Rubix Project Review – SCAM Works with Brian Morgan PROOF!

Rubix Project Scam Review

Is Rubix Project a SCAM or LEGIT Trading Software?

Rubix Project aka the Rubix App by Brian Morgan is the latest aggressive scam providing false hopes of earning $10,000 today! Warning readers! Although we have successfully earn money through the internet via binary trading, lousy scams lurk around! Our in-depth investigation reveals disturbing elements about this trading app explaining the reason to low standard performance. Thus, proving Rubix Project Software disguising as a “get rich fast” opportunity while providing no authentic trading capabilities.

Investigated Rubix Project Registration Page:

Brian Morgan the so called CEO or founder of Rubix Project announces and demonstrates crazy return of investment opportunities. As shown in the presentation, he claims to grow $250 to $10,000 within the first 24 hours! Moreover, he plans to give this to you plus receiving the cash profits and join the luxury club. OR NOT! Rather than being the “world’s only No Loss Software”, we already began hearing complaints and negative feedback about the Rubix Project. Instead of providing continuous winning trades, investors’ funds depleted quickly! Please read our Rubix Project Review before investing!

Unrealistic Pledges by Rubix App!

To summarize what Rubix Project and Brian is all about, we’ll just go through quickly in the next sentence. Essentially, Brian declares to grow $250 to $10,000 within the first day, get them in cash transferred into your account, and Never lose a single trade! Can this be true even to the slightest bit? Definitely NO! In fact, these achievements are impossible for even the best trader in the world! Thus, we’re dealing with a typical “Be Rich Scam” pretending to be the all perfect trading software! In reality, long-term consistent growth is possible in trading, but it’s sad that Rubix Project Software decides to tarnish the trading industry with such a fraudulent software.

There is no such thing as a zero loss software guys! Only long term profitable and consistent systems are the way to go!

In essence, users will never be a millionaire or achieve financial freedom with such a phony software. If you expected to earn $10,000 from a small $250 deposit, it’s never going to happen especially within 24 hours. Despite being able to grow your account say $100 per day or 10-20% a day with a legit trading system, Rubix App drains account within 2 days. Additionally, typical withdrawal process from our trading account requires 3-7 business days, in contrast to the immediate cashout. Hence, it’s rather obvious that Rubix Project Scam only offer blatant lies as their marketing gimmick.

Who is Brian Morgan and his Team?

As Brian tries to gain sympathy through his past experience being divorced and victimized by other scams, we find that hard to believe! Reason being is that this scam software generated him $86 million in the past few years. Mind you that Rubix Project’s promotion is very impractical with no actual success. Our subscribers also share the money sucking nature of this trading app as well. Nevertheless, Brian Morgan and his entity Rubix Project is basically a sham company with no real business operation.

Also, we identified other scam actors from other fraudulent software assisting Brian’s production. Take for example these two team members that programmed the Rubix App. They were single-handedly blacklisted by our review team for their lies previously in the Sowelstace Financial and Navstar Trader scam. Apparently, these con artist decided to team up and join forces to make Rubix Project Trading software. Hence we can safely assume that Brian Morgan is also one new band member joining the other actors in this underground operation.

Scam Actor Rubix Project

Public Opinion on Rubix Project?

Undeniably that Rubix Software is in a rather bad limelight due to countless negative reviews being published online. Plus, our own readers has also reported poor trading accuracy during their test. So we can believe that hundreds of opinion around the internet agrees and pretty much confirms our take on this subject matter.

The demonstration Brian had us watch in his lengthy presentation is quite unbelievable too. If you noticed, he was taking 60-second expiry trades since the start of his $250 deposit. Which grew into over $10,000 in 3 hours time while sharing trade histories of all 1-minute trades. This is the reason why we strongly believe Brian has shown us a fake trade history! Simply because 60-second trades are a much riskier trade to execute due to the volatility and unpredictable nature!

Even though it can make you money quick, but do not expect 60-second trades to work all the time! We usually trade it along with news or high momentum trend as we can have the odds strongly towards our favor. Do also note that these momentum doesn’t last forever! Brian Morgan’s luxurious cars and house along with this fantasy demonstration are part of his scam gimmick guys! Please be careful!

Rubix Project Review Verdict

I guess there is pretty apparent that Rubix Project is a SCAM! Our take on this offer concludes that its’ characteristic are that of a typical “millionaire fraud” tempting viewers with a luxurious lifestyle. But the worst part, Rubix Project Software doesn’t even provide a satisfactory trading performance but instead fill us with false promises. Promises that ridicule the reality of binary trading with 100% wins and fantasy profit level. Don’t get us wrong, though, we definitely can make money out of trading with discipline and proper system. But definitely not with this phony app. Stay Away from Rubix Project!

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