Sapphire M Software Review – SCAM Oil Trading Loses Money!

Is Sapphire M a SCAM or Good Trading Software?

Sapphire M Binary Options Software by Lisa Stephens & Jason Stephens upholds as the ‘best’ oil auto trading app. Yet, traders within the community and extensive research show evidence of scam offer! Sapphire M’s guarantees of $7,450 per week from a small deposit is somehow a little far fetched to reality. Hence, this offer seems to mislead viewers with their presentation video. (Note: they have recently changed their presentation and removed various scam elements since our team decided to expose their faults. You may notice there are some missing parts that don’t make sense since scammers removed them)

If you want to make extra income online, be sure to read and understand this Sapphire M Review before investing! This review will expose the misleading information attempting to fool you into this profit potential. Instead of earning thousands a week with a $250 deposit, the realistic profits from trading is relative to your investment. I’ve tested reliable trading software that can grow 10% – 30% gain per day as a goal. Or $100 per day with smallest $25 per trade value.

However, Sapphire M is trying to represent as a Get Rich Quick Scam that drains innocent traders’ account! Sapphire M Website:

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Sapphire M Trading SCAM Aspects!

Firstly, Sapphire M has been online for a few months now since early 2017. Throughout these few months, complaints accumulate as more traders fell into their trap and losing trades. Judging by their short presentation video, this Sapphire M trading Software banks $7,000 weekly profits with oil algorithm. This isn’t true considering that the sheer number of complaints we got on our end.

In actual fact, this app doesn’t focus on Oil as a primary asset but also traded on other currency pairs. That’s not surprising because currencies are in more common in binary trading. But the problem is that Sapphire M performs poorly in all trade executions for both asset class. Hence, the oil specific trading algorithm is NOT benefiting its’ users one bit.

Another interesting detail is the Demo Account that doesn’t seem to work properly as well. I notice a clear discrepancy within the Sapphire M Demo Trades that clearly manipulates the entry price and current price. It is always at least 3 pips difference between the entry and current rate which is a HUGE difference! Especially upon entering the trade, the entry and current rates are NEVER the same! This is actually a new scam tactic I have never seen before! Other legitimate trading software that gives a demo/trial will never indicate such a huge price difference. So, from this observation, I naturally felt pure anger that it’s not being honest.

Lastly, who is Lisa & Jason Stephens? It seems the alleged founders of Sapphire M software are completely bogus fictional characters. The presentation video did not cover any details about who they are. Worst of all, the picture depicted these two phony characters are actually stock model photos taken from a website. They are surely not Lisa and Jason or whoever the scammer tries to represent!

Familiar Scam Faces?

Many times I stumbled upon same few individuals that offer scripted lies about scam software that often never works. In the case of Sapphire M, the testimonials on earning thousands of dollars so quickly are fake! These faces below offers their acting services through with a minimum fee of $5. It is almost like a brand that signifies a fraudulent phony trading app like Sapphire M Software.

Unfortunately, if you check out the Sapphire M website right now, they have already removed their part and only leave just a small fragment. I guess it is in response to this review that exposes their poor performance. Even the part of pledging $7,000 profits is edited out of the website and all that remains is the sneaky demo trial. But be sure that the trading software doesn’t actually perform well in either currency asset or oil trading.

Sapphire M Results

Sapphire M Review Verdict!

Without further ado, I can conclude Sapphire M Trading System to be a SCAM! The fraud operation behind this scam is shown in the actual result and sly demonstration! We can’t trust the bogus Lisa & Jason Stephen nor the demo account. As a trader that wants to earn extra money online, we are better of not trusting this system and invest elsewhere!

Earning Additional Income Via Trading?

There are two ways to approach trading online, be it binary trading or Forex/CFD trading! Either you trade yourself MANUALLY or use an AUTO Trading Software. Investor chooses their method or does both depending on their daily schedule. If you have time to spare in learning trading analysis and knowledge as a lifetime skill, you may want to have hands on experience trading manually. Both are a viable approach in generating some extra revenue from home!

Auto Trading – Auto Trading Software enables users to execute trades on their behalf while referring to a mathematical algorithm. However, there are many scams out there like Sapphire M that aims to drain accounts. So, be sure to check with my Blacklist before investing into any other auto trader. There is only a handful that proves to be reliable and profitable available in the market. Hence, only invest in Tested & Proven Trading Software like the one BELOW!

Manual Trading – Like everything we do in life, we’ll need a strategy or method as a game plan in terms of trading analysis and risk management! Newbie traders can learn basic strategy and fine tune their own method as they go on. Also, there are Manual Trading Signal Software that provides trading signals on a daily basis which includes specific expiry and direction! Refer BELOW for example of our Recommended Manual Trading Signal Software!

Free Demo Account – Whenever you have a new trading technique, please practice them on a DEMO account first before risking real money! You can also perfect your execution while using Manual Trading Signal Recommendations on a Demo while referring to the signals too! Practice makes perfect! Most Demo account requires initial deposit except for the ones BELOW! (Country Specific, US/Canada, and Non-US/Canada)

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