Regal Wealth Trading Scam Review!

Regal Wealth Auto Binary Trading Scam Review

Is Regal Wealth Trading a SCAM or LEGIT? Dreadful “Make $605/hour Fraud”!

Potential to make money through binary options trading is there, but is it possible with Regal Wealth trading software? Wondering whether this is a SCAM or a FRAUD? Those are good questions to be asking yourself before you decide to invest in any financial instrument. Scammers have indeed targeted binary options and often come up with many different scam trading software to fool innocent trader’s money. Our Blacklist shall speak for itself and it reveals the regularities of fraud system produced by these con-artist. So, please do read our scam review before you opt into any trading system!

Regal Wealth (website: prides itself as a highly profitable investment firm that have been trading for 7 years. Michael King, the CEO and founder of Regal Wealth, declared that his company had created hundreds of millionaires by providing investment services. As follows, he opens his doors to 50 “regular people” in order to invest with the deal to make &600/hour or $10,000 today. Skepticism naturally took over upon chancing over this “golden moment” as we spotted several irregularities in their story. Check out below for more information.

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Why is Regal Wealth Trading System a Fraud?

A simple Google search shows that there is indeed a Regal Wealth Group or Regal Wealth Management serving investors around the globe. However, we discover that the Regal Wealth Trading App from has no connection to these companies. List of Directors/Chairperson for these companies does not include the Michael King we see in the video. Instead, these are legit investment firms that are not involved in binary options trading at all. Attempts to source for formal registration of Regal Wealth and Michael King as an establishment/owner did not come our fruitful too. Supposedly if Michael is indeed providing such services, proper corporation records should be found. This certainly adds onto our suspicion to the reason to avoid this trading software.

Let’s talk about the performance of Regal Wealth. We received negative feedback/comments from users that did not make money or worst, lose their funds in a matter of hours! As you may notice from their “Live Results” section, all the trades executed are 60 seconds trades across the same assets as well. In fact, this auto trader does execute high volume of “losing trades” in a very short term. It’s highly unrealistic to expect a high accuracy for such a short expiry time due to the volatility of asset prices for short term trading. Plus, we’ve detected false “you’ve won” alert when the trade supposedly loses. The demonstration shown in the video did not include trade histories or even indication of trades executed which lacks supporting evidence that it works.

Fake Trade Result Regal Wealth Scam Review

Various minor lies and fake claims was also spotted in this auto trading system too. Take Michael’s say that Regal Wealth has already served it’s clients for 7 years. However, was only recently created on May 11 2016. This shows this specific auto trader did not exist prior to that date and didn’t actually have “millionaires” made last year! Another alarming claim is that will close down and this offer will be gone after the timer runs out. Yet another typical scam tactics that scam-artists use to create false sense of scarcity. They want you to feel that it’s a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. But in reality, this hoax will remain available for a long time and you will still be able to “donate” your money to this criminals even when the timer runs out.

Fake countdown Timer Regal Wealth Scam Fraud

Say No to Regal Wealth! Invest in a Better Alternative!

Dangerous trickery listed above are common strategies where scammers used in many other fraud systems as well. It’s made to prey on innocent trader’s money but with no intention of succeeding. Such designs definitely have tarnished binary options industry when this industry have a lot to offer to serious traders. Binary Options Sentinel have been on alert in exposing as many hoax as possible in hopes to give traders an unbiased opinion and truth.

Thankfully, there are PROFITABLE auto traders out there which only comes every once in a while. Do check out BELOW for good examples!

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Regal Wealth’s Conclusion!

With all the exposed forgery of Regal Wealth, we conclude that Regal Wealth is a SCAM! The bogus creation of Michael King as owner and his company are completely fictional. The “live trade results” are completely unreliable as it quotes unreal results paired with unreliable demonstration in the video. Actual negative feedback from traders does not ease up our doubt on this trading software too. We hope this study helps, do your research and TRADE SAFE!

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7 comments on “Regal Wealth Trading Scam Review!


Regal Wealth’s Trading system does look very legit at first! Damn, very thankful for your warning. Cheers!


Is Neo2 Software available in Australia?

Binary Options Sentinel

Hi Austin,

Yes, Neo2 is available for Australia residence.


Scammers do really go all the way in their “over-promising” claims huh. BTW, is Neo2 still performing well?

Binary Options Sentinel

Hi Deric,
Neo2 Software is still performing great. 🙂

Ronald Tan

Great review, Sentinel. Made a lot of sense. I received an email that directs me to this offer. Thankfully I’ve decided to find out more information about it first. By the way, could you recommend the BEST auto trader which you have tested?

Binary Options Sentinel

Hi Ronald,

Glad that you’ve benefited from this review. We recommended Neo2 Software as it’s performing very well for us. Do check out our review at


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