Rio Profits Review – SCAM Dream Maker Survey Loses Money!

Is Rio Profits a SCAM or Good Trading Software?

Rio Profits also identified as the Rio Trader Software by Andrew Reynolds caught your attention in earning some extra money online? With a proposed smallest investment of $300, it declares to give you a guaranteed $4250 the next day. It sounds all good in theory, but my research and feedback gathered by other Rio Profits Scam victim seem to say otherwise!

According to Andrew, the Rio Trader Software never loses a single trade due to their technological infrastructure Rio Holdings has. Also, the Rapid Counter Measure (RCM) patented technology allows users to break-even in any losing trades. Hence, giving out an outcome of never losing a single cent ever for all Rio Trader users. He further pledges a guarantee of $4,250 daily income to us and ask us to take part in Rio Dream Maker Survey. Unfortunately, all these details are nothing but false promises and misleading trading information.

Trading online with the help of trading software is a viable choice. I have tested some that even makes me a size-able income through trading. But in my experience as a trader, growing $300 to $4250 in a day is a little far fetched! Not to mention that it is quite impossible to have that as a realistic goal for any investment! Hence, my investigation will debunk all their lies below!

Rio Trader Software Scam Elements!

The fact that Andrew dares to claim a guaranteed of $4,250 daily profits and receiving it into your bank account every day is a huge red flag! It is like 90% of the scams I have exposed in the past that signifies a “Get Rich Quick” behavior. In reality, Rio Profits is going to steal your money with no reliable trading capabilities.

Firstly, there is no way a trader can receive the daily profits into their account every single day. It requires about 3 to 5 business days to do a withdrawal from any legitimate trading broker. Thus, I believe Andrew is not an actual Wall Street trader since he did not even get this fundamental part correct. Below you can find my reasoning to why Rio Holdings and Andrew are phony characters!

Secondly, there are no genuine Rio Profits users that ever made any money! The member’s photo and list at are familiar faces that I’ve seen in other scams! Apparently, the scammers stole pictures from to list them on the website to support their false promises!

Rio Profits Results Trader Software

Rio Holdings and Unreal Trading Methods?

There is certainly no formal records on Andrew Reynolds and Rio Holdings as an investment entity or professionals. I can deduce Rio Holdings as a fake company when there are no business records on his company. The closest match I can find is Rio Holdings Inc that has nothing to do with investment but rather connectivity services.

Additionally, there is no such thing as a trading software or method that NEVER LOSES a single cent! It is simply impossible to claims as such in the trading world as any traders can attest to that. On the other hand, only scam software that will ever support such an unrealistic claim. Even the Rapid Counter Measure will NOT work in the binary trading or any other trading instrument.

Simply because binary trading will give a payout of 70% to 90% of your initial investment instead of 100%. Hence, by placing an opposite trade and lose the initial trade, you will gain a profit of 70% – 90% of your second trade. But lose 100% of your initial trade so giving you a net loss of 10% to 30% instead of break-even scenario. It’s a joke that Andrew can get this basic fundamental wrong! Similarly to conventional trading, an opposite trade requires a movement of greater than your initial trade to break-even!

Rio Trader Software Review Conclusion!

There is no actual evidence of successful investment with Rio Profits in the website nor in the trading community. The false allegations and deceiving information above can categorize Rio Trader as a SCAM! It is nothing but yet another “Get Rich Quick” or Be a Millionaire offer that scammers use to tarnish the trading industry!

You will have a far better chance at being successful in trading elsewhere that are proven and realistic! (Check Best Softwareย for Some Videos)

How to Trade Profitably?

There is essentially two approaches to trade the markets and both have potential to be successful. That is Manually Trade on your own or use an Auto Trading Software. It depends on your daily schedule and amount of time you can invest to manage your account. Also whether would you like to pick up trading as an additional skill in life!

Auto Trading – This method is suitable for people that have a busy schedule in their daily commitments. Using an Auto Trader enables you to execute trades automatically with the help of a trading software. However, please stay away from an auto trader in my Blacklist as they are scams that lose your money! Only invest into Tested & Proven Trading Software that manage to grow my trading account. Check BELOW!

Manual Trading – If you are interested in picking trading as an additional skill in life, you can adapt trading strategies as a backbone! Ideally, you should have 2 strategies catering to certain market conditions and practice them in a DEMO account first! BUT, you can also refer to Trading Signals via a Manual Trading Signal Software too. It provides trading recommendations with specific expiry and market direction! Check out my Demonstration Video at the “Best Software” Page or Manual Trading Software Below!

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