Rewfeed Review – SCAM Social Media Trading System!

Rewfeed Scam Review

Is Rewfeed a SCAM or Legit Trading Software?

Rewfeed @ by Jason Clark is the latest auto trading software that aggressively promotes themselves in various channels to many traders. Not to mention, most of the questions I got in my inbox are from people wanting to earn extra money online. To be honest, trading the markets online is a viable method to earn some extra cash, but not every tools can reliably do that!  Be sure to read this article as we answer the most important question, is RewFeed a SCAM?

The difference between a good trading solution or tool is whether it actually has the ability to actually win some trades. Many scammers have taken advantage in tarnish the trading industry with a low quality trading solution. Our review team receives alerts from victims sharing disappointing results and poor win rates in the Rewfeed that we though provides 87% accuracy. More importantly, Rewfeed scam’s claim of earning at least $2,000 per day profit, ‘never seen any day less than that’ is a complete sham! Check out more information below!

Warning: Rewfeed Auto Trading Software is a “Get Rich Quick” scam with false promises. It is not a reliable trading software that provides realistic results!

Why is RewFeed a SCAM?

RewFeed claims to use an algorithm that process and analyze social media data to produce trend conclusions. Particularly in public listed companies and predicts stock prices. Funny thing is that we do not see a single stock trade in their trade history in the member’s area. That immediately causes some suspicion in their trading algorithm itself. No wonder that we receive high complaints of poor trading performance since most of the traded assets from scam victims are currency pairs.

Secondly, it is a huge sign of blatant scam when familiar faces such as the CEO appearing in old scams! Both Jason Clark and Dan Marconi, the alleged CEO and CTO of Rewfeed are actually fake characters and scam actors. Very often I have seen scams that uses these same actors produce very bad trading results. Both these scam actors appeared in Binary Secret Scam as well as Golden Binary Profits Scam previously. Also Dan Marconi has a huge scam reputation by representing other scam such as TSI System Scam. (Note: These Scams were all exposed in my Blacklist due to their poor performance)

More importantly, I’ve received complaint that Rewfeed software actually drains investments in matter of 2-3 days. Some unlucky traders even lose everything the first day with no sign of success. Instead of having a 87% win rate, Rewfeed scam only gives at most 40% accuracy which is not enough to earn profit. As much as any experienced traders would not guarantee every day to be a profitable day. Rewfeed surely deceives us with unrealistic $2,000 daily profits!

Jason Clark Dan Marconi Rewfeed

Never Less than $2,000 daily profit and free $250?

When someone claims to earn you $2,000 in a small deposit of $250 per day and everyday, it definitely is too good to be true. Rewfeed Software only uses fake characters and unreal profits to lure traders. But at the end of the day currency trading will not be able to do well with only social media analysis.

But since we already know the characters are already fake scam actors that always associates itself with other frauds, it’s no surprise. To make things worst, Jason Clark’s offer of free $250 is also untrue! Should we sign up for Rewfeed software for the free $250, they require 10 referral for $250 free? That is completely different from what we hear from the video presentation. At this point, we believe that you will never get the free $250 bonus, even if you refer 10 people to this scam.

RewFeed Review Conclusion

With the details above, we can safely declare Rewfeed is a dangerous SCAM with empty promises. Please refrain from investing your money into Rewfeed scam as it does not provide good quality algorithm. Negative feedback within the trading community along with bogus CEO and CTO are red flags on misleading information.

How to Trade the Markets Properly?

Basically, you can either do Manual Trading or Auto Trading solutions. Both are viable methods that experienced traders use in their trading process. However, it will depend on how much time you have to manage your trading account. There are many typical Scams that promise unrealistic trading results with low investment. On the other hand, realistic goals are the entire focus of a legitimate trading.

As a goal, percentage account growth of 10% – 30% is possible with reliable trading techniques and tools. There are DEMONSTRATION videos of some tested & proven trading systems @ the Best Software Page. Even with a reliable trading tool, you need to learn how to manage and minimize your losses.

Auto Trading – This means that traders use a software built with a mathematical algorithm to execute trades on their behalf. But, as mentioned, most of the tools available online are scams so do check with my Blacklist! For a demonstration of how to use such a program that is better than RewFeed Software, check out my Best Software Page.

Manual Trading – This is suitable for individuals that have keen interest to pick up trading as a skill in life. It’s vital to have a trading strategy or method that can cater to at least 2 different market conditions. However, newbies can also refer to Manual Trading Signal Software for trading recommendations. Usually, they will provide an expiry suggestion as well as the direction of the market. This will enable traders to cross reference with their own analysis and full control on whether they want to trade it. Check out the Link Below for our Tested & Proven Trading Software!

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