Safe Cash Scam Review

Safe Cash Auto Binary Signal Scam Review

Is Safe Cash a SCAM Review? Dr. Richard Carrier’s Auto Trading System!

Be Warned! Safe Cash Scam Review was written in response to the negative feedback we received from traders. Hence, we have further investigate Dr. Richard Carrier’s Safe Cash auto trading system which unfold various scam tactics that we often find in other scam systems. Please continue reading our review before you invest and risk your money on a system that is not going to profit for you. Should you be interested in investing on a reliable and profitable system, please refer BELOW for the current best performing auto trading system. Else, you may find the information below useful to enlighten you about Safe Cash’s scam tactics.’s presentation video uses a voice narrator that claims to be Dr. Richard Carrier, the alleged founder for Safe Cash. He claims to have a 9 years experience in trading with working experience as a Hedge Fund manager too. The offer that was extended by Richard is that he can grow your account from $250 to a staggering $240,000 in a short 2 months. All that is said to be achievable by investing into the Safe Cash Automated Trading System. However, we are highly skeptical about Dr. Richard’s claims paired with negative feedback that we received. Hence, we are going to expose the scam tactics that Dr. Richard employs to lure innocent traders’ money.

Safe Cash’s Scam Tactics!

While the promises and guaranteed $1,000 a day and growing $250 to $250,000 sounds highly attractive, that is a very unrealistic expectation to have especially in binary options trading. Your potential returns is totally dependent on your initial investment and trust us, growing your account to 4 times ($250 to $1,000) in one day is nearly impossible. Unless you expose all of your deposit in your first few trades and get lucky, yes it is possible. But we are not a fan of such gambling habits and prefers long term consistency. Dr. Richard uses this over-promising claims and lies about Safe Cash being able to guarantee you $1,000 every single day to SCAM inexperienced trader! Which we have noticed that most traders that lost their money to Safe Cash initially thought that they would actually get $1,000 by the next day. Let’s be real guys, it is not going to happen!

Who is Dr. Richard Carrier? He is just a voice narrator that represents a bogus fabricated character created to represent this scam system. Whilst we attempted to investigate who Dr. Richard Carrier is, we are unable to verify his existence at all. There is no verifiable proof about his work experience as well as his tittle as Dr. Logically if he is a PhD graduate, he should have written at least one research paper under his name. Unfortunately we are unable to correlate solid evidence to Dr. Richard Carrier as an actual person with Safe Cash, or even his work experience as hedge fund manager.

As mentioned above, Safe Cash App promises rather an exaggerating financials returns in their video and on their webpage. However, the proof that the Safe Cash scam attached to back up their over-promising profits are simply untrustworthy and fake. We have discovered that the testimonials of Safe Cash “users” are simply paid actors! You will be able to recognize most of them from where these actors will produce video testimonials for a minimum of $5. Clearly, the video testimonials are coming from “users” that are not actually users!

Fake Testimonials Safe Cash Scam Review

Apart from that, Safe Cash Scam also employs fake trade history in the members area page to fool innocent traders. We noticed that the latest trade executions in the trade history is interestingly dated back in April 2015. However, based on a research, we find that the was registered only in June 2015 and it is expiring in June 2016. How could there be trade executions by Safe Cash when the site is not even up yet? Plus, the domain is expiring very soon, so these scammers may just aim to steal your money and shut down their site on June 2016! They are clearly not here to stay and profit for you!

Fake Trade History Safe Cash Scam Review
Fake Trade History!

Please DO NOT Invest into Safe Cash!

Safe Cash’s scam tactics is very common with many other scam auto trading systems out there. You may refer to our Blacklist of other scam systems which probably employs the exact same strategy to lure innocent traders. Honestly, more than 90% of the binary options auto trader are designed by scammers and that is the sole reason why we have more NEGATIVE Reviews at Binary Options Sentinel.

Nevertheless, please do not be discouraged by the high amount of scam system existing within binary options industry. The truth is binary options trading can indeed be profitable with the right TOOLS, KNOWLEDGE and PATIENCE. Fortunately, every once in a while we will come across a truly reliable and profitable auto trading system. Please check out the latest Neo2 Software which is proven to be profitable and effective. You can also read our Neo2 Software Review for more information!

Safe Cash’s Conclusion

We can safely conclude that Safe Cash is a SCAM binary options automated trading system! This is due to the fact that the system employs various scam tactics such as over-promising of profits, fake trade history and fake testimonials in order to lure innocent traders! These are common scam tactics that we can easily find in other scam systems! Do not waste your $250 into Safe Cash App!

Verdict: Safe Cash is a SCAM!


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