Safe Guard Trader Scam Review! 4 Reasons to Not Trade with This!

Safe Guard Trader Auto Binary Trading Scam Review

Is Safe Guard Trader a SCAM or LEGIT Binary Trading App?

Have an interest to invest into Safe Guard Trader Software (website: Read our Safe Guard Trader Scam Review before investing your money into this system! Should this be your first time being directed into an automated trading system offer, you will need grasp some truth about such a deal. There are literally hundreds of similar application BUT many of which loses money on behalf of it’s users! Binary Options Sentinel actively hunts down and exposes phony auto traders almost on a daily basis. Whereby our Blacklist would definitely serve as a track-record in how we serve the binary options trading community. Please finish this transparent review as it will surely shed some truth upon Safe Guard Trader Scam!

Safe Guard Trader is essentially a come-back auto trader which has been labelled as a SCAM previously. Richard Hefner, the alleged CEO/Founder, has represented the GPS Trader SCAM and now he’s back to prey for more victim. There are various aspects in SafeGuard Trader that is comparable to GPS Trader’s auto trader. Especially the character Richard and his “brother” Josh Hefner attempts to sell trader their 100% Strike Rate, No Risk App. Moreover, this auto trading system generates profits of $33,000 daily from a $250 deposit, Guaranteed! Safe Guard Trader’s special feature includes their “super fast” connection by using GPS communication paired with the Safe Guard Counter Trade (SGCT)! But upon in-depth investigation, we have discovered various red-flags that prompts us to be entirely doubtful and skeptical about this deal!

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Safe Guard Trader’s Mistrustful Profits!

We can’t help but notice that Richard keeps on focusing on the Guaranteed $33,000 daily profits potentially in your account the next day. Notably, from a humble deposit of $250! Any experienced trader will definitely share that such a profit is impossible! Not even the best trader and automated trading system can gain that guaranteed profits every single day. Same could be said in regards to the 100% Strike Rate and Zero Risk! In fact, there is no such thing as guaranteed profits in the trading world. As ridiculous this sounds, we hear this type exaggerating returns all the time but from phony scams! These breed of trading software essentially sell themselves as a “Get Rich Quick App”. Many of which doesn’t perform and losses user’s money.

The Truth!

Let’s debunk Safe Guard’s so called special features that supposedly guarantees you $33,000 every single day. Firstly, we are completely doubtful that the financial trading markets has begun using GPS signals to execute trades. Purely because such GPS signals are easily disrupted and jammed (kinda like a satellite disruption you see on movies). Furthermore, our research didn’t reveal any financial firms that begun applying such a technology in their trading too. Although Richard did not lie about L1 and L2 wavelength speed, but it is just impractical at the moment.

Secondly, the SG Counter Trade simply doesn’t work. Any binary options traders can tell you that it’s definitely not applicable in this form of trading. It may work in conventional trading but definitely not in our case. The reason why is because payout for every winning trade in binary options are typically 70% to 80% of your investment. Hence, a single losing trade plus a single winning trade still loses 20%-30% of your initial investment. You will NOT “break-even” as quoted by Richard in the presentation video. On a nutshell, both special features Richard had shared in the video are technically lies and illogical.

The Richard Hefner Conman!

The recurrence of Richard Hefner is yet another major sham! Richard openly sells something so similar in nature for both Safe Guard Trader and GPS Trader. The obvious situation is that the scam-artist was trying to save some time in reproducing his cheating software. Or renaming his previous money sucking software hoping to trap newbie traders with it. As mentioned in the other scam report, Richard’s identity has zero verifiable proof. Clearly he is an actor since he conveniently is a CEO for two different companies within a short span of time. But also, Richard’s brother, Josh Hefner is depicted by pictures taken randomly from the internet and also Shutterstock.

Richard Josh Hefner Fake Safe Guard Trader

Fabricated Trade Histories and Ridiculous Spots Counters

The deceit doesn’t stop here guys. The trade history attached in the second registration page is invented by the lying designers as well. Lucky for us, trades shown in the table are senseless! It indicates expiry 2015 dates alongside entry time of 2016. Talk about a sloppy job in making fake trade histories is very amusing! Still unsure why the scammer includes this joke alongside their offer, but obviously we can’t really expect much from these liars!

Last but not least, Richard bothers including “8 Spots Left” half way in the video presentation which is senseless! Having a “Live spots counter” in a recorded video is a lame prank. Obviously it’s not even live and definitely fails to convince a child!

Fake Trade History Safe Guard Trader

Do Not Invest into Safe Guard Trader!

It’s not exactly surprising to find these ridiculous fraud tactics bundled into an offer like the Safe Guard Trader. This gimmick aims to lure innocent traders into signing up immediately without genuine intention to make profits. Over promising allegations of making $30,000 guaranteed profits daily and zero risk policies are typical bluffs that we uncover in fraudulent software. It’s also apparent this situation tarnishes the binary options industry whilst stealing trader’s money.

Having said that, we have profited from trading binary options and it is in fact capable in generating some money for you as well. However, only with the right Tools and Knowledge it will become a profitable money making platform! Do check-in to our Blacklist for reference should you are trying to determining a scam! Alternatively, you may reach us through comments or email at!

Should you are seeking a GENUINE and PROFITABLE auto trader, do check out BinaBot! It has positive reputation and proven successful track record among traders in the industry! 

Safe Guard Trader Conclusion

We hereby conclude that Safe Guard Trader is a SCAM auto trader due to their misleading claims of profits and features! There is no such thing as zero risk and guaranteed profits in this world! Negative feedback and reviews from other traders are flooding the internet at this present moment. It’ll be wise to NOT donate your money to this crappy software!

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Nathan R

Got an email that directed me to the Safe Guard Trader and thankfully to this article, I didn’t deposit. Is Crunch Tech still performing well?

Binary Options Sentinel

Hi Nathan,

Yes, Crunch Tech is still our recommended and performing well to date! 🙂
Check out our review at


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