Quick Cash Plan SCAM Review! Is this a “Quick $$ Scheme”?

Quick Cash Plan is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Quick Cash Plan before investing money into this binary options auto trading system!

Quick Cash Plan is launched in February 2016 and it has reached quite a number of people through it’s email marketing efforts. As usual we shall be looking into this binary options auto trading system that claims to be able to make you over $4,000 in the next 90 minutes. Based on the claim itself, we would say that it is a typical scam-like aspect to put up such a claim as their opening line right under the brand! Nevertheless, making $4,000 in the next 90 minutes is not impossible, however, it would depends on how much is in your account! It is highly unlikely to have that capability with an initial deposit of $250 which is the normal scenario for most people. Right in the first 10 seconds of looking at the website, we get the feeling that this website presenting itself as a “Quick Rich Scheme!” rather than a binary options auto trading service provider. Please continue reading as we unravel the mysterious Quick Cash Plan!

Quick Cash Plan’s Scam Video Presentation

To be entirely honest, the presentation video do not offer any useful information about what Quick Cash Plan is all about especially in the first page. The narrator of the video, whom did not introduce himself, goes on with telling us about taking opportunity in life and claiming that Quick Cash Plan is an opportunity to make A LOT of money. There are testimonials and claims that said this system made them $27,000 in less than a week and $2,700 in half a day. Additionally the narrator goes on mentioning that this opportunity has nothing to do with SEO or building a website. Rather he mentioned that this is an opportunity to make a lot of money just from home with minimal effort.

There was NO mentioning about what Quick Cash Plan is and while he was busy motivating the viewers by HOW MUCH MONEY this system can make, he pushes for viewers to put in the email address right next to the box. I’m pretty sure that any viewers would just either do that or leave the website. This is because there is truly no useful information to learn from the first video! However, in the second video, we will be able to finally find out what this system is offering from a quick mention of “this system syncs with a binary options broker” and “it is our recommended broker”. There is no demonstration of what this system does for the viewers and absolutely no proper explanation of what the system actually is! It would be different for us reviewers because we know what an auto trading system does. But for the eyes of those that do not know, they are at risk of just signing up to a scam system and possibly lose money. We find that the whole idea of the presentation and the website pretty much just selling the idea of making a lot of money online through an automated system, without telling us how/what it does! Annoyingly, the second video also pushes it’s viewer to complete the registration form so early in the presentation without any information too. Seems like a system that recommends you to sign-up without even educating it’s user what it really is. The only way viewers will be able to find out what Quick Cash Plan does is by reading the entire website. It is like a salesman that just tells you to buy his stuff without telling you what it is and expects you to take a look at the stuff yourself. Very unprofessional indeed!

Quick Cash Plan’s Scam-like Aspects!

Apart from the unrealistic claims of high profit making and lack of information of what this system truly is, there are several aspects in the website that indicates suspicious signs. First and foremost, the narrator did not introduce himself, there is no name and detailed background. He has only mentioned that he was a regular Joe and one day he met a “financial genius that designed this system and tweaked it to it’s claimed performance. There is also no background information on who this financial genius is as well. It is highly suspicious that we are not told about this basic information while the presentation videos continues to push for a registration. We can only assume that we are facing with a fabricated story and there is no one to take the blame for this scam system!

The next scam-like aspect of Quick Cash Plan is that it claims to only have 15 spots available and the typical “5 minutes before the offer is over” concept. This is totally untrue because the countdown timer below would simply just reset itself every time we access the page again or when it reaches zero. This is the typical scam website strategy to further encourage viewers to register for their scam programs. So do not be pressured by this kind of limited offer deal as most of the scam websites we investigated, it is very often that the system will still be available.

Notice a few big names that was placed in attempt to endorse this system like Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and CNN Money? Well, we are also unable to source for any article or quote that endorses Quick Cash Plan in any of the websites. This is merely an attempt to make this scam system to appear legit and it really does not take much effort to disprove this fake claim. Yet another scam-like aspects that increases the probability that this system is just another scam.

Quick Cash Plan Auto Binary Signal SCAM fake endorsement

Fake Endorsements by CNN Money and other large publishers! Meaningless Timer to represent limited offers! Quick Cash Plan is a SCAM!

Quick Cash Plan also attached a “LIVE Trading history” for viewers to take a look at their claimed high performance trades! Unfortunately, there is no information on who’s account is this and each time we access this webpage, the Profits, Won and Loss count is different. The worst part is that according to the trading history, the system miraculously performs trades on currencies, commodities and stocks on WEEKENDS! This clearly shows that the trade history is a complete fake! Trading definitely closes on weekends and there are no trading activities happening at that point of time including Forex. This is yet another scam-like aspect that shows the creator of Quick Cash Plan fabricated his own trading results to woo viewers.

Quick Cash Plan Auto Binary Signal Scam Fake Trade History

Fabricated and Fake “Live” Trading History made by Quick Cash Plan!

Quick Cash Plan’s Conclusion

This system is a scam binary options auto trading system that would suck your money out of your wallet. The scam-like aspects such as no name narrator/creator discussed in the presentation video, the webpage content that approaches viewers like a “Get Rich Scheme”, meaningless “15 spots left”, fake endorsements and fake trading histories are strong indications to support our conclusion.

Binary Options trading can indeed generate high profits but it requires proper money management, knowledge and strategies to be able to generate profit consistently over a long term. Please do not be turned off by scam programs like Quick Cash Plan, there are reliable binary options brokers/services that are genuine and reliable. Please feel free to refer to our list of scams binary options auto trading system and avoid signing up with them! We also have a list of binary options signals that has reliable auto trading system that works too! Feel free to contact us at binaryoptions.sentinel@gmail.com for any queries! Good luck and trade safe!

Verdict: Quick Cash Plan is a SCAM!

Trusted Binary Options Signals/Auto Trading System!

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