Rapid Income Method Scam Review!

Is Rapid Income Method a SCAM or LEGIT? Guaranteed Millionaire in 12 weeks?

Wondering whether Rapid Income Method is a SCAM? Please read this review before you risk your money into this auto trading system! Binary Options industry is essentially a great way to make some money online. However, it’s also the favorite playground for scam-artist as well. Countless auto trader is being produced to lure inexperienced traders put their faith on trading system that don’t work. As you can probably tell by visiting our Blacklist, new trading system launches are frequently frauds! As such, we hope to prevent further “bad investments” by investigating Rapid Income Method.

This app gotten our attention from various advertising or email marketing campaigns! After detailed investigation, we found mistrustful aspects within rapidincomemethod.co. Before we reveal our findings, let’s have a quick glance on what this is all about. An ex-software engineer, Dominic Taylor, devised an “application” that can trade up to a staggering 98% accuracy. The expectation which he sets upon his viewers is that you are able to earn a guaranteed $5,000 daily and be a millionaire in 12 weeks. An additional $250 bonus after your initial deposit is offered too . Despite the very tempting offer, shady tactics have been applied to convinced viewer away from the truth!

Lousy Argument; “Application vs Software” by Dominic Taylor!

Dominic opens an interesting argument about the definition of Application and Software in the presentation. While doing so, he declared that Application does a better job rather than a Software. The definition which he shared in the video while googling these two words are rather untrue! Purely because the definition of “application” is NOT true for IT related meaning. To get to the bottom of this, we’ll need to refer to the IT-related definition below:

  • Software: “all-encompassing term that is used in contrast to hardware”
  • Application: Application are basically a type of software that is able to execute and perform it’s instruction.

On a nutshell, all applications are software, but not all software are applications! For example, software like device drivers, manuals, images and documents are also considered as software. So, Dominic’s explanation on Rapid Income Method being an “Application” supposedly makes it better than other systems is INACCURATE! Other auto traders are already considered as an “application” so to speak. Why would Dominic say such a thing?

Fraud Tactics EXPOSED!

As we have shared the misguided information presented by Dominic, the only logical reason in providing faulty definitions is because he’s an actor! An actor that has zero knowledge and paid to read a script to his viewers! Truthfully, our review team recognized Dominic the second we saw his video presentation. He has also partnered with other scam software like “My First Online Payday” where he is known as Jeremy Matthews. Not only the founder, but the testimonials are also paid actors! You can actually pay these actors to say whatever you want on Fiverr.com! Having a bogus ‘founder’ of a product and testimonials shows that this deal is untrustworthy.

Paid Actor Fake Testimonials Rapid Income Method

Becoming a millionaire and impossible accuracy level of 98% are an obvious indication that Rapid Income Method either has no experience in binary trading or just plain bluffing. These expectations are absolutely unrealistic! Even the best traders or algorithm in the world is not able to achieve such a track record. What’s more, we’re talking about a deposit of $250 initial investment too. Very often scam-artist employs such deceit to lure viewers to just sign-up immediately without any true intentions/capabilities! Noticed the luxurious cars/houses and speech about financial freedom? No authentic auto trader system would need to sell such lies!

Note that Rapid Income Method demands it’s viewers to register before the remaining spots runs out. This is yet another common tactic that fraudsters implement to create a false sense of scarcity. Certainly the “spots counter” is completely meaningless! Mainly due to the fact that it refreshes itself every time we visit the webpage and it never reaches zero. Even if it does, it doesn’t matter because you will still be able to register anyway.

Invest Elsewhere! Do NOT Risk Your Cash with Rapid Income HOAX!

This review is just one of many scrutiny that we’ve done on endless auto trader frauds. In effect, would have tarnished binary options industry as a “dangerous place”. Hence, performing your own research is a MUST before making a sound decision for your investment!

Fortunately, we have in fact came across a few reliable auto trading system which are proven RELIABLE and PROFITABLE! Check out BELOW for good example!

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Rapid Income Method’s Conclusion

Our findings on this offer leaves us with only one conclusion, Rapid Income Method is a SCAM! No authenticity can in fact be verified anywhere on their presentation. Using paid actors as the presenter/testimonials, sharing unrealistic expectations, meaning sales tactic (luxurious lifestyle and fake spot counter) and dangerous $250 bonus should be enough to shed the true nature of this offer!

Note: If you accept the $250 bonus, you will be imposed an additional terms and condition to your withdrawals. A minimum trading volume of 30 x (deposit+bonus) is needed before you can even take back your money. So, you can’t exactly withdraw anytime (as mentioned by Dominic).

Trusted Binary Options Signals/Auto Trading System!

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