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Is Safe Income Inc a LEGIT or SCAM Auto Trading System?

UPDATE MAY 2016: Safe Income is No Longer our Trusted Auto Trader due to it’s drop in Performance! Please refer to Neo2 Software current Best Auto Trader!

Safe Income Inc revealed itself in the binary options industry as a humble and yet reassuring binary options auto trading system. (Webpage: Recently it has indeed gained so much attention and popularity in 2016 thus attracting us to investigate on this hype to reveal important information regarding this system. Of course binary options industry has been tarnished by many scam auto trading system that is programmed to steal money away from it’s users. So we were very interested in finding out whether is Safe Income Inc a SAFE choice for us profit from the industry. Moreover, our team at Binary Options Sentinel are looking for more reliable auto trader that is very rare to find apart from the ones we listed in our Trusted Signals page. We have also recently Blacklisted so many systems that are scams and money draining. But FINALLY, we are happy to announce that we have found Safe Income Inc as it is indeed one of the profitable and reliable auto trader. Please read our review on how to benefit from this system properly!

Safe Income Inc Logo Scam Review

Read Important Sign-Up Instructions Below!

Why is Safe Income Inc a LEGIT Auto Trader?

Check out our Updated Review on Safe Income Inc’s Performance Results and advise on how to change your assigned Safe Income Inc Broker!

We shall get straight to the most important point on why Safe Income Inc is a legit auto trading system and probably the only reason you would be interested in, it’s performance! Safe Income Inc was tested by a team of testers for over a week to determine whether this system works. Obviously it only took bad performance for us to actually label Safe Income Inc as a scam auto trading system and we were honestly expecting bad results due to the number of scam systems released. BUT the great news is Safe Income Inc was reported to have an 84% win rate on it’s best days and 76% win rate on it’s low days. We have also gathered some feedback from traders that are using the system and they have reported similar results. We are actually happy with the results and although it is not performing at 90% win rate as claimed in the presentation video. Nevertheless, in a realistic point of view, Safe Income Inc’s reported performance is already in an excellent level and it is definitely profitable as we need a 70% win rate to profit in binary options trading.

So should you be interested in signing up and begin your trading journey with Safe Income right away, please scroll to the bottom of the page with our step by step advise to sign-up properly! Feel free to continue reading our review for more information on why Safe Income Inc is not a scam.

Based on the performance feedback we mentioned above, it is actually great level of performance that you can probably expects from an auto trading system. Many scam systems around are only able to perform at a poor 40% to at most 60% win rate/accuracy/ITM (In The Money). FYI, ITM is a common term used in binary options to represent the win rate or accuracy level. Some scam systems are only able to hit like a 20% win rate which is absolutely horrendous and those are the kind that will suck your money away in one day. Those that have experiences with scam systems would probably share our sentiment in those kind of situation. Thus, in binary options trading, a 70% win rate/accuracy is necessary in order to see profits and Safe Income Inc’s auto trading system has indeed passed this test with flying colors.

While we inspect Safe Income Inc’s webpage, we find that the webpage is rather clean and trustworthy. There are no obvious scam-like elements which we usually look for to identify scam deals. The presenter/owner, Albert J Henderson appears to be a genuine person which we always preferred in an auto trader presentation and he has made it clear that it is not a system that makes you a millionaire. We always appreciate an honest remark and also claims of profits that is realistic. Aside from the near 90% accuracy/win rate, which we understand that sometimes a system needs to report it’s best performing stats to compete with many other scam system. But as mentioned above, we are happy with it’s report performance and it is not so far off from it’s claimed performance.

As mentioned on Safe Income Inc’s webpage, $500 – $1000 is the profit expectation that we can hope to achieve with this system. Although it is a realistic number, we would say that it still depends on the size of your initial deposit! We strongly advise users to have good money management while using this auto trader and only risk 5% of initial funds. Letting it grow steadily from a investment size of 5% would be a better way to manage your risk and avoid busting all your money in one go. Of course with a initial deposit of $250 (minimum amount), we will need to go with the minimum trade investment of $25 and allow it to grow from there. As we have shared Safe Income Inc’s performance, we can expect steady growth in your initial deposit.

Another common aspects of a scam systems would be employing Fiverr actors to read fake and unrealistic scripts about its performance. Fortunately Safe Income Inc does not employ Fiverr actors! The testimonials do seems genuine which is always a good indication that Safe Income Inc is an honest system and is here to stay rather than a hit and run scams.

Safe Income Inc’s Easy to Use Trading Interface

Safe Income Inc’s auto trading platform is a simple and neat interface where traders with no experience can easily navigate through the system. It offers both auto trading mode and manual signals which is indicated in the most recommended signals area. However, we have only focused on the auto trading capabilities only for this review since it is highly sought for most users anyway.

Safe Income Inc Trading Platform

Safe Income Inc’s Easy to Use Trading Interface

We shall explain the easy to use Auto Trading Settings that users will need to configure prior to trade executions. We find that these settings are very versatile and flexible, thus giving the users the freedom to adjust many factors unlike many other auto trader. The user can adjust the Trade Volume, Signal Strength and Risk level (number of trades taken at a time) which is more than enough control that we need to ensure profits. Below are the settings used during our test and by other traders that reported profits:

  • Trade Volume: $25
  • Strength Above: 85%
  • Risk: 2-3

UPDATE MAY 2016: Safe Income is No Longer our Trusted Auto Trader due to it’s drop in Performance! Please refer to Neo2 Software current Best Auto Trader!

Important Steps to Sign-up for Safe Income Inc’s App

  1. Clear your browsing data (Hold CTRL+SHIFT+DEL) to avoid syncing errors with brokers
  2. Click the Sign-Up Link HERE!
  3. Fill up the form at the right with your name and email address.
  4. Complete the registration form with accurate details and contact number.
  5. Deposit an initial fund (we recommend only deposit an amount that you are comfortable with, a minimum of $250 is totally fine)
  6. Most brokers requires your account to be verified before trades can be executed hence submission of personal documents are a standard process which good reputation brokers will take as a part of their due diligence.
  7. Once verified, activate auto trading mode and start profiting!

Changing Safe Income Inc’s Broker

Unfortunately Safe Income Inc does not provide the luxury of choice to which broker you are going to be synced with. Should you be unsatisfied with the Safe Income Inc’s assigned broker you are assigned to, please follow the following steps to change broker: If you would like us to help you with this, we will also be glad to assist you and safe you some trouble! Drop us an email at!

  1. *IMPORTANT* Clear your browsing data (Hold CTRL+SHIFT+DEL) to avoid syncing errors while being assigned to another broker
  2. Click the Sign-Up Link HERE!
  3. Complete the registration form similar to the previous step 3 and 4 with DIFFERENT email address!
  4. Deposit your funds when you are happy with your newly assigned broker and start profiting.

Note: Please note that choice of brokers are limited to your current geographical location hence there may not be too many choices to choose from!

Safe Income Inc’s Conclusion: This is a Legit Binary Options Auto Trading System!

If you are interested in trading directly with a binary options broker, please check out our list of recommended brokers! If you are looking for a good Demo Account to practice your binary options trading skills, check out our article about using binary options demo account!

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