Secret to Success is a SCAM Review!

Secret to Success is a SCAM! Trade and not lose any money??

Secret to Success is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Secret to Success before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Secret to Success has a unique approach to what it offers, in fact, it is one of its kind that it raises some doubt even for people that has not traded binary options ever! Firstly, the presentation video tells us that a billionaire trader, Mr. Timothy Galvaki, tells us how much money he made through trading and how he has device a method to save a brokerage firm’s reputation in exchange to a 6 figure bonus from Mr. Joseph Constanza, the CEO of a brokerage firm that he traded in. The brokerage firm is apparently suffering from reputation damage as a result of scams and traders that lost money to leave the broker within a month of trading. Hence, those trader that left the brokerage firm spread negative reviews of Joseph’s brokerage firm. Now here is the most interesting part, Timothy suggested to Joseph that in order to get motivate traders to keep trading with his firm is to make sure the traders DO NOT lose money! Strangely enough, Joseph the CEO of the firm agrees to his method and treated the cost of not taking the losing traders money as a marketing cost as he suggested Secret to Success traders to write positive reviews of the firm. The idea itself do not sound logical where a binary options broker allows traders to only WIN money with zero loss guaranteed in exchange for a good review on the for them. We conclude that this idea itself was not realistic and it is not exactly a WIN-WIN situation for the broker too because it only takes 1 trader to draw hundreds of thousand in a month assuming that this deal is real. Does it sound logical to pay that much just for 1 good marketing review? Get real!!

There is a also a snapshot of some trade history in the presentation video which reveal that the trader will profit from winning trades, and do not lose any funds in losing trades (losing trades will be categorizes as Prevented trades/loss). Hence, it is a guaranteed money making scheme, and we all know that there is no such deal that exist in this world.

Another suspicious aspect of Secret to Success App is that the owner/founder, Mr. Timothy Galvaki. We believe that he is a fabricated character just to represent Secret to Success because the picture used to represent himself can be bought from various stock image distributor in the internet. This exact picture is also being used in various websites/blogs too. The testimonial video including in this campaign is also fake because we have identified Fiverr actors giving those testimonials.

Secret to Success Fabricated Founder: Timothy Galvaki! Stock Pictures available online!
Secret to Success Fabricated Founder: Timothy Galvaki! Stock Pictures available online!
Secret to Success Fabricated Testimonial: Fiverr Actors Spotted!
Secret to Success Fabricated Testimonial: Fiverr Actors Spotted!
Secret to Success Fabricated Testimonial: Fiverr Actors Spotted!
Secret to Success Fabricated Testimonial: Fiverr Actors Spotted!

Secret to Success also claims that the trading app is verified by numerous trading corporations and was rated BEST Trading App of 2015. Unfortunately there is no prove of any verification including in the website or any logo/badge attached! We can only find logo’s of news corporations such as CNN, BBC, CNBC,etc. However, we do not see any link or affiliation between Secret to Success and a news corporations!

No Prove of Verification from Trading Corporations!
No Prove of Verification from Trading Corporations!

Lastly, should traders attempt to register to this trading app early 2016, traders may find out that they need to deposit some funds into their trading account to their preferred binary options broker. When we attempted this step, we found out that the broker working with Secret to Success is AA Options, and we can’t verify that Mr. Joseph Constanza is the CEO of this brokerage firm. The only thing that is probably true in the presentation video is that AA Options is suffering from traders feedback during withdrawal. On top of that, AA Options is not regulated as well, with not physical address including in their website’s contact information. We feel that it is quite risky to even deposit money into this App.

We conclude that Secret to Success’s “too good to be true” concept/idea, employing fake characters/testimonials to market this binary options app, and also partnering with unregulated broker poses a high risk in losing trader’s money. It is most likely a SCAM that is not even going guarantee any profits at all.We recommend new traders to learn more about binary options trading through educations, signing up with trusted binary options brokers, learn from experienced binary options traders and get help from reliable binary options signal provider! Do Not lose your money into this guaranteed NO Money Loss scheme!!

Verdict: Secret to Success is a SCAM

Best Binary Options Signal or Auto Trading System! Safer than Secret to Success!

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We would recommend new traders to check out other information available in Binary Options Sentinel in order to gain additional knowledge on trusted binary options brokers and signal services before investing your money! New traders may also choose to try out the free Demo Account to gain some trading experience. Keep in mind that trading with real money can earn you A LOT of money, but do keep in mind to minimize your potential loss! Please feel free to leave your comments below and share the love throughout the community!

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