Software!

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